Duran Cattle Mutilation March 15, 2009

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Rancher Duran from Westin Colorado discovered his 26 year old cow dead under unusual circumstances two days after he had noticed it was missing. The last day he had seen the animal was on Friday March 6th, then on Sunday March 8th, he spotted the animal laying on its left side near the Purgatoire river bank. Upon examining his animal he noticed the vaginal area and the udders had been mysteriously removed. The removed areas were circular cuts showing no signs of blood or physical trauma. The cuts he noticed seemed to be laser cut and sealed at the same time. Mike had a similar experience back in 1995 when he lost a cow to the similar circumstances. The udders had been removed in a familiar faction.


This image shows me taking radiation readings. (Yeah I know old Geiger counter but it works.) We also took electro-magnetic readings for comparison analysis for future cattle mutilations. (photo by Jason Cordova)


This image shows me and Jason Cordova doing the necessary measurements for the investigation. The noticeable hole in the center of the cow was from the previous night’s scavengers and not part of the unusual carvings.


Measurements were also taken from the unknown cut areas. This particular animal had been dead for a few days so the cavity was larger due to the time duration from death to investigation.


Alejandro Rojas is shown here taking hair samples. Not shown is Stace Tussel who was responsible for documenting the investigation and samples.


This square cut is a result of one of my samples taken for lab analysis.



Criminal Case number was assigned by local Deputy.

Estimated worth of cow, $600.00

Estimated age of cow, 28 years.

Oldest cow in herd had new calf roughly 3 months old.

Cow appeared to be lying on its left side, partially in stream near bank est. 8 to 12 inches deep.

Reproduction organ removed with anal area still intact.

Udder removed.

Wounds appeared to be circular in fashion with noticeable cauterizing-like on edges of wound, no noticeable blood.

No noticeable blood pooling except around animal lying in water, possibly due to saturation.

Closest cow foot prints to deceased animal estimated 4 feet away towards the East.

No noticeable vehicle tire prints of any model or size, no indication a vehicle was nearby.

Cow appeared slightly bloated.

Tongue and eyes were still present.

EMF readings: 4 – 8 microteslas.

Flies were present but the laying of their eggs “larva” was not present.



Note: Animal was lying on its left side in stream, right side open to air.

Jar 1                  : Upper right circular section from vaginal area

Jar 2                  : Right rear upper hip where unusual mud was noticed.

Jar 3                  : Strip cut from right rear leg where unusual string markings were   seen by investigative team and rancher.

Jar 4                  : Upper section from utter removal area.

Jar 5                  : Two unusual blood drops found on upper right side of animal.

Jar 6                  : Hair sample from upper right rump area.

Jar 7                  : Hair sample from upper right exposed ribcage.

Jar 8                   : Contaminated razor blades used for cutting samples.

Bag 1                  : Soil sample taken near right rear leg.

Bag 2                  : Soil sample taken near center right stomach area.

Bag 3                  : Soil sample taken near right front leg.

Bag 4                  : Soil sample taken 5 feet 115 degrees.

Bag 5                  : Soil sample taken 15 feet 140 degrees.

Bag 6                  : Soil sample taken 75 feet 115 degrees.

Paper Bag 1     : Dirt taken from area 100 yards from cow in unusual dry area.

Paper Bag 2     : Dirt taken from area 50 yards from cow, our controlled area.

Plastic Bag      : Small plastic ball found lying near animal.

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  1. Oedipa says:


    I’ve been wondering about the cause of these mutilations, like everyone else. What struck me about this post was that there are CLAIMS of surgical removal of certain organs, yet no real photographic evidence. I mean anyone can list and “document” a necropsy process…but how can the audience here corroborate the following?

    1) that there is really a mutilation to be looked into…was there a police report that the audience can see?
    2) Remarks of responding authorities… independent of your team and the rancher….
    3) Photographs of the surgical areas you described instead of what the scavengers got the night before
    4) video instead of digital photo? I’m wary of photo shopped “evidence”

    Like Mulder used to say in the X-Files…”the Truth is Out there”. Or something like that. Hell, I saw something weird up in the sky once in New Mexico of all places. So I’m open minded…but I like to be scientific. And as a blog reader, I’d just like to be allowed in your process of investigation a bit more to be convinced that the cow didn’t die of old age and was then fed upon by birds and coyotes, etc…

    Love your blog though! You are either a brave soul seeking some sort of truth, delusional or running a scam. Who the hell knows! The internet makes so many personalities possible. I’m willing to believe if there is more evidence…



  2. Ashley says:

    Cows live to be 28 years old?

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