Florissant-St Charles Mo. UFO

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Preliminary Sighting Information:

  • Posted by: DragonFire_1
  • Type of Sighting: UFO
  • Date of Sighting: 06/03/2012


Sighting Description:

  • On sunday night June 3rd. apprx. 9:05pm over the horrizon near Lambert airport, my ex wife and daughter saw four bright red lights flying low, first in lead then 3 followed in tringuler formation then approx 6 more follow behind them. they flew in a formation and then a quickly as the appeared they disappeared. There was no sound and the lights did not blink. The lights were all bright red.I seen one as it few for a few seconds and it disappeared. I have no idea what we saw but was very strange.


Sighting Media (optional):


Sighting Location:

  • City: Florissant
  • State: Missouri
  • Zip: 63031
  • Country: United States

Category: Sighting Reports, UFO

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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