Animal Mutilations ! Not Bovine Excisions..

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Warning! Graphic pictures and the word “Hell” included in this blog! (numerous times)

From time to time my name pops up in some blog or news article talking about my most recent animal mutilation case. Just recently I’m being referenced to the case which happened in September this year near Trinidad, Colorado. In that particular case a dead cow was found with very unusual cuts which appeared to be of surgical nature. Because of the surgical accuracy seen on these dead animals, there has been a push to change the reference of this phenomenon from Cattle Mutilation to Bovine Excision. Even after my lecture at this past years UFO Congress, one of the questions or remarks was, “I should stop referring to these cases as mutilations and start referring to them as Bovine Excisions.”  This particular person who made the remark said he used to work in an emergency ward which would give him the professional background to make such a statement. My response was polite and I said I would consider it. Well…. Iv’e considered it.

My answer is.. No and Hell No! I’m not going to conform to some idiotic notion. And this is why.

Wikipedia states: Cattle mutilation (also known as bovine excision[1]) is the killing and mutilation of cattle under apparently unusual or anomalous circumstances. Sheep and horses have allegedly been mutilated under similar circumstances.

Ok Wikipeida, you’re not so “Wiki” anymore and you’re also outdated when it comes to these cases! Numerous times I’ve tried to make updates, and numerous times the Wiki-powers-to-be have not included them. So the hell with you too and you’re outdated data and your Medieval ways of thinking, I’ll just fix the problem here on my site.

First off, contradictory in terms, you cannot refer to this phenomenon as “Cattle Mutilation” also known as “Bovine Excision” then in the next sentence say it also occurs with sheep and horses. And that’s why Cattle Mutilation and Bovine Excision are the wrong terms to use.

Excision: The act of surgically removing of foreign bodies or tissue.

Bovine: Pertaining to the subfamily of Bovinae, which includes cattle , buffalo, and kudus.

What the heck is a Kudus?

You see where I’m going with this? Bovine Excision only refers to cows which have been mutilated. Oh some people don’t like the word “mutilated” it’s so, so, scary and zombie like. Hmmm, a zombie cow, interesting, anyway they seem to think because the cuts are surgical-like that the word Excision should be substituted for mutilation. Well “bite me” couch investigators, Cattle Mutilations have changed drastically within the last few years and I know because I, unlike you, was there!


 Miller Animal Mutilation “Cow” 2009

Sanchez Animal Mutilation “Cow” 2009

Do the previous pictures depict an animal with surgical-like cuts? Should these cases be refered to as an Excision? If there is a picture which can define the word “Mutilation”, then I just showed you two.

How about the following pictures.

Rush Animal Mutilation “Horse” 2010

Animal Mutilation “Sheep” photo courtesy Brenda Harris

Animal Mutilation “Goat” photo courtesy “name on file”

Well so much for Bovine Excision, as a matter of fact so much for the term “Cattle Mutilation”. Some of my investigations have included a pet dog, another a coyote, yet another domestic cats, clearly these animals are not cows.

These cases can not be called “Bovine Excision Cases” and can no longer be referred as “Cattle Mutilation Cases” either. It’s time to call them what they really are, “Animal Mutilations”. And yes like Wikipedia, I need to change my way of referring to these cases to included all species which have been and will be affected.

Animal Mutilation: ( Type of Animal )

Not all cases have surgical-type incisions, some animals have been completely destroyed! What the hell is going on! These animals were “Mutilated” and if there were excisions, they were covered up by the mutilation.  I can’t think of a better term to describe it. Besides, let’s not be politically correct about this, (God I hate those people), let’s call them the way we see them, Mutilated!

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  1. clarinda bradley says:

    My mother is native American (Navajo) she lives on the reservation and she has a couple of goats and lately they have been disappearing she blamed the neighbors dogs but no clues are ever left. She has done this all her life so she know how to track footprints. One afternoon one goat was missing again and she started looking for it she found it that evening a couple of miles from her home she said she was very frightened by what she saw. The goat’s insides and meat was all gone but the head remained attached to the backbone. The skin was taken off nice and clean the hooves were missing etc. she didn’t find no footprints only dog footprints, but if dogs were the culprits they would’ve left a mess? She told her brother and they both agreed it was probably a skin walker so she burnt the carcass, I’m confused and I’m looking for answers..thanks.

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