2010 UFO Congress; A Success!

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The UFO Congress was held February 21st through February 27th in Laughlin, Nevada.  It has  been very successful in the UFO community for nineteen years.   It’s not just because of the talented speakers that they always seem to acquire, but also because of that certain type of individual who has also sacrificed their personal time and money to join in on all of  the excitement.

I talked with people from the East Coast, West Coast, Middle Coast, and beyond.  People from the UK, Australia, Japan and even from Missouri.  Yep, from Missouri, go figure. (I used to live in Missouri)  The one thing I noticed the most about the large genre of humans I conversed with was how interested they were and excited to learn about the latest non-human aspect of this business.  And business it was.  Not from the selling point of how to make a buck, but from the selling point of knowledge and how to get it out.  Oh, sure people were trying to cover their expenses, but they were also covering something much more important, once again, “knowledge”.   This is something much more valuable than the mighty dollar.  It never depreciates and always appreciates.  Numerous times I saw speakers like Stan Romanek, Rich Dolan, Dr. Roger Leir, Paola Harris, Travis Walton (just to name a few) who took the time to” chat the chat” rather than “sell the book”.  It was about teaching, nurturing and sharing experiences. It was about discussing, explaining, and understanding thoughts and visions.  Good lectures always derive from good people, and these are the “good-est”.  It takes a certain individual to sacrifice their time, and their personal life, to share their knowledge to the world. This is humanity at its best and the results I always experience at every great lecture series like this, always exceed expectations.  Sometimes the audience comes there to confirm a feeling or thought, but most of the time they come there just to learn.  And that’s the most powerful tool we can utilize in this crazy environment we call UFOLOGY, learning.

As a speaker at this year’s conference, I too have my idols in which I enjoyed rubbing elbows with.  People I look up to, who help motivate me to try a little harder or go the extra mile.  These are real people, the real investigators, not the posers you seen on TV.  The so-called UFO investigators portraying themselves as experts in the field when actually they are nothing more than a simple actor or some producer’s friend or family member.  Or, maybe they probably read a book or two and sorta did an investigation somewhere, sometime, but they never made the sacrifice the people I saw lecture this past week have made.  And what I saw there this past week was indeed “the real deal”.   As a speaker I’m always asked, “How did you get involved with all this?”  And my reply?  I was just like you and still am.  I used to be in the audience, and am still there.  I used to buy the books, and I still buy.  I used to dream about doing investigations and still dream.  It’s not who you say you are, it’s who you really are.  And you know something?  The visitors at this conference do know the difference and that’s why they made the trek looking forward to brushing their elbows with their idols, just as I did.  It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with what the lecture is all about, and it doesn’t matter if you can relate or think you can relate to what they’re talking about.  What matters is you’re there sharing and learning.  Regardless of what some researchers say, there is only one way disclosure will ever succeed, and that’s with people like you who visit the conferences and websites like this one.

So, just to fill you in on what you missed, here are the names of the real investigators who spoke last week.  If you get a chance, try to visit the conference next year.  Maybe you’ll be the one to help get the word out.

Neil Freer: Sapiens Rising to Cosmic Citizenship

Jim Nichols: President Eisenhower’s Contact with Extraterrestrials

Gary Heseltine: The History of British Police UFO Sightings

Ross Hemsworth: Separating Conspiracy Theory from Conspiracy Fact

Ann Eller: Prophecy from the Stars

Fred Burks: Mind Control and UFO’s

Judy Goodman: The Unseen Realm, A Three Dimensional Journey

Daniel Sheehan: Questions Raised by Human Contact with Extraterrestrials

Wendelle Stevens: The Gorbachev Contacts

John Ventre: 2012 End Times Prophecy

Marc D’Antonio: Photo and Video Anomalies

Paul McCarthy: Extraterrestrial Connections

Dolores Cannon: Convoluted Universe

Donald Ware, Lt. Col: Sharing Earth, Various Intelligent Species

Mary Joyce & Evelyn Gordon: Sky Ships and Cosmic Spirituality

Dr. C.V. Tramont: From Birth to Rebirth

Mary Rodwell: Australian Close Encounter Resource Network

Melinda Leslie & Niara Isley: The Reality of Government Sponsored Covert-Ops

Stan Romanek: Messages, The Stan Romanek Story

Travis Walton: Fire in the Sky 34 Years Later

Douglas Taylor: inside Starship, A Visionary Journey to Life on Other Planets

Barbara Lamb: Crop Circles, Evidence and Communication

Richard Dolan: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, A New Understanding of Exopolitics

Michael Horn: Apophis & The Final Meier Prophecies

Paola Harris: I See You Changing, Trends in Exopolotics

Jamie Maussan & Santiago Garza: Continuing Wave of UFO Sightings from Mexico

David Sereda: Reverse Engineered UFO Technology

Chuck Zukowski: Roswell, The Mystery Continues

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