Aaron Cattle Mutilation Investigation 12/12/09

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This is my fifth cattle mutilation investigation for 2009.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Due to the amount of press coverage on the Sanchez mutilation which occurred one month earlier, the rancher requested that his name not be used in any publication by me or my team. If the rancher’s name appears in the media any time soon, it will be the result of the rancher’s wishes or the previous investigator. Therefore this investigation will be referred to the “Aaron Mutilation”, as requested by the rancher.


On Thursday December 10th I was contacted by a rancher in the town of San Luis, Colorado about a possible cow mutilation in the area which occurred earlier in the week. After contacting the rancher in question, I was told he had contacted another investigator from the area and scheduled a meeting with him on the morning of Friday December 11th. I then asked the rancher if I could see the animal the morning of Saturday December 12th to conduct my own investigation. He agreed.

Approximately 9:30am Saturday December 12th, my team including; my son Chuck who is on leave from Afghanistan, Matt Morgan and Trina Bivens from Colorado Springs, met the rancher at his house and was taken to the mutilation site. The following are the notes from the investigation.


This was the location the animal was found. It was then moved previously by the rancher to our investigation location.


Mutilation location, San Luis, Colorado.

40 plus year experienced rancher, third year on this ranch.

Ranch has an average 30 cattle.

Animal mutilation occurred some time Monday, 12/07/09.

Rancher found cow on Tuesday, 12/08/09.

Rancher never experienced previous mutilation on property.

Cow calved 2008.

Calf is alive and doing fine.

Cow was found laying on its left side approximately 90 yards from the rest of herd.

Rancher then moved animal estimated quarter of a mile from mutilated location, to ranch dump site away from herd grazing area.

Movement method was dragging left side of animal behind pick-up truck using a chain connected to front legs. Marks were noted.


Cow was Limousine.

Cow was not insured. Rancher told me he will now look into insuring his other cattle.

Cow was 4 years old.

Cow was estimated 900 pounds.

Length, nose to hind end, 95”.

Length, head nose to middle of neck, 28”.

Length, crown to bottom of jaw, 18”.

Length, shoulder to hoof, 52”.

Girth width measured from top, 39”.

Carcass appeared slightly bloated.

No special diet, just wild grass eaten.



Udder area was completely removed.


Mouth open and tongue removed, small amount of dried blood was noticed near inside of mouth.


Left side of face was removed, approximately 48 square inches of flesh missing. The blood markings on the snow to the left of the wound is from me rolling the animal over to get a better look at it.

Right eye ball was missing and blood was present around socket, appears to be bird damage.

No apparent bone scoring marks on open wound in face.

Note: Previous investigator from 12/11/09 had pried mouth open to view inside of mouth. Mouth was closed when rancher initially found it.

Scavenger damage in anal area, not known if unusual damage was initially there.

Unusual straight laceration on underside of belly, 18”. This could have been caused by previous investigator.

Small 1 inch square sample wounds were noticed which were caused by previous day’s investigation.

Area Conditions:

Snow was present in area at time of finding mutilation; some snow had melted by investigation time.

At time of death, weather was sub zero conditions with negative wind chill.

No footprints, tire wheel markings were found initially by rancher.

No blood pooling was seen around animal by rancher.

No scavenger evidence was seen near animal by rancher.


Day of investigation, temperature estimated 30 to 35 degrees plus wind chill.

Traces of blood were seen on animal near massive trauma areas due to transportation of animal by rancher.

No radiation detected.

Magnetic wand sweep did not detect any metallic substances on body.

No compass movement observed during body sweep.

Hand and eye sweep of animal’s hide looking for any unusual bumping, gouging, or marks. One mark was found, an unusual straight laceration mentioned above.

EMF meter measured slight electro magnetic field around body.


Very unusual high EMF meter movement occurred when passing over the base of the right ear near the face wound. Using an AlphaLab Trifield EMF Meter which measures electric field and magnetic field, the meter was measuring over 100 microteslas! The static magnetic field of the earth is about 50 microtesla, so the measurement I observed was more than double that of the earth! I repeated this experiment multiple times while resetting the meter to insure validity of test, and I still achieved the same measurements. So I asked the rancher if he tags the ears of his cattle, and he said he does not. Also no visual signs of anything metallic was near the ear area or open wound.


Flesh sample was taken along edge of facial wound.

Rancher states no mountain lions in area, has not seen one.

Rancher states no wolves seen in area.

Cows graze on large pasture estimated 4 miles from ranch house.

Elevation of pasture 8460 feet.

Police report filed with the Costilla County Sheriff’s office.

No helicopters were seen.

No Military vehicles of any sort were detected by rancher.

No strange noises were heard.

No strange smells were detected.

