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4x4ing to remote location looking for Bigfoot

(Snapshot from my GoPro dash camera)

A couple of weeks prior to October, I was contacted by a peer in the industry of the Psychic Paranormal, telling me they were in contact with a family of Bigfoot near their home in Southern Colorado. Using their gift, they had made contact and struck up a relationship with the leader and his immediate family. The experience of this Cryptozoology relationship yielded a footprint near the residence of the witness. No casting or photograph of the footprint was taken which generally raises a red flag with me, but this witness is well-known in the academic field of psychic ability, so I neglected to push for factual evidence at this time. After multiple phone conversations and emails, the decision was made to look into these very interesting claims. Contacting my good friend Joe Fex, Bigfoot extraordinaire of Colorado, we decided to make the long  journey to the location where the sightings were occurring.

The location of the sightings were near Ouray Colorado which is over 300 miles from my location, just about a 5 hour drive. Fighting the elements of Mother Nature’s rain, sleet and snow, we left the city of Colorado Springs around 9:00am and drove through the mountains of Colorado reaching our destination around 3:00pm.

There is a tremendous amount of effort involved running investigations like these especially when they’re so far away. Preliminary research is a must making sure your personal efforts will be productive because you’re sacrificing time away from family and home. Personal expenses are also a consideration which don’t include just fuel and food. Preparing your vehicle for the terrain you’re about to encounter is a must. You don’t want to be in God’s country finding yourself stranded due to lack of vehicle maintenance fore-site. Luckily my vehicle is a 2011 4×4 Nissan Frontier (black of course) so the dependability is high. Still proper pre-checks are necessary to insure a safe investigation. This investigation called for the need of snow chains because of the high elevation and location we were to encounter. Bigfeet (is that right?) love the Rocky Mountain terrain which generally don’t make it too convenient for us investigators. New video tapes, batteries and essential investigative nick knacks as well were purchased for this investigation.

Our destination included venturing the high elevations of Colorado, driving through the color changing aspens and the snow-covered pines. Our witness (name on file) lives on a beautiful 40 acre ranch exceeding the 8000 foot elevation mark. High in the mountains miles away from civilization, this definitely could be Bigfoot country. After our gracious host fed us a dinner which couldn’t be beat, we hopped into the mighty UFOnut-mobile and started our nine mile 4×4 adventure.

Joe and I reach the secret location with our witness

(Snapshot from my GoPro dash camera)

The witness guided us to a remote location in which they believed evidence of current Bigfoot presence could be accumulated. Traveling the high country ranch roads thick in mud and melting snow, my Nissan Frontier had little trouble handling the terrain only high siding once due to my eagerness to get to our location. Upon arriving, we saw the area was thick with pines and aspens surrounding a small meadow. Unloading gear from the truck as the sun started to set, we hiked a very short distance and set up a temporary camp. We picked a spot just outside of the meadow near what appeared to be a deer den. Setting up chairs, firing up my trusty Coleman heater and placing a night vision camera nearby, Joe and I started our field investigation.

This Bigfoot investigation was quite different from the Bigfoot investigations I have previously done with Joe. Based solely on the psychic abilities of our witness, we were taking guidance from a Paranormal GPS. Our first task was to locate a place to lay a special snack for our hairy friends. Our witness brought fresh apples and a whole grain snack while I being an unusual person, decided to bring something not indigenous to the area. Something which may spark their unusual taste buds. Pineapple, coconuts, and kiwi. A tropical delight all placed on a festive holiday place mat. After placing the offering, Joe and I started hiking around looking for the evidence we were striving for.

A tropical delight for our Bigfoot friends

I hiked through the meadow looking for foot prints while watching for anything out of the ordinary to occur off in the distance. Smelling senses in high gear, (you can sometimes smell their presence) off to my right Joe was following a small fence boarding the meadow looking for any foot prints or hair strand evidence. Our witness stayed by the make-shift camp site concentrating on their location ready to give us any updates. A very strange investigation for me indeed.

Around 9:00pm the area became very quiet, as still as it could possibly be. The ambient temperature had dropped due to the lack of sunlight somewhere around the 40’s, and an eerie feeling started to fill the air. By that time I had replaced the batteries in my night vision camera twice due to rapid discharging only capturing a few minutes of night vision and proof of our location. My new digital camera became disabled when I dropped it while climbing through some trees, so it became useless. I did have back up hardware down at the truck if needed, but the decision was made to stay put and see what happened next.

