IRON MAN “Human or Alien Technology?”

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Today, we’re able to purchase a vast array of very high-end technological gadgetry which is more sophisticated than the majority of our space probes and satellites. The Space Shuttle is a good example of a piece of outdated hardware compared to which my own Blackberry phone is more advanced.

As a microchip designer I’ve personally experienced technology jumps throughout the years of my occupation, which makes hardware become obsolete rather quickly.  A laptop computer is a perfect example of this.  This is an item you really need to roll-over every 3 years if you want to stay on top of its technology curve (Japanese users, disregard, your curve is still 3 weeks).  Most cell phones are more sophisticated and more powerful than the computers I used to design chips on years ago.

Anyway let’s get back to the blog. Today UFO researchers are saying various technologies are being linked to an ET intervention, so I thought I would use a Superhero as an example, and I happen to think Iron Man is pretty cool.

Iron Man History:

Iron Man is a comic book superhero who first debuted in a Marvel Comics edition called, “Tales of Suspense” in 1963.  Created by the master of superhero extraordinaire Stan Lee, this character was not always a superhero, but just a mere mortal like you and I.  Very advanced technology changed all that for him, and so the story begins.

Anthony “Tony” Stark was the child of Howard and Maria Stark owners of Stark Industries.  When Tony was young, he was fascinated with machine technology. When he turned 15 he enrolled at MIT and graduated with two masters degrees by the time he was 19.  He then went to work for his father at Stark Industries, but couldn’t succumb to the model employee vision his father had set for him.  More of a playboy, from time to time he reaped the benefits of his family’s fortune with wine, women, and (ok I’ll say it) song.  Yes he was a singer, stood in for Ozzy one night when he got sick after biting the head off a bat (blog humor).

When Tony reached the age of 21 his parents were mysteriously killed in a car accident arranged by rival competitor ROXXON, so he then inherited Stark Industries.  Later while attending a field test of military hardware at one of his international plants, he and his crew were attacked by a gang of terrorists.  During the attack there was an explosion and a piece of shrapnel lodged near Tony’s heart. Kidnapped and taken back to the terrorist camp, he shared a prison cell with Professor Ho Yinsen a world famous physicist.  Knowing he was going to die soon to the shrapnel near his heart, he convinced the professor to help him build a crude version of a battle suit which Stark Industries was secretly developing.  The suit used a magnetic field generator for power which would also help save his life by keeping the shrapnel from moving and puncturing his heart.  After the suit was complete and while its power source was charging, some of the terrorists intervened by killing the professor and Tony was able to escape using the suit.  Of course, this is the short-short version, so if you want more information on Iron Man, I suggest go to

Tony Stark is a very intelligent character, but even intelligence has its limitations when you hit technology hurdles.  “Jim, you can’t change the laws of physics!” (Dr. McCoy).  Or can you, if you have a little help, maybe a push?  Iron Man has very cool hardware at his disposal that’s ready at a moment’s notice.  Hand and Chest Repulsors, which fire bursts of energy, Gatling guns, cannons, and missiles used to combat his enemies.  Night vision, heads-up display, advanced radar and of course, the gift of flight.  Sure we have that now, and it’s called a “Fighter Jet” and it’s huge! Not as compact and light weight as the Iron Man suit which also incorporates an alternate “non conventional” power source.  See where I’m going with this?

(Ok this part is for the UFO researchers) You’ve heard about the flying witches in Mexico?  Possibly Iron Man technology?  Hmmmm?  We know it’s not a witch, they use brooms, these guys fly vertical.  How about a “Skunk Works” facility near the Mexican border?  Maybe a facility in our neighboring country?  Why not, the food’s great!

Back to “Alien Technology.”  Why is Stark Industries so far ahead of the technology curve?  Maybe Tony’s dad had a connection with “let’s say” The Roswell Incident?  Let me explain.

Col. Philip J. Corso (Ret) wrote a book, “The Day After Roswell” and published it before he passed away. In his book he talks about being put in a position in which he was ordered to fold extraterrestrial technology into his present day high-tech industry to help give it a boost.  A rather large boost at that.  Now some of you will say, “Hey! There are a lot of great scientists and engineers who are responsible for modern day technology and don’t take that away from them!” and… I won’t, because I’ve had the pleasure to work with some pretty great minds that have developed pretty great technologies too!  So kudos to them.

(Ok, another part for the UFO researchers) Remember the Bell Labs incident with the engineering note book explaining the concept of the microchip?  Fake?  Or was it real?

Let’s talk about Microchips. The concept of the integrated circuit goes back to a German engineer Werner Jacobi in 1949.  Later a British engineer named Geoffrey Drummer published a paper at a symposium in 1957 discussing his ideas on the IC concept.  The first working device was created in 1958 by Jack Kilby and he filed a patent.  Kilby also won the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics for his part in that invention.