My Sony Night Shot model TRV-130 stopped functioning due to premature battery drain.

No cellular coverage in immediate area.

Unresponsive portable GPS and a digital camera reset were experience at mutilation site.


This animal was investigated twice. Once on Friday morning Dec. 11th by an unknown local investigator, and then again by me and my team on Saturday morning Dec. 12th. I purposely waited until Saturday so as not to impede on the other person’s investigation.

Because this animal was moved from its original mutilation site, I was unable to do a complete investigation. Samples were taken and currently on ice awaiting response from my contact at CSU to determine next plan of action.

This mutilation mimicked two previous investigations I’ve done this year except for the massive trauma to the facial area. One very unique and phenomenal measurement I saw included using an EMF meter checking for an Electro Magnetic Field. My meter’s needle literally pegged to full maximum when waiving it over the open face wound from the base of the lower ear. I have never experience this type of meter behavior before and need to research this phenomenon. One “after thought” regret was not having the proper arm length gloves to enable me to check the internal facial cavity for any type of foreign object which could have caused the extreme meter movement. Either way this phenomenon needs to be addressed. One thought includes stories in which alien abductees who had implants removed left a residual electro magnetic reading. I’m not saying this animal was mutilated by aliens; I’m just trying to reason this part of the investigation.

My initial thought was, this mutilation could have been caused by a copy-cat human due to the recent news of the Sanchez mutilation in the area. I never suspected the rancher or his family or their story. But after completion our investigation that theory became implausible. Most investigators don’t sweep with an EMF meter and would have never experienced the phenomenon I encountered near the facial wound.

Chuck Zukowski

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. Living in REALITY says:

    This is clearly a decaying animal carcass that has been scavenged. Clearly the scavenging animal went for the easiest tissue to consume, usually the belly (an udder is especially easy to consume), the eyes (again thats why its face is torn), and the mouth (the tongue is another easy treat). Also the scavenger had to target these areas as they were the easiest to consume after most of the corpse had frozen. THe soft tissue of the eyes, udder, and mouth are the logical and usual parts consumed by scavengers first. Afterwards they will proceed to consuming internal organs, usually affter an opening is made at the belly or udder.

    Welcome to reality.

    • Tempest says:

      And somehow scavengers exsanguinate the bodies as well…? Because there’s never any blood but surgical precision at a genuine mutilation site.

      This phenomenon is explained quite well in Laura Jadczyk’s The Wave series – the cybergenetic gray ETs use the blood, organs and hormones as a food source; the gov’t is aware of this and doesn’t pursue it as it’s preferable, read less noticeable, to taking too many humans for the same purpose.

      Many missing persons that vanish without a trace are being taken by these same forces, abducted, never to return. As ‘Cusanus’ alluded to in his/her 2011 post on this board, yes, we’re being visited by hyperdimensional beings, and yes, we’re in the *middle* of their food chain. I know it’s nearly incredible but it makes perfect sense. From all that I’ve read and encountered over the years, I believe this to be true.

  2. Keith Simons says:

    Ve-e-e-ery interesting! As an 86 year old resident of Colorado and having worked in the San Luis Valley for the Bureau of Reclamation, I am intrigued by these cattle mutilations. The so-called precise incisions on this one however, do not look that clean. They appear to be ragged as would be done by scavengers.

    This is a rather presumptious conclusion considering that the photos do not really show good closeups.

    Wish I could get an on-site look!

  3. alien says:

    aliens are fake

  4. I am the Director of the Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) in the U.K. Our group specializes in investigating the animal mutilations in the U.K. I have been doing this since 1997. The EMF high readings around the base of the left ear, close to the facial wound are of special interest to me. Most often, one of the ears are cleanly excised, usually the left, and are never found. We speculate that these animals have been previously ‘tagged’ with some sort of tracking device, which the alien perpetrator is keen to remove! We think that these animals are injected with some type of ‘culture’ intentionally, perhaps months before the ‘mutilation’? The purpose perhaps, to allow the introduced ‘substance’ to circulate and grow within the animal’s tissues/organ system/. The specific organs and tissues are then subsequently removed (harvested) to evaluate their ‘results’. The nature and purpose is unknown of course, at least at this time! It is important to retrieve any devices which may have been left inadvertently behind in the animal! I presume that in this case, it is now too late to achieve this?? Keep up the good work Chuck! best wishes, David. Dec. 28th. 2009. We have recently co-operated with Richard D. Hall, to produce a documentary, ”Silent Killers”, obtainable from the above Website. This documents U.K. investigations of animal mutilations in Britain.

