BigFoot Investigation Colorado 1/16/10 (Initial Report)

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It was a cold, dark and eerie evening as I laid back on the large four post bed hidden away in a back bedroom in a silent, yet spooky, old cabin. Slightly moving back and forth, I finally found a comfortable position to lay my tired soul after a long day of exhausting field investigation. Closing my eyes ever so slightly to bask in the warmth of the plaid-woollen blanket, which I found placed on an old oak chair, I also reached for the nearby feathery down pillow, placing it slowly beneath my ever so aching head. Falling into a deep and very deserving sleep, I reminisced and pondered over my long and very consuming day…..

What the hell? (I think I’m going to puke!)

Joe and I joked about some writers who turn a BigFoot investigation into a Harlequin novel. Writers… sheeesh! They should stick to writing, because BigFoot investigations really aren’t that glamorous. Oh sure, the country side is always beautiful, but you have to watch out for those pesky eight foot Sasquatch’s that lurk behind the trees just out of eye sight. And “hindsight” is always something to consider especially when cutting the trails with new and innovative investigative techniques. So, when I had the opportunity to join my good friend, “Joe Fex” on a Bigfoot research project, or, as I like to say, “Investigation”, then not only did I jump, but leaped at the opportunity to do it.  

Me with Joe Fex, founder and curator of the APE-X-Research website. Uh… I’m the one on the right, not the middle.

Joe and I have been friends for a few years now and we have shared a lot of information and very interesting stories, too (to say the least)! So, when Joe informed me about a new sighting in an area we’ve been watching for the past couple of years, I was excited to join him on his investigation. Joe had previously researched this area interviewing different witnesses so I had high hopes in finding some clues. When you have something unusual occurring in an area with multiple witness reports over multiple years, chances are, “They’re seeing something there!” We quickly made arrangements, gathered our trusty investigative tools, and high-tailed it to this “non-disclosed” location. Ok here is some info:

Location: Northwest Colorado. Because this is an-ongoing investigation and research project, at this time, this is all I can reveal.

Eye Witness (name withheld): Very well-educated woman in her mid 50’s with a beautiful home and cabin on her land.

Occurrence: Witness was initially placing food on her back deck to feed the neighborhood foxes. October of 2009, she started hearing the sound of pebbles hitting her roof. The direction of the sound appeared as though the pebbles were being thrown from the nearby wooded ridge. Around this same time she noticed that her very large Alaskan Malamute dog, started acting strange. Being an outside dog all of its life, she’s never noticed this type of behavior. The animal, at times, was showing signs of insecurity and whimpered as if being scared of something nearby. One day she found a seventeen inch long footprint with very distinct toe impressions near the house. She also noticed something or someone was unsuccessfully trying to remove the metal screw clamp which secured the Malamute to his leash. Fearing for her safety and not knowing what was possibly eating the food she was setting out for the foxes, she stopped leaving the food. The next night something tried to enter the sliding glass door near the dog area which broke the double pane glass. Not knowing where to turn and considering the large footprints she was finding near and around her home, she started to wonder if the Sasquatch stories could be true. She then started researching various BigFoot organizations and quickly realized most of them were targeting capture and possible destruction techniques. Weighing the possibilities of vacating her home and moving out of the area, she tried one last time and contacted Joe Fex as a suggestion from a mutual friend. After various phone conversations, Joe instructed the witness to perform different experiments to confirm if an outside investigation was to proceed. One experiment was to put small portions of different types of food on a plate in an area where small animals couldn’t get to it. One night the plate disappeared, then returned a couple of days later, laying correctly at its original location. This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back which justified an on-site investigation.

Sighting: Witness states seeing what appears to be possible young Sasquatch running through her yard.

Recent Occurrence: Most recent occurrence was three days before this investigation.

Matt Morgan and Trina Bivens with Post Interactive, Colorado Springs, joined the investigation to video document the procedures and interview Joe Fex for an upcoming segment for this website.

