2012 (Review) A Busy Year for UFOnut.com

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A Summary of some of the Events:

January: The most publicized animal mutilation of 2012 occurred on January 5th near the Kansas City International Airport, Kansas City Missouri. Originally reported by Fox 4 News Kansas City, this mutilation was unique due to the mutilation site.  The 7-year-old cow was found dead with the udders, bag, mammary glands and vulva removed. What was so interesting about this mutilation was the close proximity of the death near the airport. Airport security patrols near the area where the animal was found, so this mutilation occurred under their noses.

My good friend psychic and investigator Margie Kay along with fellow investigator Geremy Pearce, went to the site and collected soil samples for me. Lab analysis on the soil compared with other soil analysis from my previous mutilations showed the nutrients in the soil were altered compared to their corresponding test location.

Conclusion? Well….

February: It was my pleasure to do a book review on “UFO’s Above the Law”. Written by Frank Soriano and his good friend James Bouck, this book covered UFO sightings from law enforcement individuals across the US. Formerly involved in law enforcement like Frank, I found this book very compelling and a must read for all. Many police officers refuse to report their sightings due to their department’s back lash in which I experienced first hand. As a former deputy, other deputies had told me their experiences under their breath, always concerned how they would be treated by their own department. What a shame. A big thumbs up to Frank and James for breaking the chain of command ice and publishing this book for all of us to experience.

April: Another animal mutilation. Rancher Windell Gillis of Dodge County Georgia reported a calf mutilation to local authorities which occurred on his property on April 14th.  The four-month bull calf had damage to one of its eyes and a perfect 5 inch circle of hide removed with surgical precision. I contacted Windell and interviewed him over the phone about his mutilation and convinced him to take soil samples for me. After a quick over the phone lesson on the proper techniques of soil accumulation, a week later I had the samples in hand. Many thanks to Rancher Gillis for taking the time to do this not just for me, but for all of us. Analysis? The same as the Kansas City Missouri mutilation. I’m starting to see a pattern now.

May: One of the best Bigfoot sightings here in Colorado occurred and UFOnut.com was the first site contacted and the first on scene to do a complete and thorough investigation.

Kate and her friend Diane, while hiking in the Pike National Forest in Bailey, Colorado, heard a loud tree branch snap off in the distance. As they turned their heads towards the noise, they saw a large Bigfoot run by. My investigation concluded the Bigfoot was 7 feet 2 inches leaning over which would make him at least 9 feet tall. My team and I found evidence which included footprints and broken branches caused by something extremely large running at top speed through the area. A follow-up investigation a week after the first, included a local tracker with Search and Rescue which uncovered even more evidence. This is “currently” the best Bigfoot case I’ve worked on so far, and so good, that it will be featured in 2013 on a network TV show. At this time I can’t disclose the details of the show, but will when approval is given to me.

Thank you Kate and Diane for contacting UFOnut.com, and yes… sightings are still occurring.

June: The largest and most damaging wildfire in Colorado’s history happened in my own backyard. The Waldo Canyon fire burned well over 18,000 acres causing over 32,000 residents to be evacuated in which two ultimately died due to exposure. 346 homes were destroyed with insurance claims reaching over $350 million dollars.

During the fire I ran an experiment in which I shot IR video during the daytime focusing on potential burn areas looking for hot spots before they flare up. The reason behind this? The Forest Service Type 1 Team was conducting fly overs at night shooting IR looking for hot spots. This is extremely dangerous due to low visibility which includes heavy smoke. Add the canyons and peaks the planes are flying through, and now shooting IR at night is even more dangerous.

My thought was to use a camera with IR capability with a filter attached blocking out all white light which will only enable infrared to  be video taped. I’ve used this technique multiple times looking for UFO evidence in which white light is masking. My results were crude but successful, so I released a video on this site. My hopes were for the Type 1 team to use this technique which is less dangerous than night-time fly-overs.

June/July: Due to talking to residents around the Waldo Canyon fire burn area, I learned there were previous Bigfoot sightings in that exact location. I was fortunate to meet Dana, a man who not only heard a Bigfoot yell, but was able to get a cast from a footprint he found and was also able to get a possible picture of the big guy. After interviewing him, I released pictures of his cast and a potential picture of the Bigfoot himself.

