Welcome to UFOnut.com

UFOnut: Unconventional Flying Objects Nonhuman Unidentifiable Technologies

Welcome to the cyberspace home to UFO and paranormal field investigator Chuck Zukowski. I specialize in a diverse area including UFOlogy, Roswell, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, UFO investigations, Bigfoot investigations and ghost hunting. (whew…)

Occasionally teaming up with my sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer, the two of us are known to be the only professional brother and sister paranormal field investigation team working together. The entire UFOnut team consists of very professional and intelligent individuals who work closely together, gathering evidence and information strictly to inform the general public. (That would be you.)

UFOnut history:

I get asked from time to time, “Why UFOnut?” Some readers thinks it’s a joke, some think I’m not serious, yet “luckily” most website visitors understand the reasoning behind the name.

Years ago when I started investigating the UFO phenomenon, some people referred to me as a nut, or just crazy. They couldn’t comprehend the concept that there’s a possibility life could exist outside our planet. Not just microbe life,  but very intelligent life with the ability to visit us from time to time. Well it got to the point some people started saying, “Here comes that UFOnut guy”. It happened so many times that instead of being ashamed of my new tag, I decided to roll with it. I put the name on my license plate, then later launched the UFOnut website.

I’ve learned through the years that intelligent people won’t judge a “UFO” book by its cover, but will crack it open to have a look, then make a decision. Well this website is for those people, the ones who strive for information and enjoy searching for it. You’ll find the latest news and discussion about our ongoing and past investigations by visiting the blog section of this site.  As always, our investigative work is open to comment from the public. Thoughtful and insightful commentary that expands the ideas and practices of the paranormal investigation process is welcome and always encouraged.

So when someone calls you a “nut” for researching information or investigating strange phenomenons, don’t let it bother you, and please don’t let it deter you from your adventures. Remember you’re the one who is more knowledgeable about life on and beyond this planet, and eventually the name callers will seek you out looking for the answers to the questions, they can’t understand.

Have a good adventure!