Let’s jump back to Colonel Corso.  Ok, here we go, and I’d like to thank my good friend Paola Harris ( with whom I’ve had many conversations on this topic.  Paola was very good friends with Colonel Corso and had interviewed him numerous times.  For more information on the good Colonel, just ask Paola, she’ll steer you in the right direction.

[ Philip J. Corso ]

“My name is Philip J. Corso, and for two incredible years back in the 1960s while I was a lieutenant colonel in the Army heading up the Foreign Technology desk in Army Research and Development at the Pentagon, I led a double life.” [The Day After Roswell, page 2]

“But hidden beneath everything I did, at the center of a double life I led that no one knew about, and buried deep inside my job at the Pentagon was a single file cabinet that I had inherited because of my intelligence background. That file held the army’s deepest and most closely guarded secret: the Roswell files, the cache of debris and information an army retrieval team from the 509th Army Air Field pulled out of the wreckage of a flying disk that had crashed outside the town of Roswell in the New Mexico desert in the early-morning darkness during the first week of July 1947” [The Day After Roswell, page 3]

I don’t like to plagiarize in my blogs or lectures, and I only quote directly from Corso’s book out of shear respect for him while urging all the readers to purchase his book and decide for your selves.  I’ve been researching and investigating the Roswell Incident for about 20 years now, and I can tell you:  It was not a weather balloon, and it was not Project Mogul! The information in Colonel Philip Corso’s book tells me one of two things, he was telling the truth, or he knew the whole story and wrote the book to help solidify the Roswell case.  In his book he mentions how he looked at defense contracts with major companies and universities who were experimenting with technologies in their infant stage which resembled the technologies the Army had found at the Roswell crash. He stated:

“The purpose of our activities were to guarantee a superior competitive position for our army.”

“The leadership, talent and funds were available to take advantage of what we found in order to proceed into a new scientific age.”

Per Col. Corso, the results of the Army’s intervention into the technology arena with alien technology are:

Image Intensifiers

Fiber Optics


Fluid Amplification

Integrated Circuits (advanced circuitry)


Control Guidance by Brain Waves

Star Wars (not the movie)

(Just to name a few)

Could our very recent years (and I mean that in terms human evolutionary years) of technology advancement be due to an extraterrestrial push?  One decade we’re watching TVs and listening to radios using vacuum tubes, then the next decade we jump to a silicon based microchip which I’m now designing in nanometers.  One decade we’re using computers the size of our living room wall, and now we’re using hand-held computers which outperform the initial legendary Cray super computer.  One decade we’re driving piston pushing petroleum based fueled vehicles, the next decade we’re driving…. uh piston pushing petroleum based fueled vehicles.  Well forget that part, but for now let’s go back to Iron Man, since that’s how this blog started.  Here we have a large private defense contract corporation with (beyond current) leading technology, achieving leaps and bounds far beyond other corporate institutions with equally experienced engineers.  So, what do they have that other similar competitive companies don’t have?  Help from an unlikely out of this world technology source?  Or, are we smarter than what we really think we are?  Either way, witches are flying, radars are detecting, crafts are being seen, cameras are snappin’, video is recording, people are talking and Iron Man is conquering.

As always your comments are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Angie says:

    Well, it’s like a personal belief of pyramids and ancient civilizations having much help form the E.T department because of the advancements in their constructions for such an early period. Not cutting civilization short, but it’s more or less having regarding the majority of humans as nothing but pot filled scum feeding off general welfare. There are the very few genius in our society, but I highly doubt that their achievements can be linked to just human reasoning. It might sound nuts, but then, any claim of an extra terrestrial existence always does.

  2. Pablo says:

    Since all of those technologies have scientific basis already quantified and explained – i.e. you can read research and development papers of all kinds related to lasers, fiber optics and so on – their nature is known. That is, we know how to produce them, be them of alien origin or not.Thus, if we know them we can produce such things; if we can produce such things, we could also have come-up with those ideas without the need of aliens in the first place. So, while what I am saying is not proof that aliens didn’t helped us on these topics, it is proof that we could have come up with them entirely on our own because we have proved able to understand their underlying scientific principles. Thus, these are not and never were unattainable technologies.Then, considering that the normal pace of technological evolution in humankind seems to have been produced on our own and there is no widely-recognized evidence of alien tampering – not even by astrobiologists, who are scientists devoted to the quest of finding alien life – it is not the case that – epistemologically speaking – the lack of tampering ahs to be proven or else we would default to the assumption that aliens helped us, but the contrary.On the other hand, some of such stuff such as lasers and fiber optics are very easy to understand, very simple technologies in fact. In the case of fiber optics, what was needed in the first place was an adequate development of glass and optics production, and that has been in place in our world for centuries. Inventing a computer is in fact far more complex than coming up with a laser or optic fibers, and it has been proved beyond any doubt that the first concept of a computer is owed to Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, and that such a concept was refined well over a century until during WWII the first digital computers were constructed. Thus, inventing things such as those technologies is well within our capabilities with no further assistance.

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