May 2012, Bailey, Colorado BigFoot Returns!

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Bigfoot spotted by two women hiking in Pike National Forest, Bailey, Colorado.

Bigfoot sighting reported to

(First of two reports released, the second will be a video of the investigation.)

May 29. approximately 7:30 p.m:

Kate and her friend Diane, took a drive and then stopped to take a hike in the Pike National Forest in Bailey, Colorado, when they heard a loud tree branch snap off in the distance. As they turned their heads towards the noise, they saw an extremely large figure running through the woods a few hundred feet away. It was running incredibly fast, on two long hairy legs, with a very long stride. Neither of them could clearly see the top half of the body, but it appeared to have been leaning forward while running. They concluded it was not a deer, elk, bear or moose. The women in question were close enough to clearly see the color of the hair while it was running and said it to be dark in color with some graying.

Witness 1 interviewed by phone: (not a Bailey resident)

Diane (last name on file), states what she saw had two long hairy legs, extremely large, and ran extremely fast. Its stride was also long and it didn’t have any problems navigating through the trees. The long hair was dark in color with signs of gray-ing showing through-out. Unable to clearly see the upper torso and head due to the speed it was running, it did appear to be leaning forward reminiscent of a person running the 50 yard dash. After some hesitation, she concluded she saw a Bigfoot. No smells were detected, and the only sound she heard was the initial breaking of a branch.

Witness 2 initially interviewed by phone then second interview in person: (Bailey resident)

Kate (last name on file), saw a large creature with two long hairy legs run through the forest in an upright tilted forward position on a slightly down-hill slope. She could not see the upper torso clearly and estimated the Bigfoot was about 100 yards away from her. The hair was very dark in color, not black, with traces of gray throughout. “The Bigfoot was too large and ran too fast to be a human with extremely long strides”said Kate. No unusual smells were detected during the sighting and at no time did Kate or Diane feel threatened.


Saturday, June 2nd 4:50pm

Me and my team, Matt Morgan and Trina Bivens, met Kate in Bailey and followed her and her friend Bill to the location of the sighting. We walked the area where Kate and Diane saw the Bigfoot so she could familiarize herself with the surroundings. I then placed her at the exact spot where she had the sighting, as I walked the area where the Bigfoot was seen. Using a telescoping pole with a red marker on top, I was able to place myself at the exact spot where the Bigfoot was seen the clearest. Using the telescoping pole to simulate the height of the Bigfoot and a range finder to measure distance from the Bigfoot to the eye witnesses, with Kate’s help, we determined the Bigfoot was 7 feet 2 inches tall leaning forward and approximately 75 yards from the eye witnesses. If the Bigfoot was standing up-right, he would have peaked 9 foot.

We scoured the area looking for Bigfoot trail markers and foot prints, when Bill (Kate’s friend) found the first ground anomaly.

 This anomaly appeared to be the beginning point where Bigfoot was watching the women due to the following evidence we found.

Close-up of ground anomaly.

We then started finding a pattern of unusual ground depressions, too large to be an elk, deer, or bear, but not clear enough to see a complete foot print.They appeared to be the heaviest part of the foot making the depression in some cases, others to be flat print depressions scattering the loose ground vegetation in the forest.

The orange flags are marking the unusual ground depressions. Hard to see in this (compressed) picture, are flags in the background marking a route.

I did find one suspected foot print which was located within the ground anomaly depressions. This depression is reminiscent to standard Bigfoot prints I’ve previously seen.

Suspected Bigfoot print found in marked route. The upper long depression in the ground vegetation above the orange flag was made by my measuring device.

Due to the terrain, this was the best example of a print we found which was located on the unusual marking anomoly route the Bigfoot ran. The measurement was, 22 inches long by 8 inches wide. After discussing the measurement with my good friend, Bigfoot expert Joe Fex from Denver, we agreed because of pine needle movement caused by something large running, that the actual size was just a little smaller, probably 20 inches long and 7 inches wide. A couple of inches less in length due to a push in forward motion, and an inch less in width due to the lower pad of the foot pushing the pine needles outward.


We were then very pleased to find broken tree branches along the pattern proving something large was running and dodging in and out of trees.


This branch approximately 3 inches in diameter, was freshly broken in the area the eye witnesses heard the tree snap. For obvious reasons we’re not certain if this broken branch was the cause of the sound they heard, but we’re certain that the branch would have had to been at least 3 to 4 inches in diameter to create such a noise in which the women heard.

In the area where the eyewitnesses had lost sight of the running Bigfoot, we found a damaged log. The damage was fresh and appeared to have been made by something large stepping on it.


Freshly damaged log approximately 8 to 12 inches wide respectively.

One main thing our investigation accomplished was locating a pattern, route if you will, in which the Bigfoot ran. Placing orange flags where large heavy depressions were made, we measured some depressions 8 to 9 feet in distance. My last Bailey Bigfoot investigation in which Joe Fex had accompanied me, we found actual foot prints in the snow 4 feet away from each other. This distance would be a Bigfoot while in a casual walk, the 8 to 9 foot distance would be at speed.

