Colorado Cattle Mutilation 12/13/15

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On Sunday December 13th, I was contacted by the Miller Ranch near Trinidad, Colorado, about a possible cattle mutilation. Two 1100 pound female Red Angus’s went missing, one was found dead with unusual wounds and the other was found alive, but with internal injuries. Due to the conditions of both animals, the rancher decided to investigate further to determine if in fact a mutilation had taken place. The following couple of days after the 13th, the rancher and I stayed in contact trading information. After December 15th the rancher informed me that he had to put the second animal down due to its injuries.

The following is my investigation.

On December 13th after the rancher counted his herd of roughly 60 animals, he found that two were missing, both females possibly pregnant. After searching an area where the herd was last seen, he found one animal dead lying on it’s right side with unusual cuts and the second animal about 30 feet away lying on its right side, struggling to get up. Both animals were at the bottom of a small steep-sided gully or arroyo. Having had multiple mutilations in the past, the rancher was suspicious of both animal’s conditions.

Animal 1, the dead one, had flesh removed around the jaw, the tongue was missing, the left eye and socket had been cut out, the left ear had been cleanly cored away, there was a gaping hole in the neck area down through the shoulder showing separated ribs from the back bone, the left shoulder was contorted and out of place as if the animal had been dropped, the udder was cut out, and the anal area was cored out too!

Note: No mass amounts of blood were originally seen by the rancher around the gaping hole in the neck down to the body cavity, just a massive open wound.

Animal 2, the alive one, showed no apparent physical damage, but couldn’t stand up due to some type of internal physical injury. After moving the animal a short distance trying to get it to walk and caring for it, the decision was made to end the animal’s suffering by using a 22 caliber gunshot to the head.

The rancher exhausted all possibilities of Animal 1’s death including falling the short distance into the gully area, and the damage being done by scavengers, before the decision was made to contact me again about a possible mutilation. At that point in time, the animal had been dead too long for any type of sample taking, so a decision was made to perform an experiment.

This is what we know:

– We know both animals went missing the same time.
– We know one animal was found dead with unusual damage resembling the standard mutilation scenario.
– We know one animal was found alive nearby with some type of internal injuries.
– We know the approximate death of both animals, Animal 1 around 12/12 and Animal 2 on 12/15.
– Animal location, 37 degree latitude.

The Experiment:

If Animal 1 had died of natural causes and the unknown strange damage was due to scavengers, then we could use Animal 2 as a test case and see if similar damage appears due to scavenging. The decision was made to wait until after Christmas giving us 15 days after Animal 2 was put down and run a comparison analysis between the two animals. Here are the results.

Investigation 12/30/15:


UFOnut Team Member  Matt Morgan at Mute site.

12/30/15: Investigative team member Matt Morgan and I drove from Colorado Springs to Trinidad, Colorado, and met with rancher Miller.

Animal 1 possible mutilation found 12/13/15:

– 1100 pound Red Angus (female)
– Animal lying on right side facing North to South.
– No traces of radiation.
– Constant 8 to 10 microtesla reading pinging highly in abdominal area.
– Magnetic sweep showed nothing.
– No signs of struggle in soil.

Animal 1 Damage:

– Missing eye and surrounding area of socket.
– Missing tongue.
– Large smooth cut around jaw line.
– Left ear cut out in circular fashion.
– Open cavity wound neck to mid-section displaying neck and back bone and ribs.
– Ribs cage separated from back bone.
– Left front leg twisted at shoulder bone.
– Missing udder section.
– 8 inch hole in anal area.

Animal 2 put down by rancher on 12/15/15:

– 1100 pound Red Angus (female)
– Original location 30 feet south from Animal 1 facing East to West, lying on right side.
– Animal appeared to have internal injuries, signs of struggling.
– New location, 25 feet north of Animal 1 lying on left side.
– Animal died by 22 gunshot wound to the head.
– Blood seeping through open mouth.
– No traces of radiation.
– Sporadic 8 to 10 microtesla reading pinging low in abdominal area.
– Magnetic sweep showed nothing.

Animal 2 Damage:
– Scavenger damage seen around mouth where blood was seeping, non-smooth chewed bite marks.
– No other damage seen.

Comparison Analysis:

Animal 1: Missing eye, eye socket cored out,
missing tongue, smooth cut around jaw line and missing ear (not shown).

Animal 2: Eye and ear present, scavenger chewing around mouth.

Animal 1: Flesh stripped from neck behind ear to mid section
exposing rib cage.

miller4 rotate

Animal 1: Rib cage separated from back bone.

