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Chuck Zukowski Bio:

For the past 30 years Chuck’s been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding making sure to address all possible and plausible explanations before venturing into the non-plausible ones. This approach ensures his investigations are more solid and debunk proof which sometimes yields new and unusual evidence. From time to time Chuck is asked to help law enforcement agencies and other investigators across the US with their current investigations, by offering his knowledge and expertise pertaining to their particular cases.

As a field investigator, he’s appeared on many radio and television shows discussing his investigations while informing the public of the strange phenomena he’s dealt with. His investigations have included subject matter from UFO’s and Alien abductions, to Bigfoot, to Ghosts, to animal mutilations. His diversity in these areas have gained him insight in the commonalities shared between them, which has earned him respect among his fellow peers as a professional.

Chuck is a Principle IC Mask Design Engineer and has over 28 years of micro-chip design. Chuck is also a former Reserve Deputy Sheriff for 8 years with El Paso County’s Sheriff’s Department, Colorado. His education includes; Associates degree, Bachelors degree, Certification in Electronic Engineering and POST certification in law enforcement.

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