Joe Fex is discussing various research and investigative techniques with Matt.

Large foot-like prints were found all through-out the location but unfortunately were filled in by the previous snow fall. This was a deterrent from capturing adequate castings. Other areas where large footprints were compressed into the hard pack snow were within well-traveled deer trails which kept us from gathering good castings. It was almost as if who or what was making the foot prints, purposely made it extremely difficult for us to cast molds.

Multiple experiments were tried, this one was orchestrated by Joe. Off in the distance you can see a rope tied between two trees in an area where we believe our visitors travel.

This image shows a closer look at the “food” experiment.

Joe placed samples of different types of organic foods from fruits to fish in sealed containers with vent holes. Along with the containers we placed whole grain onion bagels as an extra treat. The rope was tied between two trees stretching approximately 20 ft., with the lowest section seven and a half ft. from ground level. The rope was placed in an area where the snow was not disturbed too much in hopes to capture a good foot print. Using the various foods would enable us to understand a particular like or dislike from our friend. If you look to the left of the picture you’ll notice a shirt also hanging from the tree. This is one of Joe’s shirts left there to identify Joe’s scent for our visitor. This technique is to familiarize them with Joe to enhance future investigations. This experiment was not tampered with, so we left it in hopes of future interaction.

Other experiments included amplified audio calls from Joe’s archive. Various calls were projected in hopes of a welcomed reply. Through the night and up to dawn we had two night vision video cameras placed in possible contact areas. One camera was placed near the dog where something tried to enter the house through the glass doors, and the other was placed watching the “food” experiment. Auxiliary IR lights were used to illuminate the areas for the night vision. One other motion sensing digital camera was placed in a location where we suspected animal travel.

Shown here is Matt and Trina interviewing Joe for the upcoming website segment. This interview was taped somewhere in between 1:00am and 3:30 am Sunday. Joe was unbelievably energetic for that hour of night or should I say morning. Was it because he’s a trained researcher known to stay up all hours of the night to full-fill his goals, or was it the two pots of coffee he had brewed? He does brew good coffee.

This image was taken with the still digital game camera. Unfortunately, the only life this camera picked up that night was the deer walking by in the distance. Pictures like this insure that this particular camera does what it claims to do. Please note the time and temperature. We had to bundle up when checking the cameras and doing our routine scouting.

Summary: This investigation is so recent as of this writing, that we still have hours and hours of video tape to analyze. Field techniques were performed, pictures were taken and several prints were measured. Currently this is just an initial report. The location and the witness’s name is being withheld because this is an ongoing research and investigation project. We have very unusual evidence and will report it here on this website in segments as we confirm it valid or invalid. I can’t tell you (at this time) what the evidence is, but it’s pretty good and we’re all excited. So this blog is, “The Teaser Blog”.

As a UFO or Paranormal researcher and investigator, I’ve been pretty lucky to be involved with such a diverse area of this phenomenon. From Roswell, to Alien Abductions, to Cattle Mutilations and Sasquatch, this is a very exciting roller coaster ride. This last E-Ticket ride was orchestrated by Joe Fex who, “believe it or not”, is actually pretty good at what he does and I say that jokingly because he’s a good friend of mine. If we didn’t have a person as knowledgeable as Joe to walk us through the do’s and don’ts of this type of investigation and keep us safe while doing it, then not only could we screw up a proper field investigation but possible ruin any chance of future interaction.

And with that said, If I ever come face to face with the proverbial Big Guy, I hope I don’t scream like a school girl!


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  1. Cheryl Gantz says:

    Hello Chuck. I was wondering if that same experiment with the plate of food where no little animals
    could reach it could be tried again (since it was tampered with the first time) but this time using cameras
    focusing on the plate at different angels to catch whatever took the plate/food. Whatever took the plate
    the first time would come back and look for it a second time. What are your thoughts on this.

    Cheryl Gantz
    Colorado MUFON F.I.

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