The Fourth Kind "Movie Fact or Movie Hoax"

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“The Fourth Kind” was written and directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and is his first major film project.  The film was shot in Bulgaria, Alaska, and Los Angeles, California on a very modest budget.  Trailers from the movie and its marketing department claim it’s a re-enactment of actual abduction cases which occurred in Nome, Alaska. The film also boasts having real documented file footage taped by the investigator.  Starring Milla Jovoich who is a 34 year old Ukrainian born actress, supermodel and fashion designer, she portrays a Nome, Alaska therapist who is involved in aggressive alien abduction investigations.

The term “Fourth Kind” originated as a UFO classification system derived by J Allen Hynek in the early 1970’s.

Close Encounters of the First Kind: Basic UFO sighting pertaining to unknown craft or lights.

Close Encounters of the Second Kind: A UFO sighting which leaves some form of physical evidence.

Close Encounter of the Third Kind: “The Movie” Just kidding, usually beings are observed.

Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind:  Humans abducted by aliens.

Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind:  Coined by Dr. Steven Greer includes bilateral contact.

Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind:  This usually includes alien contact resulting in injury or death.

Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind: This encounter results in the creation of hybrids.

Close Encounter of the Eighth Kind:  Coined by me, is the ultimate sacrifice, marriage with an alien. I’m sure some of the readers actually believe they’ve experienced this one.

In September 2009, an investigation by the Anchorage Daily News examined the validity of the films claims including its relation to actual disappearances which occurred near Nome.  Their investigation found no specific alien type events to back up the claims in the movie.  The missing individuals recorded near Nome were a result of having a high rate of alcoholism combined with a harsh landscape environment.

Note:  Upon writing this blog I went to the Anchorage Daily News website to retrieve this particular article and its web site location was empty.  Maybe because of the amount of possible downloads to view it, or maybe something else. Only the Daily News knows for sure.

The movie claims Nome Alaska therapist Dr. Abigail Tyler was involved in a very intense alien abduction investigation in which she and her children were also abducted.  The abductions were so aggressive that it caused one of the abductees she was examining to commit murder suicide and another to physically break his back bone after going through hypnotherapy. The film also used split screen techniques to show the actress acting out specific situations alongside supposed documented footage portraying Dr. Tyler.  The movie also showed a police cam video of an abduction taking place.  So, is this film portraying an actual alien abduction investigation, or is this film just a Hollywood hoax?

Well let’s look at some issues:

– No bio can be located (at this time) on Dr. Abigail Tyler or info on her residence in Nome, Alaska.

– Nome, Alaska UFO investigations are scarce, and aggressive alien abductions probably would have been reported or leaked to accredited investigators somewhere in Alaska or Russia, “If they could see that country from their back door.”

– The document file footage portrayed in the movie appeared cheesy looking, purposely manipulated, and nothing like any file footage me or other investigators had seen on previous investigations.

– If a police patrol car cam had filmed a possible alien abduction, chances are the FBI would have acquired the film footage and it wouldn’t be available to any unknown film maker.

– The FBI did investigate missing persons in the area surrounding Nome and attributed those cases to the harsh environment and nothing unusual.

– Consulting other UFO investigators and researchers, we have never heard of Dr. Abigail Tyler or her investigations from Nome. We’ve also have never heard of any stream of abduction cases coming from that state.

So, in conclusion based on conversations and emails with other investigators, the film is nothing more than a Hollywood hoax.  The marketing team lied to the general public making false claims just to pad their pocket books.  As for the actresses and actors, well, they were doing what they do best, act.  If anyone disputes this blog saying the movie is factual, then put up or shut up, let’s see your evidence backing up your claims.  Now, obviously I’m not familiar with every investigation ever done or their locations, so I rely heavily on other investigators and researchers for help.  All my contacts came up with the same conclusion, “Hoax”.   Now on the lighter side, I enjoyed the movie and the way it played out. There were intense segments all through the film which had me on the edge of my seat.

So.. as a UFO investigator and a “not-so” film critic, I give this film, “3 stars, 1 moon, and a can of Spam”.

Update 10/24/2010: Read the follow up Blog to this post here

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  1. Jean says:

    Abigail Tyler is Charlotte Milchard… What saddens me is that someone or some people made a huge amount of money on extent of lost lives and be-littles the families whom are still mourning. A quiet harsh town has and is being harassed by idiotic, nothing else to do perps..lies and false words clouds this movie. And people believe? Really? There’s more important things in life then be consumed by alien abductions. Man creates fear..that’s the only truth here!

    • rohit says:

      i just did a tiny research on the movie and you were right,
      the people are just making up smart documentaries and then earning great profits, i really don’t know about abductions but this was a great movies faked upon it!
      the name of the lady in the movie ” Dr Abigail Emily Tyler” is an actress whose real name is Charlotte Milchard
      and on top of that i did not understand how did the bodies levitate and produces strange noises being residing in the body, this made me suspicious and now i came to know its a well directed fake real incidents movie.

  2. Nightfury says:

    Who cares if things are fake or real. Just darn enjoy the movie already. People are starting to annoy me. Juat watch the movie

    • JShof90 says:

      Many people care about what is fake or real. If we don’t question what is possible or impossible then how are we supposed to expand our knowledge? Just saying… You can’t knock people for their opinions. That’s the sole purpose of the comment box. So if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the blog.

      • frank says:

        I believe his issue is that you found out if it was real or fake to you. you found your own personal belief about it.

        Most movies have a lot of truth in it, but cant right out and say it. the entire history of the movie isnt fake, but the movie itself is fake. but every last detail isnt.

        its a movie to open your mind and eyes. Do research on alien and alien abductions and Sumerian and Annunaki, and why alien abductions happen not if this movie is real or not.

        :) hoped this helped

  3. Josh says:

    If the events were in fact real, do you think the authorities would leave any verifiable evidence behind for “researchers” to find? Wake up. You are not supposed to believe in these things. That doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

  4. I SAW THIS MOVIE AND I FELT IT HAD A SLIGHT AMATUER STYLE TO IT AND I Could have guessed it was a Hoax but preferred it rather was an eye opener.
    Being an Researcher i tried to find something on it as a follow up for my readers and I was blocked and found nothing at all. This told me it was an effort to open eyes and I was happy that the
    Producer and anyone behind it was doing a real job to help others to understand the flexible way that ET’s may be able to go and some of it like pulling a little girl through the roof was a good thought.
    I did coment on it to my readers and I hope you may try ntom work out one on the Rhendlesham Story. I think he may be able to focus his style on such a large story as this one in england as it incorporates Americans as well as English aspects,and it has fine dtails such as the Base Commanders notes and recordings as well as the Sergents drawings not to speak of the little ET’s not mentioned much in the story. But so many were involved and were called liars and went through brain washing aspects I feel this author / Producer could open some eyes on The Rhendlsham story as well. Why not get the money together to try it.

    Terry D. Richardson – UFO Researcher Ufologist & Graphics Artist. AAS / AAS ILLUSTRATOR

    PS. Would be happy to lend my hand into the Art Work needed so if you do lets get together and make a short easy contract to do just this great real story. And this is my first and only comment.

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