Colorado Rancher Gets Hit Again! Another Mutilation in Trinidad on 05/13/13.

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Caution! Graphic Images.


(Picture courtesy Sally Miller)

Sally Miller remembers hearing her dogs bark the night of Monday, May 13th. They didn’t bark for long as if there was a known predator nearby like a mountain lion or a bear, but barked as if startled by something. Could that something have been the culprit who mutilated her and Tom’s calf which was yanked from the herd? The dogs made noise briefly, but the cows did not. Mother cows will below and protect their young from predators, but no panic-type noise came from the herd.

This makes their fifth animal killed under unknown circumstances which I’ve investigated!

Before I go further explaining the carnage done to this animal, and before I go into the on-site field investigation me and the UFOnut team did, let me stress one thing:

There are other ranchers nearby with cattle, yet the Miller ranch seems to be the target.

The Miller ranch is wide and open and their land touches the boundaries of other ranches nearby, yet they’re hit and no one else is. Why? I’ve talked to other ranchers in the Trinidad area and it appears all the calves are born around the same time, so every ranch in the area have these little bovine babies. So here’s a question for the skeptics.

Why would a known predator (ie: bear or mountain lion) pass through other ranches when food is available there, just to get to one specific place to eat? Why would they make it harder for themselves and put themselves at risk? All the ranches in the area operate about the same, the animals are out in the open, young and old.


(Picture courtesy Sally Miller)

Rancher Tom Miller found this animal Tuesday May 14th approximately 120 yards from the ranch house. He estimated the animal had died sometime the previous night because the carcass wasn’t there the previous day.

Animal Statistics:
Breed: Black Angus male
Age: Est. 4 weeks old
Weight: 175 pounds
Worth: Overall estimated cost of this animal would be over $1000.00
Time: One year loss until another calf is born.

Rancher’s Investigation:
– The animal lay near a tree, and appeared to have been dropped from a great height.
– The carcass was pointing East.
– Coyote evidence was present.

Animal Damage:
– Both eyes were missing. The one facing the sky was pecked out by birds, but the one facing the ground was cored out.
– Tongue was cut out.
– Testicles were missing, taken right out of the sack.
– The area between the hind legs was cut out in a smooth round incision.
– Left leg near knee joint oval incision 4 inches in diameter.
– The right hind leg was pulled out of the socket, yet the carcass showed no signs of being dragged in the dirt.


Right eye facing the ground appears to have been cored out.


Compare to another case in which the right eye was pecked out by birds.

UFOnut Team Field Investigation 06/08/13:


Carcass present and still showing signs of mutilation.

– 2 to 3 microtesla’s measured over area where animal was found. ( Ambient measurement common reading)
– 4 to 6 microtesla’s measured over existing carcass. ( Normal, not unusual.)
– No radiation was measured over area animal was found or at carcass.
– Ground vegetation appeared normal where animal was found.
– Small branches on the tree near original location of the animal were broken.
1. Small branches directly adjacentent to the animal approximated 6 feet from ground level were broken facing down.
2. Small branches (4 to 6 inches) were spotted on the ground just East of where the animal was found.
3. Branches on the ground and broken branches on the tree showed signs of aging and were not fresh.


Broken branches facing mutilated animal.

The rancher stated his animal appeared to have been dropped. The animal was found facing East lying on the West side of a tree, and broken branches were found directly over the area the rancher found his animal. Did the calf scrape the edge of the tree as it fell from the sky? Evidence doesn’t lie, and this was the only part of the tree that showed signs of broken branch damage.

A sample of the broken branch was taken, analysis pending on how to properly analyze it.

No hide samples were taken due to the length of time between the field investigation and time of death. No soil samples were taken because the area the animal was originally found showed no signs of unusual ground anomalies. Our field investigation did find evidence the animal appeared to have been dropped which would agree with the rancher’s initial findings and would mimic other animal mutilation cases in the area.

What’s killing these animals? That’s the million dollar question law enforcement hasn’t been able to properly explain since 1967. One veterinarian told me he’s sure coyotes do it, but he’s unsure how they’re able to make such precise cuts into the hide…. In other words, “He has no clue.”

Animal mutilation field investigations, especially cattle, can be quite dangerous. If you don’t know what you’re doing or you don’t do extensive research before you attempt an investigation, you could put your life and the life of your team at great risk. You have to consider all the possibilities how the animal could have died naturally, because you don’t want to walk up on an animal that died from anthrax.

Then again, you don’t want to walk up on two 1200 pound bulls fighting either!


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  1. Robert says:

    Also I find it weird there is no blood. The ground is completely dry.

  2. Steve Smith says:

    Does the rancher in question only have one type of cattle in his operation? If he added a different breed, I am wondering if they would be targeted or left alone. If they are after only bovine blood in general, the breed might not matter so much if at all.

    Was there a history of cattle mutilation on the property before the current ranch owner purchased his spread? Other ranches nearby? In the area in general?

    On the dropping of the animal, does there appear to be any major bruising as a result? If the blood was removed, it may not be possible to determine this I guess.

    Have of the veterinarians or labs indicated that any of the cattle have been frozen at some point? The reason I ask is because the coring aspect which might be easiest to accomplish if the tissue is frozen. Also, cooling or freezing the tissue would help preserve it just like we do.

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