Animal 2: No damage to neck.

Animal 1: Udder cut out, anal cored out.

Animal 2: Udder still present, anal area intact.

Investigative Conclusions:

  • Animal 1 and Animal 2 shared similar abrasions around the jaw area. Comparing the two, more intense precise cuts were noticed on Animal 1 when the rancher originally found it compared to Animal 2’s scavenger gnawing fifteen days after being put down.
  • Animal 1’s rib cage was separated from the back bone. Upon closer examination, a large rock was lying beneath the animal’s back bone and could have caused the rib separation but only due to traumatic blunt force against the rock. This could only have happened if the animal was dropped from a great height.
  • Animal 1 had shown no signs of struggle, no dirt scuff marks, and no vegetation damage was seen due to falling or rolling down the slight incline. The animal appeared to have been placed there.

Animal 2: At this time the animal’s internal injury is unknown. Was it part of the event Animal 1 was subjected to but survived with injuries? Due to the circumstances and out-of-pocket expenses, a veterinarian was not contacted to run a necropsy. As the animal deteriorates, the rancher will keep an eye on the carcass and look for any internal bone damage that the animal may have originally sustained.

Interesting Information:

On December 21st KWCH News 12 out of Kansas,  reported a Newton, Kansas rancher found one of his bulls dead a quarter of a mile into his pasture on the 18th. The animal’s sex organs had been removed. The Harvey County Sheriff’s department investigated the incident and found no traces of cause of death and is classifying this as an Animal Cruelty case or non animal related.

On January 2nd, 2016, the Harvey County Sheriff’s department’s Facebook page stated another cow has been found dead in McPherson County, Kansas, its eyeballs had been removed. The owner of the cow had told KSN news Kansas, that the veterinarian who performed a necropsy found an injection site.

I’ll try to get more info on both mutilation cases.

The 37th Parallel Theory:
Trinidad, Colorado’s mutilation sits right on the 37th degree latitude, Newton County, Kansas mutilation falls within the 37 degree latitude, and the McPherson County, Kansas mutilation falls just into 38 degrees latitude. These mutilations appear to have been heading East along the 37th Parallel.

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. Al Reaud says:

    Interesting report! I work in dairy service. Sometimes they give cows magnets that are rod shaped about 2″×1/2″ with rounded ends. These are called cow magnets, however they usually have field strengths of around 1 tesla. So those are not the cause of the pinging. It is possible that the magnetic readings in the abdominal area could be naturally magnetized iron or steel debris eaten by the cows in the normal course of foraging. The readings do seem a bit high by about an order of magnitude above the strength of the earth’s magnetic field.

    Keep up the good work folks and thanks for your service!

  2. mel keister says:

    I wonder if using go pro cameras,with solar power,to monitor cattle activities would work to catch the culprits.

    • Chuck Zukowski says:

      I sent an email back to Mel saying even though the GoPro question is a good one, it’s impractical because the cattle are free grazing in many different areas constantly. Also, the farmer would have to change out the memory cards daily on each GoPro. I’m not saying I haven’t used a GoPro and won’t, because I do all the time, but only during an active investigation. Thanks Mel!

  3. rick Andisio says:

    Hi Chuck! I am a MUFON Investigator in CT and I applaud your investigations. I have met with Dr. David Jacobs and read his books. I am convinced there is a significant hybridization program going on at many underground bases and off earth locations. This is the primary goal of the greys, to populate the earth with hybrid beings at late stage development. The aliens have let us play with some of their technology to placate us as their program evolveds. I think we will become aware of this takeover fairly soon, around 2029. But by then it will be too late. Scary.

  4. alexc says:

    hi there i live in boncarbo colorado not far from this incident and have witnessed some odd things in my time up here… the first month we were here and decided to go on a drive we got a few miles up the canyon and noticed a small cow lying on its left side near the road… we got out to examine the animal and it had a large round circle of hair missing and it looked as if it had been shaved in a perfect circle there did not seem to be any incisions i could see but it was missing its eye and i did notice broken branches above the calf but no animal tracks or foot prints. it was a creepy feeling and i did not want to get to close so i am not sure to what extent it was mutilated… me and my roommate heard an odd loud sound not the usual methane well pumping it was just over the hill we saw a bright flash fallowed by the sound disappearing. this has happened at least twice in the past 4 months including last night and always leaves me with an eerie feeling. i have never been a believer in aliens but this is just too weird.

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