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Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson

Regarding:   James Carrion’s public web posts September 2009 on specific items regarding Stan Romanek’s experiences.

I am compelled to write this letter for a number of reasons.  First, and most of all, because it directly affects what I have come to realize is the most important issue in human history.  Secondly because I’m sick and tired of partial truths, spin doctors, and irresponsible acts by government agencies, big economic interests and individuals that stand in the way of the opportunity for the world to discover and begin to understand the UFO/ extraterrestrial reality.

I am founder of the Paranormal Research Forum based in Denver, “The nation’s largest monthly gathering on any paranormal matters”.  My first UFO investigations began in 1987 and I have now devoted my life to become more aware of such matters.  I have also had the honor and privilege of being the lead investigator on the Stan Romanek UFO/Extraterrestrial experiences in recent years.  I, along with dozens of other credible individuals, have witnessed many events associated with Mr. Romanek that defy any scientific or rational explanation.  Frequently these events were in the company of a number of top MUFON investigators.  I don’t believe my anger is directed at MUFON but at Mr. Carrion’s personal actions although he functions as the Director of MUFON International.

In 1965 I was serving in Viet Nam in the US Armed Forces in Naval Air Intelligence.  I was forced by a US Navy Captain sent by the Pentagon to meet with me and force me to hide critical information I had discovered in the course of my investigative duties that specifically pertained to our ability to end the war in extremely short order.  I found the suppression of this critical information contemptuous.  That is why I left the service and refused any offers made by the US Intelligence Agencies to recruit me.

I smell the same kind of rat here.  I find Mr. Carrion’s public comments regarding Mr. Romanek’s experiences unprofessional and inexcusable.  I have had more respect for MUFON’s activities and efforts up to this point.  I hope Carrion’s comments on Mr. Romanek’s experiences are not sanctioned by the MUFON organization.  Top MUFON investigators I personally know and have worked with would never take a public position based on a small fraction of information and evidence associated with Mr. Romanek’s experiences.  Especially a misspelling on a document that is substantially inconsistent with a preponderance of indisputable empirical evidence involved with Mr. Romanek.

Mr. Carrion has taken a very specific isolated slice of confidential and proprietary information given him and delivered it in a public manner.  This kind of action violates fiduciary responsibilities outlined by the MUFON organization.  This violation of trust is not acceptable practice anywhere…ever.  This kind of information is reluctantly shared with MUFON by individuals who are concerned about such misuse and abuse of proprietary information.  If we’re talking about credibility and integrity I think the intelligent public has to look at Mr. Carrion’s actions very seriously.

Cofounder, and former Director of MUFON John Schuessler has always conducted himself, and his work, with high standards that I am not seeing in Mr. Carrion.  If I’m not questioning Mr. Carrion’s professionalism and competency then I guess I’m questioning his motivations.  I see this conduct within our government, the commercial news media and other major economic interests threatened by the disclosure of the UFO/ extraterrestrial realities but not public watchdog organizations supposedly dedicated to understanding these matters with the highest of professional and ethical standards for the benefit of humanity.

While I agree that Mr. Carrion’s comments regarding misspellings on a certain document are concerning I have to say that no responsible investigator would ever ignore the overwhelming amount of other evidence and witnesses solidly confirming his experiences.  Is it possible a government agency could have set this up?  It would be a clever way to discredit a case wouldn’t it?  I also wonder why Mr. Carrion has chosen not to check, or accept, the opinions of MUFON members and investigators that have been with Mr. Romanek during some of these unexplainable sightings and other highly unexplainable events?  Their opinions seem to conflict with Mr. Carrion’s and quite frankly they have more firsthand knowledge from personal experience.  Perhaps this substandard methodology is because Mr. Carrion has never been a MUFON investigator and for some reason chooses not to accept experienced MUFON investigators opinions that have been closer to the matter!

Why would anyone go out of their way to taint public opinion on such an important matter all serious UFO investigators and researchers worldwide struggle to understand?  Reading Carrion’s comments I was originally very disappointed in with the MUFON organization taking such a leap to damage one of the world’s best opportunities to begin understanding this amazing unfolding extraterrestrial reality.  As I let Mr. Carrion’s comments fester within me I realize I can’t let this unprofessional action go without taking it on head to head.  Especially knowing the powerful truths and realities I have reluctantly come to accept regarding Stan Romanek’s bizarre and unexplainable experiences.

I will not allow the dozens of credible facts of Mr. Romanek’s experiences over the past 9 years, and witnessed by hundreds, be undermined by the irresponsible actions of one individual placed in a high position of trust.  Is this the new standard for MUFON?  I can’t imagine a 40 year old organization degrading its integrity to this level of behavior by its leadership.

Mr. Carrion seems to have forgotten about some investigating basics such matters are to be well informed, include all facts and information available, do not leap to conclusions or make assumptions on important matters, be professional, be ethical, be responsible and objective.  Again I have to ask how and why you would take such a careless and irresponsible action?  Every answer anyone can come up with is deeply disturbing.

In summary I would have to say “get it straight Mr. Carrion or get out of the way of capable individuals who are looking for the whole truth”.  This matter is far too important to let a loose cannon get in the way of the world’s understanding of this historic shift into a greater reality.

Rick Nelson

Paranormal Research Forum, Denver Colorado

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