Cattle Mutilation in Kansas City, Mo. January 5th, 2012

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On January 6th 2012, Fox 4 News from Kansas City Missouri, reported on a cattle mutilation incident which had occurred the day before.

(Excert from KCTV website article)

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – Kansas City police are investigating a bizarre and disturbing crime involving livestock in the Northland. Someone had entered a private pasture and cut out a cow’s reproductive organs, possibly while the cow was still alive. Rancher Casey Hamilton called police Thursday morning, directing them to a pasture at 120th and Brightwell, just west of Kansas City International Airport. He told them he had separated the 7-year-old cow from the rest of his cattle because she was sick. He had been treating her and said that when he left her at 6 p.m. Wednesday, she was standing and eating. When he returned Thursday at 6:30 a.m., she was dead with two distinct chunks of tissue removed. “For somebody to get a 1,200 pound cow down and do that,” Hamilton said, “they had to know what they were doing with a tranquilizer.” He said there were no bullet holes in her nor signs of rope marks, but there were signs of a struggle. “The cow had struggled on the ground,” said Aaron Brisbane, the veterinarian who examined the animal. Brisbane said he could not determine whether the thrashing came before or after the cow died, but he said there was no legitimate reason for the surgical procedure the animal underwent. Someone had cut out the cow’s udders, bag, mammary glands and vulva. He said  that was the only tissue removed. “The way the cuts were done,” Brisbane said, “someone had to have done this before.” He said it appeared the precise cuts were made with a scalpel. “It was too clean to have been done with a knife or a box cutter,” he said.

When I heard about the mutilation and watched the Fox News report, I then remembered Margie Kay the host of 2011’s Midwest UFO Conference I had lectured at, lived near the area. I immediately contacted my sister Debbie who is MUFON’s State Director for Missouri to help me get in touch with Margie and arrange a meeting. As soon as I was able to talk with Margie, I learned she was already on the case.

The following excerpt is from her investigative notes:

( Picture courtesy of Margie Kay )


Mr. Hamilton leases this land from KCI airport, along with other ranchers. The cattle keep the grass low and that discourages deer from the area where they can cause prob-lems for the planes.

He placed this cow in this location to keep her away from the rest of the heard because she had been ill. On Wednesday, January 4 in the late afternoon he and the vet visited the cow to give her an antibiotic, and at that time she was improving and walking around.

The next morning, on Thursday, January 5, Mr. Hamilton found the cow lying dead ap-proximately 50’ North of the gate entrance. The cow was mutilated with her udder and vulva removed. No other part of the cow had been touched. The vet said that there was no blood, and that the cuts had been made with a precision instrument, and that the cow was alive when the cuts were made. He did not know the cause of death.

Mr. Hamilton moved the cow to a ditch out of sight of the road, and placed coyote traps around her. ( Picture courtesy of Margie Kay )

Margie and I had traded emails back and forth and the following is just one of them:

On Jan 10, 2012, at 3:35 PM, Zukowski <> wrote:

Unless you can get some formalin to submerge the sample, the sample would be useless for a lab. But!! If you can get some soil samples where the animal was mutilated then that would be great! Each sample about a cups worth  near where the Inscions were made then one test sample about 20 yards away from the animal in similar vegetation. Of course take pictures and get measurements of the incisions and ask the rancher which way the head was pointing. NSEW??
Chuck Zukowski
(Sent by IPhone, Area 51 technology)

By the time Margie and fellow investigator Geremy Pearce ventured out to the investigative site, the mutilated cow had been destroyed. Not being too discouraged, Margie and Geremy still performed a field investigation looking for anomalies and collecting soil samples for me.

Upon receiving the samples, I in turn re-packaged the samples with the necessary documentation and mailed it off to a lab I use for analysis. My intentions are to compare the Kansas City soil analysis with my Colorado soil analysis from the August 2011 Duran mutilation. The Colorado soil showed high levels of Manganese near the animal compared to the test sample which was at least 20 yards away.

As soon as I get the results back from the lab, I’ll send copies to Margie and then post them here on this website.

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  1. Joan Weidner-Adams says:

    I have been interested in this kind of thing since I lived in the west when I was younger. For a month, I was on a ranch far below LaJuinta, Colorado with a PO Box of Villegreen. There was a reason I went out by myself one night, with a rifle, but the hair started to raise on my neck a number of times because there was no moon, or light. Even though my hearing was always excellent, I decided it was in my best interest to get back into the house. That was 1964.
    Actually,a lot of things go on that most people would rather not talk about, but these things bring or throw them up into our face. Fortunately or unfortunately, they happen very infrequently, however, they happen with no obvious answer. Just suspicion and speculation. One does get labeled, but one knows what one knows. Therein lays the reason for continued research and detective investigation. Keep up the good work, and YES you were WRONGLY Accused and let go for a pidly reason i.e. You were doing your job!!!

  2. vicki says:

    Your website is sleek, am learning how to maneuver around on it. Just when things appeared quiet there’s another mutulition. Funny I was just saying a couple days ago that mutilations are nothing anymore. I always thought “they” must have enough sampling of cattle to do what it is” they” do. There remain a lot of ufo sightings around the country (check MUFON). Sightings don’t seem to stop either. Was going to write you and tell you about the sighting here a week ago that people got pictures of, more of those floating white discs only this time the military gave chase so witnesses watched a F16 attempt to circle around them as they maneuvered all around the jet! There was come crazy trails in the sky that day that even I noticed and Randy did too although we were in different locations at different times. When I looked up our area for sightings on MUFON, I was shocked that I looked at about 50 of them in a year’s time So they’ve always been around and obviously still are! Still, there is no further information out there WTH is going on?? I hope there will be pictures posted soon so that everyone can view for themselves what they think this might be from. And no one wanted to slaughter the rest of that beast for some steaks?? Seems like a waste of the good stuff left! (just a little humor) Wonder if anyone would be willing to eat that cow after that! Hopefully Debbie will enlighten us more with her investigation. Thanks again for your continued dedication in trying to solve these continued mysteries. Vicki

  3. vicki says:

    Thought I would check back for any further information. Firstly, I want to apologize to that rancher who lost this nursing cow. It was worth a lot of money plus the recent treatment of vet bills plus having to find another heifer to nurse this calf. I know he suffered a tremendous loss and I did not mean to make light of it. And I could only say to these ranchers that most likely they have done a great service to an experiment that we can’t even imagaine hopefully for the good of the Universe and I hope he feels honored that they took his. Nevertheless there continues to be lots of sightings and recent “metal boxes” arriving on the Orgeon coast that coincided with ufo and uso sightings and have been picked up by descreet trucks and helicopters. Quite the happenings. Also frightening is the pending war in the ocean with Iran. The base here is the most active I’ve seen since being here and I bet a good 50 F16s have came and left no doubt after being “fitted”. There is no doubt in my heart that things are very serious in our world right now. It used to be that the earthquakes around were were far away and small. Now they are coming about every two days and large ones are happening all over the coast the past couple days. We have been upping our rations just in case. I’ve been following the Webbot predictions on and they seem to be coming true day by day and it’s eerie. What does all this recent activity mean? I’m scared and I know there must be many who are scared too. Can you post some sort of blog about this as to what you might think is going on?We’re absolutely dumbfounded. Don’t know anyone else intelligent on these matters like you so I would really like to hear some words of wisdom. Thanks again Vicki

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