“Openminds” Releases New Video on my 2011 Termination from the Sheriff’s Dept.

April 6, 2012 | By | 3 Comments

My good friends at Openminds.tv interviewed me at the 2012 UFO Congress and released this video. The following link is to their website.

Go to: http://www.openminds.tv/reserve-deputy-terminated-for-investigating-ufos-914/

A special thanks to Tom Ruffin with Openminds.

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. Tom Hyle says:

    This seems to happen with distressing frequency to law enforcement officials who actually try to investigate these cases. The buddy-buddy culture of criminality and cover up in this country seems to be in effect in most professional settings to begin with, and then there is the rampant substitution of tribalistic behavior for rational thought, so no high-government conspiracy need be supposed; just Yuppies being all-knowing and superior and covering their asses against an investigation that contradicted them……

  2. Bob Snare says:

    Chuck I can only assume that your investigations have touched a raw nerve. Who would care other than our military and/or government? Look how they are persecuting Sheriff Joe in Arizona. Fortunately Sheriff Joe has the backing of good people and resources to fight back.

    If the administration changes in the upcoming election my hope is that all the dishonest elected officials, major news outlets and foreign agents (you know who) are investigated and charges brought. They believe we are stupid. Too dumb to realize that a silent coup has already taken place in America. It may be too late.

    You will be remembered as an honest citizen, truth seeker and victim of our oppressive government. I never thought I would live to see this day. What a way for Democracy to die.

  3. Michael says:

    Congratulations Chuck, you have joined the ranks of the truth seekers, the seekers of justice, the people who oppose against tyranny. Just realize that you aren’t alone. It doesn’t take a badge and a uniform to mark you as such. It may in fact be a blessing in disguise. You are doing a great job and your videos are making there way around, just in case you weren’t aware the Waldo Canyon fire vids are now posting on Youtube and being dispersed all around. Some damn good shooting you did there. I think that some of the videos may be the best ones shot to date. Well, keep up your guard, I personally never go anywhere unarmed, and I do mean anywhere. Yep you got a bit close to something they don’t want you going near.
    Remember that paranoia is just a heightened state of awareness and piss on anyone who thinks otherwise. Trust me on that one. Been there.

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