  5. Living in DENIAL says:

    I live in Wyoming and worked for several years (1990’s) on a large cattle ranch (some sheep as well) and I have seen what happens to livestock that have been scavenged. THIS IS NOT A SCAVENGED CARCASS. As a green-horn I once made a joke about “cattle mutilations” and got some laughs, but nothing but an uncomfortable and silent stare from an old timer. I just figured he thought I shouldn’t be such an idiot. A few years later he brought the subject up to me in private and said that there was such a thing and he had even seen one in the 1970’s (on a different ranch). He said the ranchers that have never seen it don’t believe it and the ones that have don’t discuss it. He even grabbed my wrist and forced a handshake asking me not to repeat what he said to the others. I could tell that he really wanted to talk about it and at the same time I think he wished he hadn’t of said anything to me. I know for sure, he was not a liar and I never heard him tell a joke. So beLIEve what you want but I’ll bet the carcass pictured above looks a lot like what my old friend saw. It sure doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen a scavenger do. I don’t know, maybe coyotes are more “uptown” these days and carry surgical tools around and are more finicky about the parts they eat.

  6. DouglasUrantia says:

    There’s a reason the space aliens are doing this. Someday we will know the actual reason. Crop Circles, cattle mutilations, all of this are for a reason. The pattern of mutilation is common to most all of the cases. It doesn’t take Dick Tracy to figure out this has to be very important to the aliens.

    The Canadian police do not investigate cattle mutilations because they already know the obvious reason….alien intervention. Great work Chuck!

    Douglas….Los Angeles, CA

  7. Ted says:

    Re cattle mutilations:
    1. Aliens do not exist. A red herring.
    2. Scavenging animals possible but too much of carcass is left. A red herring.
    3. Government sampling of cattle health. The most probable. Why? Well it is downwind from atomic bomb testing
    areas. Also from oil and gas production areas. Also from germ warfare production facilities. No red herring.
    So I think that you are barking up the wrong tree for legitimate or illegitimate reasons. It would be no surprise to hear that a misinformation was going on.

  8. james says:

    This area has been the subject area for these mutilations for some time;as you know.Perhaps the process of elimination as to cause is the best howbeit slow scientific method of investigation.This will also shut up the critics ;those armchair generals who tend to get in the way of progress .There is obviously a reason for the same general location.;be it natural phenomenon or not.I have always found the evidence of;no tracks;drained blood with no blood in the surrounded soil;apparent straight line cuts;organs removed;very mysterious.This mystery is AN IMPORTANT ONE.PROBABLY DANGEROUS TO GET TOO CLOSE ;USE CAUTION…EXTREME CAUTION.iF IS IS SOMEHOW hUMAN ACTIONS;SAID PARTIES DONT WANT THIER IDENTITY OR PURPOSE KNOWN….BUT………..WHY NOT BUY YOUR OWN COW TO MUTILATE OR USE IN RITUALS?HMMMMMM.ANYWAY GOOD LUCK …BEEN FOLLOWING THIS TOPIC SINCE 70’S

  9. wahyoe says:

    Aaron Cattle Mutilation Investigation is amazing. it’s look like wheathe storm

  10. Cusanus says:

    I don’t want to, but this has to be said. I have 8 years univ biology/chemistry/math, Master’s in Soil fertility from Montana State, 3.84 gpa, 3 yrs grad research, advanced division A work in statistics, physiology, chemistry (2 minors). This is not my imagination, I was never hypnotized or abducted, have never seen a UFO, but it is a FACT, I observed these Grays while fully awake, in my right mind, for more than 20 consecutive nights in 1959, ALL night (I slept during most of the day to catch up). I haven’t made this up, imagined it or made any kind of error in judgment. These vermin took my grandfather every single night in NW Montana for at least 10 and up to 40 years. I also observed them materializing in/out in bluish balls of light. This is 100% hard reality. Use your head, that’s exactly what the mutilations are for, they use these parts, harvested live, to feed the little army, and humans are on the menu if the price is right. Kick back, scoff at it, wait for better info, believe the helicopters are proof that humans are behind it, it’s all mass suggestion, but make damned sure your level of denial is in place when your number is up. Meanwhile, I’ve written a lengthy, detailed account if someone wants to read it.

    • Tempest says:

      Cusanus, I believe you, 100%. I’m sorry that Grandad had to put up with that for so many years. There’s an excellent blog of another experiencer’s trials and tribulations re abduction – At Spiral’s End by ‘Lucretia Heart’. Check it out, it’s unforgettable – and her deep suffering so regrettable.

      Disbelievers, you’re not ready for the message yet. It’s your role in life to resist this reality. It’s okay. However, if the subject makes you uncomfortable or angry even, it’s time for you to face the fear and really look into it. The truth is horrible and unpalatable, and I think that those of us who do believe wish more than anything that it was all a hoax or government shenanigans.

      Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.

      Knowledge is power.

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