Bigfoot and the Waldo Canyon Fire; Possible BigFoot Photo Included! (You decide!)

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Was Waldo Canyon the stomping grounds for Bigfoot?

The Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs is now the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history. 30 thousand people were evacuated from their homes, and more from the nearby businesses. The fire burned for over two weeks and destroyed over 18 thousand acres of forest. Besides destroying 347 structures, two people were unfortunately found dead in their home, both in their early 70’s. The cost of fighting the fire is expected to exceed $15 million dollars, and as of writing of this blog, the fire was 98% contained.

What people don’t know is, the legendary Bigfoot had been sighted numerous times in the past near and around the area the Waldo Canyon fire destroyed. I personally investigated five such cases within the past four years in that immediate area.

Green Mountain Falls, UTE Valley Park, Garden of the Gods, and Waldo Canyon too, are among the places residents and hikers came across Bigfoot evidence near Colorado Springs.

One of the problems with a forest fire is, where do its occupants go?

More deer have ventured down into nearby neighborhoods looking for food. Bear and mountain lions have been spotted too rummaging through homeowners’ waste containers. But what about our larger neighbors? Where do they go?

I’m guessing if species are intelligent enough to evade humans (most of the time), then they are also intelligent enough to evade Mother Nature’s little issues.

My theory:

The Homosapien has become very dependent on technology. True there are some cultures who either don’t involve themselves with technology on purpose or just don’t have the means to experience it, but most have been assimilated. Like the Borg. (ie. Star Trek)

Now let’s say there is a very intelligent species, if not as intelligent as humans but maybe a little more, which has claimed the wilderness and all of it’s profits for their own. Let’s say over centuries this species has evolved not only with very advanced eye sight and hearing, but also with very advanced awareness. We all have this awareness, some more in tuned than others, some call it women’s intuition, others call it a sixth sense, either way, let’s say this wilderness species has it, and this sense if very advanced. This would give them the upper hand of not getting caught. Although like humans, they are not above the law of averages and do make mistakes.

Now back to the Waldo Canyon fire area. Here are a couple of examples of very intelligent species doing a walk-about in Colorado Springs’s, back yard.

This picture of a foot print in the snow was taken while running a Bigfoot investigation near Green Mountain Falls. Green Mountain Falls was evacuated during the Waldo Canyon Fire. Daniel Masias the local resident who was evacuated, has seen evidence of the big guy in the past. A couple of years back I investigated one of his experiences. We had accumulated some very interesting evidence which forced us to set up multiple motion sensing cameras at his location. Of course Bigfoot being the shy individual, we didn’t achieve our goals of capturing an image of his good side.

While at one of the safe viewing locations of the fire, I was talking with the Channel 11 news team about experimenting with daylight IR video technology looking for wild-fire hot spots before they flare up. (Experiment shown in previous post) Generally a plane flys over the fire at night shooting IR, so the images can be analyzed by fire fighters the next day. Well while talking to the news crew, an individual overheard me talking to the crew about Bigfoot too. I was wondering if forest fire fighters ever had any experiences. It was mainly just small talk, but sparked a question from someone listening nearby. “Are you a Bigfoot investigator?” My response, “That’s one of the things I investigate.” Their response, “My father had an encounter with a Bigfoot near this area, and has evidence”. My response, “Let’s talk!”

Obviously our main concern was the pending threats of the nearby fire, but one thing a traumatic experience like that does, is get people together and they talk, then all kinds of information is learned. One being a Bigfoot sighting.

After talking about the types of evidence this person’s father had, I left him with my phone number in hopes his father would call me. Sometimes depending on the situation at hand, I don’t press for personal information. I didn’t know if this person or his father was one of the families evacuated, so the concerns of the fire came first and the concerns of the Bigfoot came second. A few days later I received a call from Dana.

Dana (pseudo name) told me about his experiences in 2010 and 2011 near Tarryall, Colorado. Tarryall would have been in danger if the fire had traveled West, but was recently in danger from another fire a few days earlier near the Eleven Mile Reservoir. Dana, a rock collector, was out looking for quartz and other nifty stones back in 2010 when he had his first encounter.

In August of 2010 while rock collecting, Dana heard nearby knocking sounds. These knocking sounds were repetitious and very intelligently orchestrated. Knowing he was the only one in the area, this obviously concerned him. Venturing in the rough terrain around and towards the sounds of the knocking, he came across rocks which were stacked on top of each other. Intriguing him further, he started taking pictures in the direction of the knocking sounds.

Note 1: One method of Bigfoot communication is tree wrapping. Most investigators try to mimic this wrapping sound in areas where Bigfoot has been sighted in hopes of getting a response.

Note 2: Stacking rocks is one of the methods Bigfoot uses as trail markers.

Note 3: Capturing an image of an anomaly in a dense wooded area is near to impossible.

Picture courtesy Dana, enhanced by me.

In this image which I cropped and copy-enlarged two times to the center and center right, there appears to be something very unusual in Dana’s far left vicinity. Debatable to some as possible rock or tree shadowing, the full mega-pixal image does more justice than this compressed one for the blog. Remember, Dana heard the noises which caused him to take the picture.

