Colorado Calf Mutilation 04/18/15

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(Picture courtesy rancher Johnny Vallejos)

Chuck Zukowski, Animal Mutilation Case, Huerfano County, April 18th, 2015.

On Friday April 24th, I was contacted by rancher Sally Miller about a calf mutilation she read about in the Huerfano World Journal newspaper, Trinidad, Colorado. The article had come out the day before on the 23rd, and Sally wanted to know if I had seen it. The Millers, Tom and Sally, have lost at least 10 animals through the past few years due to strange mutilations, so they knew this particular case appeared legitimate. Sally sent me a copy of the article so I could learn more about the case, and follow-up with my own resources. The following is what I learned.

– Rancher: Vallejos Ranch
– Huerfano County Brand Inspector: (name on file)
– Huerfano County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Boehler.

I spoke with the county brand inspector and he was to meet with Deputy Boehler to see the animal, but due to an already over-loaded schedule, he was unable to see the carcass. At this time I’ve been unable to personally speak with Deputy Boehler, but am in the process of acquiring the case report.

I contacted the rancher for additional information:

Mutilation Report: Phone interview with rancher Vallejos

– [2] month old Black Angus male.
– Estimated weight 140 pounds.
– The calf had been castrated a week prior.
– The calf was last seen, Thursday April 16th.
– Rancher Vallejos stated, he herd a cow mooing late Friday night, April 17th
– Animal found Saturday morning April 18th, 300 feet and West of I25.
– Animal was found head facing south but had been drug from original location.
– A small 5-6 foot diameter ground depression was found nearby, but

– Animal was found missing its tongue.
– Animal appeared partially skinned showing rib cage and spine.
Note: Hide appeared split down the belly in a surgical manner. Long smooth cut as reported by rancher.
– Hole near anal area 6 to 7 inches in diameter. Cut was clean and smooth showing no bite marks and went around the testicle sack.
Note: Anal cut was not perfectly oval, some lacerations were seen zoomed in on the original photo. No blood was stained on hide as reported by the rancher and seen on the photos.

Physical Evidence:
– No unusual vehicle tire marks were found near the scene.
– Other than the rancher and deputy, no other human foot prints were seen in the area.
– No predator tracks were seen, no evidence of a fight or struggle.
– No blood, it appeared as if the animal had been fully drained before being cut.
– No blood splattering seen on hide near wounds.
– Both eyes were missing, but probably due to scavenging birds.

Similar Anomalies:
– Around March 4th 2015, a mutilation was reported to the Huerfano County Sheriff’s department. Unknown if it was investigated by deputies and currently unknown location.
– On March 17th 2015 rancher nearby lost 2 [600] pound calves that were confined within a fenced area with other cows. No unusual vehicle tracks were seen, no evidence how the calves left the fenced area. Calves never returned. This ranch is approximately 1.5 miles away from Vallejos ranch.

Complete destruction of an animal due to a mutilation is not un-common. Unlike most animals in which precise incisions are in specific areas, from time to time I see total animal annihilation.


Sanchez Mutilation:  San Luis, Colorado 11/09

Rancher Sanchez lost 4 calves in 2009 within about a three week period. All animal’s hides were stripped from the hind legs to the front legs leaving the rib cage and spine visible. All the internal organs were missing.

Miller Mutilation: 03/09

Miller Mutilation: 05/13

Rancher Miller has lost the most amount of animals compared to all the other ranchers I’ve investigated. Most of his animals were found with all the traits of a common animal mutilation, but a few, were found with the hide completely stripped from the skeleton. One particular case, rancher Miller found opposing puncture holes in the hind end of the hide, possibly an area where the incisions were started.

Once again with all the animals I’ve investigated, no human evidence was never located, no large amounts of blood were seen, no predator attack evidence was never located; The animal just appears in that location as if it had been placed there.

In the current newspaper article Deputy Boehler stated the evidence appears to be caused by a human. Even though he found no incriminating evidence pointing to human interaction, this is the most logical explanation a law enforcement official can make. The most important part of his statement is, “Based on his experience as a law enforcement individual in a rural area of Huerfano County, he is extremely familiar with what poses a threat to animals in the area, which rules out ALL natural predators in the area!” So obviously, all he has left to turn to is, “human intervention” even though no evidence was found. For gosh sakes he can’t say alien, and won’t unless he experiences this first hand, or finds evidence pointing to that. Matter of fact, I can’t say I’m absolutely sure aliens are causing animal mutilations, because I’ve found no direct evidence point the finger at them.

What’s most important about Deputy Boehler’s statement is, “We can rule out natural predators”. That leaves humans and un-natural predators. Since 1967 every “unnatural” animal mutilation that’s taken place, and every one of them that was investigated by law enforcement officials across the US, no human evidence has ever been found. Cops have been trained extremely well to find human evidence in homicide cases.

Makes you wonder who’s really doing this.

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  1. Vicki says:

    OMG! This stuff is over the top! I hope everyone gets off of saying this is by devil worshipers! Something is coming! I have been out of pocket the past few months but wish I could have driven there to see this for myself. Be prepared for May 11th for whatever. Lots of activity around the planet! Keep up the good work Chuck and keep us informed. Thanks Vicki

  2. Brittany Voci says:

    Our neighbors just had a cow pass yesterday morning but I found it to be strange beacuse the jaw was almost ripped off and the brains were eaten but that’s all that they saw to be the reason the cow died. They told my mother and I they did research and came up with a golden eagle or owl attack, I find it strange how a 3-4 year old cow (I believe to be the age) would of been killed by a eagle or an owl… after doing much more research I saw you specialize in this and thought to myself it wouldn’t hurt to ask on behalf of my neighbors, so Chuck do you have any idea on what could of caused this? We have a house full of 4 (soon to be 5) kids, 4 dogs, 3 horses, we use to have 6 chickens but now we only have 2 because something was suckling their insides out through the rectum area which we believed that to be a skunk but now after this cow I’m not to sure what to think. Oh and after we talk to our neighbors about the cow about 9:30 pm lastnight all of the sudden 4 helicopters came out of no where flying in circles above mine and my neighbors house with spotlights our fields for about an hour then left. Chuck of you have any explanation on what may be going on please let me know. I do fear for my family at this moment not knowing if it’s a creature or something unexplainable!

  3. Al says:

    Frightening stuff. I wonder, I know the sceptics say these are simply natural deaths or predation, yet if those causes were true then what happens to the blood? Looking at the first picture (unless carcass was moved) the first thing that came to mind is where are the bloodstaines? If animals are doing this would there not be predator tracks? Predator tracks drenched in blood?

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