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“Oh…  I’m going to have to think about this…”   It was a cold afternoon in the Denver area and not a typical TV studio setting you would assume.  Stan had finished his interview with ABC and Lisa was nearby watching mine. I was able to talk with Juju Chang candidly off camera and “yes” she is a skeptic and no I didn’t have to try to convince her to agree with me. She fired a few very intelligent questions my way on and off camera in which I was able to answer without stumbling over my words. I came away from her interview thinking, “even though she didn’t admit it, she was very intrigued by what I was saying and what Stan had told her.”

I could see it in her eyes, hear it in the tone of her voice and see it in her facial expressions. Ok, it was cold that day and she was freezing, but it wasn’t too cold for her to be there outdoors interviewing Stan. I remember driving away from the park that day thinking, “Not quite sure how ABC will handle this, but at least one person who interviewed Stan and then later me, will be wondering, “Can this be true?”  The slightest bit of thought hesitation bending into our world of Paranormal investigation can cause any skeptic’s head to explode, but afterwards Juju didn’t seem to be quite as skeptical as she led on to be. Call it acting or call it hiding, either way I wouldn’t put her in the same gene pool as true skeptics. I have a lot of respect for her, so I won’t disgrace her integrity.

The show came out as I expected, following the bubble gum philosophy of tell the stories, then in the end, try to debunk the stories. Soooo, my next post will be an attempt to understand the mind set of the shows director and editors. Yeah the sleep paralysis excuse is just that…an excuse.  So now are the “so called” experts too afraid to venture into our unknown world and not follow the dark and curvy streets filled with the absence of light?  And what about Dr. Clancy’s own explanation of her experiences. Was it really Sleep Paralysis, and really, how do you know?  Do you wake up and say, “Oh I can’t move, I see aliens, and why does my butt hurt?”… ok too much info..  But no problem, it was just my annoying little buddy, “Sleep Paralysis”.  Oh that rascal, always making me pee my pants in bed then forcing me to wake up outside in the lawn wearing someone else’s clothes.  Oh that igit!  Now what about Sleep Paralysis while driving your car (ie., Betty and Barney Hill)?  Is it Sleep Paralysis, Dr. Clancy, or could it be something else you are denying your own conscience thought process to examine?  Hmmm maybe we should all sleep on this…or should we?

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