UFOnut.com – Episode 011: Torres Cattle Mutilation

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Sunday, September 2nd, 2012, a dead cow was found on the Torres family ranch near Trinidad, Colorado. Monday the 3rd (Labor Day), rancher Torres ran into rancher Mike Duran at the local Labor Day parade and told Duran about the death of one of his cows. Rancher Duran, who had a similar mutilation in 2009 investigated by me, later contacted me and informed me of this new mutilation. By 5:30pm that day, I was able to acquire rancher Torres’s phone number and call him. I set up a meeting the following day, Tuesday the 4th in Trinidad at approximately 8:00am to see the animal.

For more information, read the full post here.

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I'm the co-owner of Post Interactive (PI). Along with my business partner, Trina Bivens, I produce the episodic video series for UFOnut and occasionally assist Chuck with investigations. I've been working with Chuck since 2009 after we had a random encounter at what came to be known as our Paranormal Starbucks. It's always an adventure cutting away from our normal production work to assist Chuck and document his work.

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