Towards the end of our investigation and near the time of day our witnesses had their sighting, I ran the route at top speed through the woods, while dodging trees trying to mimic what our witnesses saw. While Kate stood at the location of her sighting, I gave out a loud Bigfoot scream, and started hoofing it as fast as I could through the woods following my markers at a distance estimated at about 60 yards. Bailey Colorado is at 7,700 foot elevation and I ran that course twice to insure Kate could relive her experience.

While I ran the marked pattern, Kate was being filmed by Matt and Trina giving moment by moment comments about my run.


I was half the size and not even half the speed of the Bigfoot they saw. I’m about 6 foot tall with my hiking boots on.


1. Height experiment to determine Bigfoot’s height at clearest spot where witnesses saw him. (succeeded)

2. Pattern creation of sighting to determine Bigfoot’s route. (succeeded)

3. Reenactment of Bigfoot sighting run to have a comparison analysis between what the eye witness saw between her sighting and what a human male could do. (succeeded)

4. Audio recordings of other Bigfoot screams projected through amplification trying to achieve a response. (succeeded with no responses)

5. I left a motion sensing game camera in the area and will retrieve it later in hopes of finding new evidence. (concurrent)


My investigation showed enough evidence that a large bi-pedal (heavy) creature was in the area, due to the fresh evidence seen. So much evidence that I had to leave a game camera right in the area where the Bigfoot was seen running.

Thank you to the eye witnesses Kate and Diane for taking the time to research other Bigfoot investigations in their area and find mine then contacting me to report it. Thanks a bunch to Kate’s friend Bill, for helping to find the evidence we needed to make this investigation a success. He started out a skeptic, but now?

Chuck Zukowski

UFOnut Field Investigations

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  1. Molly says:

    I’ve known one of the witnesses all of her life. She is very credible, logical and non-hysterical. I believe her.

  2. Shawn O'Steen says:

    Very interesting. Can’t wait to see what the trail cam pics up. I have one comment: in regard to the limb that was snapped on the standing, live pine tree, the caption says or implies that it was sign of the sasquatch running down the trail. However, the broken limb is dead, something that takes a very long time to occur in pines, so you might want to look for a different explanation for that one. I’m not saying a sasquatch didn’t do it, just that it wasn’t done recently.

  3. Hi Shawn.. the pictures on the website have been decompressed for the Internet so the detail is not as clear. I shoot my investigation pictures with a Nikon D3100 in high resolution so they are about 7Mbs per pic. Bill who is an avid outdoors man and I checked the broken branches and compared them with some older ones we found that were lower and done by antler scraping. Even though it may look old on the picture, the elasticity of the bark and the moisture in the cut appeared to be fresh and sticky. You’re right we can’t guarantee the branches were that fresh and broken by a Bigfoot, so it’s just an assumption based on the sighting. Still the broken branches do appear to be an anomaly compared to the other damage we found.

    Thank you for your observation, I’ll re-check the branches when I pick up the game camera.


  4. Dennis S says:

    Chuck, I have to agree with Shawn about the tree branch, and being a tree trimmer can give you a better explanation of what probably happened. The tree is very thick with mistletoe which causes the branches to deform and get very heavy making them more susceptible to breaking under heavy snow loading and you can tell that the branch was pulled downward and broke under a heavy load, another thing is that it takes at least six months for the needles on a Ponderosa Pine to turn brown like that so that branch was probably broken early last winter, if it was caused by an animal, the animal was climbing the tree not running by it. By the way, I live in the Bailey area and have seen Bigfoot tracks on a few occasions and have pictures of some of the tracks and possibly a picture of an actual creature taken about two weeks after your first report of a sighting in this area in January 2011

  5. Dennis S says:

    I got the opportunity to meet with Chuck today and go out and visit the site where Kate and Diane had their encounter last week, that spot is right at about the halfway point between where I had found tracks myself on several occasions and probably only a half mile from a place I had seen tracks this past winter. while out there we found some additional evidence of where a large animal had been sitting next to a tree and had dug out a depression to sit in, this spot overlooks a road and a drainage where deer travel on their way to water (lots of deer tracks in the drainage)

    Chuck, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife today. I will let you know if I come across anything else in the future

    • zukowski says:

      Dennis it was also a pleasure meeting with you. Your tracking expertise is a must need for investigators like me running an investigation in those heavily wooded areas. It was nice to have you confirm some of the anomalies at the site, and it was also nice to be educated about what to look for and what not to assume. You definitely are an asset to any type of outdoor investigation and will be the first one I contact when I go back up. (Readers, stay tuned for my Bailey follow-up blog, it will cover some of Dennis’s previous Bigfoot sightings and experiences.)

  6. John A Ungate says:

    I have run Crow Hill at least two times a week for the past two years. I run the afformentioned hill very early in the am. 3 to 4 am. I have seen this entity several times in the same area. I will try to obtain a photo of him/her.

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