Dana had also told me, that during his own personal research talking to the locals about what he experienced, he learned one person had actually seen a Bigfoot, blond in color in that same area. My previous research had also pointed to Bigfoot sightings in that immediate area, one person calling it a hub for Sasquatch.

Skip to August 2011.

In August 2011 while rock hunting with his family in the Tarryall area, Dana heard crackling branches off in the distance followed by whooping sounds. Shortly thereafter, the weather turned nasty.

Note: Another form of Bigfoot communication are whoops, barks and screams. Some people have experienced whoops and barks when hiking too close to a Bigfoot family.

Picture courtesy Dana

Dana hiked towards some large boulders where the cracking of branches were heard, and found a very large foot print. This print he measured at least 18 inches long, and appeared to be a push-off step onto a large boulder. What ever made the print had no problem at all stepping great heights from rock to rock. A casual stroll in the forest?

It appears Dana and his family while rock hunting came in close proximity to a Bigfoot and his family. The crackling of tree branches could have been a quick return from one Bigfoot member who strayed away from the family. The whooping sounds were just another quick communication that there were humans present.

Skip to September 9, 2011.

Picture courtesy Dana

Curious about his previous encounters, the following month Dana went back to the site where he had heard the tree cracking and whooping noise and also found the foot print. To his amazement, Dana found another footprint. This time a little more prepared, Dana brought with him some plaster and casted a molding of the print.

Dana now falls within the .1 percent of people who have actually collected evidence that Bigfoot exists!

Good Job Dana !

This investigation is still at its infantile stage. Currently I’m screening Dana’s audio clips trying to capture the whooping sounds he heard. More on his Bigfoot sighting in the near future.

Thank you Dana for sharing your experiences and pictures with us.

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  1. Scott says:

    I have logged for years and we get twisted trees all the time that is caused from wind, storms and lightning.
    What kind of investigation into this have you done to rule out these natural occurrences?

  2. Thank you Scott for your very good question. What kind of investigation have I done to rule out natural occurrences? There are many aspects to look at when trying to identify evidence which is not a natural occurrence. Wind, storms, and lightning will affect more than just one branch on a tree, so we look for patterns when trying to identify a particular piece of evidence. When in doubt, I’ll take an expert back to the site to verify my evidence. In the case of the last Bailey Bigfoot sighting, I took a Search and Rescue tracker to the site who knows the area. I relied on his expertise to tell me if my conclusions were correct or incorrect before I blogged on the investigation. Any thoughts from other readers?

  3. desteele66 says:

    You always have numbskulls,who won’t believe.Could have been this could have that etc.I know a guy who’s prospected many years.He’s been to all kinds of mountains,said he’s never seen one.That is till
    last year.He said they threw rocks at him, that no humans could.He also,saw a juvenile looking around a tree at him.He now knows they are real.So keep plugging away,It’ll soon be known,actually it already is but the GOV.Will never tell you.Dermal ridges don’t lie,and they can be seen in plaster cast’s.

  4. desteele66 says:

    I actually have heard them but not seen them.Last summer in 2012,I visited my land in southern Colorado,for the first time.It’s located
    outside Fort Garland CO,south of 160.While camping on my land,after 4
    days were looking through night vision binoculars watching 2 cougars.
    There was an elk kill about a hundred away from camp.We were in between the cats and the kill.My property is on a long creek,which they drink at.SUDDENLY,A pack of Coyote’s with young let out a bunch of yelps.As soon as they began to end their yelping,a really loud low scream yell sounded out from the north off of these twin humped foothills,and then an immediate loud crack of wood on wood.

  5. ninja says:

    Even though yall heard it or saw it i’ve seen and heard it!

  6. ninja 20111 says:

    if you don’t believe me, then don’t believe me!That probably means yall dont belive in Sasquach.Those who do, thank you, nobody in my family believes me, even though bigfoot is real.

  7. Ondrae E says:

    My daughter and I were out at Garden of The Gods one Summer afternoon in 2013 around 2:30p at the lookout point overlooking US24 near Red Rock Canyon. As I observed that area I noticed a large black figure running westbound above where people were walking the trails closer to the parking lot. As a former US Army Soldier I’ve been able to observe and calculate distances between objects at a distance. This thing I saw traversed approximately 300 meters in about 20 seconds over rocky terrain and disappeared in the brush. I timed it running between 3 utility poles (approximately 300 ft apart) that were parallel to it running. I was in total disbelief because I could see this figure running clearly unlike a person would, and the fact that I couldn’t make the shape of the people walking trails, I only saw colors they wore but this thing I could clearly see two toned color and a very distinctly large shape with arm movement. My daughter and I drove to the area where I saw it ( about 30 minutes later for fear of encountering this thing,) and the terrain was very hard to walk on let alone run on because of the rocky roughness of it. I walked the distance that this thing ran and I still don’t believe it was a human that ran what I was walking on in such a short time.

    • Chuck Zukowski says:

      I did a Bigfoot/Balls of light investigation at UTE Valley Park not far from Garden of the Gods a few years ago. Bigfoot has been seen just outside of Colorado Springs, so I’m guessing what you saw could have been the big guy.

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