Remote location, Looking for Bigfoot

(Snapshot from my Sony nightshot camera)

Clouds breaking in the night sky with stars starting to shine through, Joe and our witness spied small faint flashes protruding through the thick pines. Shortly thereafter I saw a couple of flashes as well. We knew there were no ranches in the area, and we saw nor heard signs of hunters in the area as well. Grabbing my Night Owl night vision binoculars, I started scanning through the trees and immediate area looking for anything unusual. The moon was bright giving us some light but not enough to see the trees let alone my truck off in the distance.

All of the sudden our psychic witness started saying someone from the Bigfoot family was in the immediate area and was watching us.

Not sure what to expect, I kept my composure and stayed focused on what I was doing. Joe and I broke away from our location and headed into the night not leaving our witness too far behind. Joe started mimicking Bigfoot calls hoping for a response, while I eagerly searched the area through my night vision binoculars. Joe then decided to hop a small wire fence and venture into the thick trees towards a location he was being drawn to. I decided to hang back one eye on the witness, while keeping track of Joe through night vision technology. Tensions high, senses even higher, this was becoming the peak of our investigation.

Joe had the feeling we were being watched too and walked in closer to establish possible contact. I was uncertain by whom we were being watched by, so I went into defense mode, gun at my side, Joe and the witness in my vision, I was ready for the unexpected. Even though I didn’t see any bear or mountain lion footprints while searching the area, didn’t mean they weren’t out there. With the abundance of deer and elk nearby,this is a haven for any large meat-eating predator. What ever it is.

Following a ghostly image of Joe through my night vision, my main concern was the safety of our party. No sound, no breeze in the air, I could actually hear Joe’s footsteps as he slowly walked through the trees a great distance away. Our witness started to get a little scared, and I wasn’t too far behind her. I cautiously watched Joe complete his search stopping only once because he had heard something. Slowly making his way back to my location, we kept quiet waiting for who ever was out there, and their next move.

Within a twenty-five minute period, the eerie feeling had completely dissipated. I started hearing the natural sounds of the wilderness once again. A couple of elk making themselves known off in distance, what ever was near us, was no longer. Joe tried once again to make Bigfoot contact by hitting a bat sized tree branch against another tree making a rapping sound. This unfortunately accomplished no results. I went back to the area where my night vision video camera was placed on a tripod, only seeing yet another battery had discharged much too quickly. We spent the next hour gathering our thoughts back at the make-shift camp, waiting to see if the event would occur again. Pressing 11:00pm, temperature dropping and our witness getting cold, we decided it was time to leave.

Not knowing what really occurred an hour before, Joe thought it best to re-locate our fruit offering by hanging it high from a tree branch enabling only individuals taller than eight feet to retrieve it. While Joe and I were hanging the snacks, and the witness warming up off in the distance in my truck, we started to hear unusual sounds once again. This time it was an animal off in the distance in a panic mode. Bellowing constantly as if being chased by someone or something, the shriek of its cries echoed in the forest. The sounds were getting closer and closer then suddenly stopped, as if a predator had accomplished his task. Joe and I estimated the sounds were about 50 yards away from us in the dimly lit sky.

We slowly and cautiously walked back to my truck, thinking it best to leave the area.

If it was just Joe and me out there, we might have hung around a little longer. Why? Because we’re stupid. But because we had to think about the safety of our witness, we decided to leave. Slowing 4×4-ing out of the remote area, we headed back to the witnesses ranch.

Unfortunately no evidence of a Bigfoot family was found. No footprints, no audio, no markers, not anything. Yet an event did occur, I can make no claims it was Bigfoot. But something did happen. We did see unusual flashes coming from the forest. Lights, orbs, even UFO’s have been seen where witnesses claim to have had Bigfoot encounters. As a UFO/Paranormal investigator I have to leave all options open. Was our Bigfoot investigation turning into an alien encounter? And what about the cries of an animal being stalked and taken down? Mountain lion? Bear stalking in the night? Who knows, but we decided not to stay and find out.

We’re going to keep an eye on this location staying in contact with our psychic friend and their neighbors. If any physical evidence transpires, then Joe and I will make the long journey back. This time with more batteries and a bigger gun!

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  1. Joseph V Zonfrelli says:

    Great coverage! I would like to see more on this topic.
    Have there been any other sightings in Colorado?

  2. Keith Eckberg says:

    Looking forward to meeting you……. & hearing you talk this Thursday at MUFON. Love Sasquatch and David Paulides work.

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