September: Cattle mutilation this time in Colorado. During the Labor Day holiday I ran an investigation on the Torres mutilation. The mutilation occurred outside Trinidad, Colorado in which a young Heifer less than a year old had been found dead. The animal’s tongue was missing as well as a large area where the udder used to be. What was so fascinating about this case, is that the animal was found lying in a 20 foot circular depression. This was the third such case I’ve investigated in which the animal was lying in a crop circle type depression. Soil samples were taken and analysis matched my previous cases. I now have a base line to work on and know which soil nutrients are affected by mutilation cases.

November: FOX31 news had confirmed a local man’s report of UFO’s flying over the Denver metropolitan area. The UFOs appeared to have been small probe-like or drone-like. I went down to the area two separate times to investigate the sightings and on my second time appeared to have picked up anomalies on film. I haven’t released my conclusions yet because I’m still conversing with a witness who actually experienced a sighting there three years before. More on this story in 2013.

December: The probability of the end of the world or a zombie uprising put the UFOnut team at a cemetery late night December 20th waiting for the 21st to roll in. Although no zombies were found and the world didn’t end, I did pick up two substantial EMF hits on my meter after midnight. Was is due to 12/21 or just an unusual resident at the cemetery?

In between investigations and interviews not mentioned here from 2012, a few months of my time were consumed with the possibility of my sister Debbie and I hosting our own 1 hour special for Nat Geo Wild on Animal Mutilations. Working with a production company out of LA with months of my preparation which included details of my investigations, details of other cases, witnesses, expert witnesses and everything else they needed, the project was two weeks away from filming when stabbed in the heart by the top brass at Nat Geo. Even though no clear explanation was giving to me about the last-minute cancellation of my project, a representative with Nat Geo alluded to the failure of their current show, “Chasing UFOs” as the culprit.

or… Maybe the decision was that Nat Geo didn’t think over 10,000 reported cases of animal mutations since 1967 is very important, or that animal mutilation deaths are the largest unresolved (cold cases) in US history, or that it’s viewers wouldn’t think this subject is very important, but guys missing teeth chasing crocodiles in the swamps are.

I don’t know, you’ll have to ask them.

Anyway, I was featured on episode three of Chasing UFOs titled, “Alien Cowboys” which is still airing in the wee hours of the night. The failure of that show was “in my opinion” the lack of investigative experience. Their scientific investigator Ben, had no previous experience in the paranormal field and when I talked with him on location, I learned very quickly he would fail. Ryder, previously seen on Destination Truth hosted by Josh Gates who’s was just an actor when he landed that gig, knew more about the paranormal phenomenon than Ben. As for leader James Fox, I like him and we got along great, we still chat from time to time and I hope James gets another shot, he deserves it.

Be Aware: There will be new paranormal shows coming out in 2013, if you cannot find any history on the internet about their personal investigators that do not pertain to that TV show, it’s because they are not professional investigators, just actors or what the production company thinks they can pass off as investigators. We in this profession call these guys “Posers” and the production companies who try to pawn them off to us, “Frauds”. This also goes for current shows too! Do a little research and you’ll know which production company, and which network, is lying to you, and which are “Posers” and which are “Frauds”.

As for me in 2013 , I’ll keep plugging away at my investigations and releasing my findings on this website. I’m not an actor, just an investigator doing what I love to do, and I won’t hesitate a minute sharing what I learn, with you.

Special thanks to UFOnut team members Matt Morgan and Trina Bivens, I couldn’t have done it without you in 2012.

Details on all investigations mentioned on this blog can be found on this site.

Happy New Year!

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  1. no one … not even the nuts who do these mutilations want to be identified…i don’t blame them…so they blame them on the poor old defenceless aliens or some spooky thing… convenience is the theme here …

  2. the most loosely used term when it comes to …ghosts ,aliens, spaceships, crop circles, bigfoot,vampires, werewolves, UFO`S…etc… that they have been or are being investigated by “PROFISSIONAL INVESTERGATORS” there are folly investigators but no professional investigators…uga muga!…you see… you have to study the real live thing to gain knowledge of the subject before you can be called a professional of anything …

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