Mexico Earthquake 3/20/2012 During Equinox. Magnetite Related?

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Tuesday March 20th at latitude 16 39′ 44″ North, longitude 98 11′ 16″ West, the city of Oaxaca, Mexico experienced a 7.6 magnitude earthquake which triggered a tsunami alert. Was this related to the equinox?

An equinox happens twice a year on the days with equal daylight and darkness as the Sun crosses the celestial equator. The tilt of the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from, nor towards the Sun. The center of the Sun is in the same plane as the Earth’s equator, in other words on a specific time, the Sun is observed directly over our equator.

What can happen on equinox days? Some say gravitational changes can affect ocean tides and Earth tides. Earth tides consist of large amounts of underground water. Gravitational effects can also effect the “Ring of Fire”

The Ring of Fire is an area of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that encircles the basin of the Pacific Ocean. Shaped like a horseshoe and 40,000 km long, it’s a part of oceanic trenches, volcanic mountain ranges and plate movements. 90% of the world’s earthquakes and 81% of the world’s largest earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire.

Can changes in Earth’s gravitation affect animals too? Birds and fish have Magnetite in their bodies. Magnetite could be used in birds and fish to hone in on Earth’s magnetic field helping them with migration. Before major earthquakes in the past, birds and fish have experienced massive die-offs which could be attributed to sudden changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Are these animals so in tune to our planet, that a change in magnetic field confuses their guidance system causing their demise?

What’s so special about Magnetite? (Wikipedia)

Magnetite is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on Earth. Naturally magnetized pieces of magnetite, called loadstone, will attract small pieces of iron, and this was how ancient people first noticed the property of magnetism. Lodestones were used as an early form of magnetic compass.

Magnetite is also found in most meteorites, making it a very common element of the cosmos.

Also reported on this day March 20th, thousands of fish die in the Pelican River.

(excerpt from article)

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources suspects low oxygen levels caused thousands of fish to die in the Pelican River over the past several days.

A DNR fisheries crew paddled the river by canoe Monday to assess the extent of the fish kill near Orr. Fisheries supervisor Kevin Peterson says it stretches about 2 miles, from the dam at St. Louis County Highway 23 downstream past Highway 53.

Peterson says the dead fish include northern pike, small mouth bass, bluegills, yellow perch, black crappies and bullheads.

Low levels of oxygen, or high levels of Magnetite in their bodies being effected by changes in the Earth’s gravity?

On November 17th 2006 Dr. Stephen Juan posted an article in Biology asking the question, “Do humans have a compass in their nose?”

(excerpt from article)

Some years ago scientists at CALTECH (California Institute of Technology in Pasadena) discovered that humans possess a tiny, shiny crystal of magnetite in the ethmoid bone, located between your eyes, just behind the nose.

In any case, when it comes to humans, according to some experts, magnetite makes the ethmoid bone sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field and helps your sense of direction.

What about the Ring of Fire? While researching magnetite, I came across a website with this map showing concentrations of Magnetite on Earth.

Notice Magnetite is abundant across the planet including along the edges of the Ring of Fire.

Should we be looking at the mineral Magnetite located on this planet which is also embedded in fish, birds and even humans as an indicator or predictor of major earthquakes? How about full moons? A full moon will affect ocean tides, can it affect the magnetite in animals? Humans?

How about the myth more crimes occur during a full moon, or more babies are born during a full moon? Although I found no evidence supporting these claims, an extra pull of gravity might make some people’s senses more acute. Maybe some people with more than average magnetite in their systems are the ones who can predict Earth changes, or at least have an uneasy feeling that something is about to happen.

How about animals predicting earthquakes? There are numerous stories throughout history about cats and dogs acting irrationally right before an earthquake occurs. These dramatic personality changes in animals has even caught the eyes of mainstream science. Quantum geophysicist Motoji Ikeya has found out that certain animals react to changes in electrical currents. Electrical currents are affected by magnetism. He regularly monitors catfish, which he claims is the most sensitive creature he’s tested which helps warn him of coming disasters.

Catfish whiskers, or Magnetite?

Magnetite has also been found at multiple cattle mutilation sites. In a 1997 “Study of Bovine Excision Sites From 1993-1997” written by Levengood, found microscopic beads of magnetite at excision sites in higher concentrations than in the nearby soil test sites. One theory is the microscopic beads of magnetic are micro-meteorites which fell from the craft which caused the mutilation. My animal mutilation investigations have added looking for Magnetite in soil and animal hide extractions. As of yet I haven’t found high levels of Magnetite near an animal, but did find high levels of Manganese near a mutilated cow in 2011. The soil had four times greater levels near the animal than at my soil test site. That particular soil analysis is still under investigation, and I have more samples to sift through looking for the possibilities of high levels of Magnetite.

So what’s up with Magnetite? Could this be a smoking gun element which can tie major Earth changes to paranormal incidents? Not sure, but I’m definitely keeping an eye on Fe O, and so should you.

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  1. Superdank says:

    I was visiting the Mayan ruins on equinox.. Balance and change is happening… Earthquake was not avoidable that day… Happened around noon… When the shadows of the rings on the so called game field where directly down… Energy was intense on those grounds that day.

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