June 2012, Bailey Bigfoot Investigation Follow-up.

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May 29th, 2012, approximately 7:30 p.m:

Kate and her friend Diane, took a drive and then stopped to take a hike in the Pike National Forest in Bailey, Colorado, when they heard a loud tree branch snap off in the distance. As they turned their heads towards the noise, they saw an extremely large figure running through the woods a few hundred feet away. It was running incredibly fast, on two long hairy legs, with a very long stride.

Moultrie game camera mounted on a tree about eight feet off the ground.

On June 9th, I went back to Bailey, Colorado to do a follow-up on my previous week’s investigation of Bigfoot. There were multiple reasons for this:

1. I left a game camera there in hopes of catching a picture of the big guy.

2. I needed to re-look, and re-think the evidence found the previous week to ensure it was valid.

3. I wanted to see if I missed any evidence.

4. I was contacted by Dennis (last name on file) with the Park County Search and Rescue organization. I scheduled a meeting with him in which I would take him out to the investigation site and use his knowledge of tracking to validate my evidence found.

Dennis had worked with Special Forces as a communications support engineer, and was deployed during Desert Storm. He was in the Army from 1984 to 1994. Dennis had moved from Texas to Colorado in 2000, living in the Denver area, then lived in Durango, and later moved to Bailey. He’s lived in the Bailey area since 2005, and is an avid outdoors-man with extensive knowledge of the terrain.

Dennis is no stranger when it comes to finding Bigfoot tracks. In the years he’s been with Search and Rescue, he’s come across many tracks too large to be made by a human. On a late afternoon, November of 2008 while following animal tracks in the fresh snow, he came across tracks at least 18 inches long. The tracks crossed a creek to a large boulder, turned around and came back to the creek. It was getting too dark to follow the tracks, but after reporting it to one of his co-workers, they estimated the size of the person who left the tracks was at least 8 and a half feet tall.

In January of 2011 a week after I ran an investigation in the Bailey area, Dennis found Bigfoot tracks near a highway, then curious, went back to the location in 2008 where he had found tracks, and found new ones. Then in February of 2012 Dennis found Bigfoot tracks while on a search and rescue mission. He stated, “The tracks were everywhere, suggesting there were multiple Bigfoot in the area”. In my Bigfoot investigation of 2011, the eye witness claimed to have seen juvenile Bigfoot which could explain Dennis’s multiple tracks as a possible Bigfoot family.

Moultrie game camera snapping a picture of a deer.

I had positioned the game camera pointing in the direction we found the path of ground anomalies. I left it there for a week hoping what the women had seen would pass through there again. I didn’t achieve my goal of capturing a Bigfoot on camera, but was able to capture a deer in its natural habitat. Getting a picture of a deer is not a total loss, it tells me a few things.

First: My camera was functioning properly, and the laser sight worked setting up the direction for the shot.

Second: It gives me an idea what animals are in the area so we can compare the unusually large ground anomalies to what is indigenous to the area.

Third: Note how the deer is looking at the camera with its eyes glowing. This is an infra-red flash camera not a white flash camera. When it flashes it gives off a very soft red glow which can only be seen when looking directly at the camera. The camera is electronic and there is no shutter noise. The deer noticed the previous picture’s red flash while it was walking into its path. The previous picture did not capture the deer probably due to the speed of the deer entering the scene.  The deer does appear to have been intrigued with the camera and was watching it as it snapped the second picture.

What I’ll do the next time is set the camera on a 3 second video clip mode so I can capture the entrance or maybe the exit of what ever crosses it’s motion sensor.

Ground anomalies still present a week after my investigation.

My wife Tammy accompanied me on my follow-up investigation. We scouted the area looking for previous and new anomalies I had missed the week before. We located one anomaly that was still present. An area in which the pine needles had been moved. This anomaly was located in the area the two women had seen the Bigfoot run.

Large rock moved from its original location.

One of many new anomalies we found, was a large rock which had been jarred from its original location. The rock lay in the path where the team had found a pattern of anomalies the week before. Did something large nudge this rock while running through the forest? Obviously there is no guarantee that a Bigfoot moved this rock, yet it’s an unusual anomaly and worth noting.

Dennis examines a broken tree branch.

In my previous post, I stated the two women Kate and Diane, had heard a loud branch breaking sound which caused them to turn in the direction of the sound. When they turned, they saw the Bigfoot run by. I took Dennis to the proposed broken branch site we found, which is located in the area the women had said the noise came from. After examining the branch, Dennis concluded the branch was broken by something large stepping on it, and the age of the break fell into the time span of the sighting. Remember Dennis is a tracker, he’s located many individuals who were lost in the forest by finding evidence of their trail. Some individuals were still alive and sadly some had perished, yet Dennis was able to follow tracks to their location.

Possible Bigfoot trail marker.

While Dennis was walking the pattern of anomalies with me, he pointed out this new anomaly. After examining it, he determined the branch was deliberately placed in that position. This possible marker was found just feet away from another new anomaly Dennis found.

This image shows a large and small (to the left) circular anomaly near a tree.

 Dennis is reenacting how the anomaly was created based on his tracking experience.

Just after finding the broken branch marker, Dennis found two unusual circular depressions on the ground. After examining the depressions, Dennis surmised something very large had sat there making the larger of the two depressions, and the smaller one was made by a fist or hand pushing off the ground to stand up. After a quick survey of the area, Dennis determined what ever sat there had a clear view of a nearby curving dirt road. He said, “It looks as if something had sat there to watch the dirt road from an isolated location”. He also said, “This is definitely a sign something sat here”. This would be a major marker he would look for while tracking someone lost in the forest. This marker was too large and too deep for a normal sized human to make, which leads him to think Bigfoot was the culprit.

Dennis points in a location of Bigfoot tracks he had found before.

While my wife and I were in Bailey, Dennis took us to other locations in which he’s ran into Bigfoot tracks in the past. One from earlier this year, and one location within a week of my previous investigation in 2011!

Dennis reenacting the length of a footprint stride he found in the past.

This location near a lake, Dennis had found multiple footprints with larger than a 4 foot stride. Multiple prints were found throughout the area and around the edge of the water theorizing there had been a Bigfoot family in the area.

Dennis simulating the size of the footprints he found compared to his own foot.

Where Dennis had found the footprints, he said it appeared to have been a Bigfoot cautiously checking out the lake from a distance. Maybe doing some surveillance before venturing to the water, or was it a mother making sure the area was safe before her children walked down to the lake.

Lake where Bigfoot prints were found nearby.

As you can see in this picture, the area around Bailey, Colorado is lush in vegetation, food source, and vast area for something or someone to visit occasionally undetected. I get asked all the time, “If Bigfoot exists, then why haven’t we found one yet?” My response? “We have found them.” “We’ve found their footprints, we’ve recorded their yells, and eye witnesses have actually seen them, like the two women which were responsible for this investigation.” The question then would be, “Well then, where is one in the flesh?” “Why haven’t we captured one?” My response?

“Maybe we have”.

Thank you Dennis for all your help, it was greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to have you accompany me and my team on our next investigation. And thank you Kate and Diane for contacting UFOnut.com and Kate once again for taking me and my team to your sighting location.

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  1. Dennis S says:

    Chuck, I just got a chance to see this today, very good. one thing I would like to add is about that rock that was moved, It is an almost smooth river rock that does not fit in with all of the other rocks in the immediate area and had to have been carried there, the river is at least half a mile from there.

    Hope to talk with you soon


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