Reserve Deputy Terminated for Contradicting Department on Horse Mutilation!

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Former El Paso County Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Chuck Zukowski

Throughout the course of the television show, The X-Files, agent Fox Mulder was continually threatened with dismissal from the FBI due to his passionate and serious pursuit of supernatural phenomena, paranormal events and government conspiracy. This pop-culture series made clear that our government and law enforcement agencies around the country are not open, philosophically or intellectually, to take seriously the field of paranormal investigation.

One thing I pride myself in, is being honest about my investigations. Now I want to be honest about an event which developed not only from one of my investigations, but circumstances which arise due to media attention I get.

The following blog is about what happens when a person (me) challenges authority and now deals with the outcome. (I deal with the outcome by telling you.) At no time do I mean any disrespect to the fine men and women who work for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, I’m simply stating the circumstances which involved me and now letting the readers (you) decide if I made the right decision.

Chuck Zukowski

On February 9th 2011, two deputies from the El Paso County Sheriff’s department stopped by my home and relieved me of my badge, gun and ID. Most people visiting my website had no idea I was a Reserve (volunteer) deputy, since I’ve never blogged about it. My Reserve title was posted on my bio because I was proud of it.

The following are two segments from the termination letter handed to me.

First segment:

“The termination is a result of you conducting paranormal and unidentified flying object investigations into animal mutilations, and then publicly contradicting and being critical of official Sheriff’s Office investigations in a public forum. Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy, the media reports allude to you as “volunteer El Paso County Sheriff’s Department deputy.” This adversarial position, without having full knowledge of the information gathered by detectives, is unacceptable.”

The previous segment is referring to the August 2010 Rush Colorado Horse mutilation. The “publicly contradicting and being critical of official sheriff’s Office investigations in a public forum” started with an interview I did with Heidi Hemmat – KDVR Fox News Denver.

(URL of Fox interview is located at the end of this blog)

The statement “Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy, the media reports allude to you as “volunteer El Paso County Sheriff’s Department deputy”. This is referring to news media who have picked up any stories I’m in, and then researched me.

The statement,” Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy” is because in the eight years with the department.  I’ve never conducted an investigation while representing the department.

Also in the segment with Fox News I said, “Local law enforcement, they’re really not trained to look at something like this.” And this is true! I’ve learned some deputies have taken a one week course on investigating animal deaths, but this doesn’t give them the experience needed to decide if it’s of a paranormal nature.

Generally when detectives are called to a potential mutilation site, they’re training involves looking for evidence which could tie it to possible human intervention which caused the death of the animal. This could make it a criminal case in which they would need to pursue the incident further. If lack of human intervention evidence is seen, (ie. footprints, tire prints, animal drag markings) then law enforcement representatives will assume a natural cause of death may have occurred. Without previous study in animal mutilation phenomenons, law enforcement representatives can make the wrong assessments determining the death of the animal. Lacerations in uncommon areas, circular incisions, missing tongues, lack of an abundance of blood, and strange animal behavior of the surviving ranch animals, are the clues ranchers see which points to a kill which they’re not familiar with. This may be difficult for law enforcement representatives to understand if never fully understanding the mutilation phenomenon.

So what type of experience does a UFO/Paranormal investigator have?

My experience includes years of research, interviews, conferences, networking with other animal mutilation experts, and my own investigations. I’m also in direct communication with representatives from Colorado State University’s veterinary lab on every case relaying information to them. The majority of my investigative techniques searching for clues of an animal’s death are also learned by talking to the ranchers themselves. They know the predators which frequent their property, they’re familiar with natural deaths which take down their animals, and they can spot the signs when pointed to something very unfamiliar to them. In 2009 the five ranchers for whom I investigated their mutilated animals had over 300 years of combined ranching experience between them! Manual Sanchez who lost four calves within a month’s time is a “third” generation cattle rancher! If he says he doesn’t know what killed his animals, you can pretty well bet, I’ll listen to him.

Simple communication between law enforcement agencies and animal mutilation investigators could increase the odds needed to find the answers both parties are looking for. Unless law enforcement agencies step up their investigative techniques by increasing the possibilities the animal deaths could be of an unknown nature, they’ll never be able to solve these particular cases. Also, the more law enforcement agencies disregard an experienced cattle/horse rancher’s opinion, the more often a loss of respect will exist between the ranchers and the agency. This is a direction I see time and time again. If the ranchers were comfortable with the investigating law enforcement’s assessment of the animal’s death, then there would be no need for them to involve the press and call investigators like me.

Second segment:

“Furthermore, when spoken to by Reserve Sergeant (name on file), it was suggested you refrain from conducting paranormal and unidentified flying objects investigations, which could be viewed as a conflict of interest if being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office. You clearly indicated this was not acceptable and you would not recuse yourself from such investigations.”

Of course I can’t agree to this. The department could use any type of UFO/Paranormal sighting including animal mutilations which were reported via 911, as being investigated by the department. I would have to refrain from investigating every occurrence in 2200 square miles of El Paso County which 911 was utilized. This would also exclude working with MUFON as one of their STAR investigators, or OpenMinds, or UFO Matrix, or or or…. Get the drift?

( At the end of this blog my termination letter will be posted so you can view it for yourself. )

Now some questions to ponder:

Is having a volunteer deputy sheriff running UFO/Paranormal investigations on his personal time considered an eye sore to the Sheriff’s department? So much so, that they want him out of their department?

Or, should they utilize his personal skills in the paranormal field?

How about just generally asking:

Should law enforcement personnel acting out of uniform in a non official position be restricted from contradicting statements released by their departments?

Imagine what would happen if our own congressional men and women were terminated for publicly disagreeing with the president who is within their own political party?  Could this be a violation of the First Amendment? Freedom of Speech?

Law Enforcement agencies along with some high courts generally make it tougher for police officers who cry 1stAmendment, as a relevant argument. Most cases I’ve read side with the department not the police officer when the statements made by the officer are offensive to the department. This protects the integrity of their department.

So is disagreeing with the Sheriff’s department’s assumptions on a horse mutilation considered so detrimental to the department’s integrity, that it constitutes a dismissal?

Now in my defense:

When I was confronted by the sergeant about this incident, I asked to talk with my commander to explain my position. I also requested to give a lecture on animal mutilations to the deputies who investigate animal deaths so we could compare notes. This would have also given me the opportunity to find out if I was stepping over an invisible boundary.

A meeting was never granted, my sergeant never had updates when I confronted him, and I never received the opportunity to defend myself. Well so much for the First Amendment and the 14th Amendment as well (Denial of Rights to Represent Yourself Properly).

After receiving the termination letter, I emailed the Sheriff’s office in my defense. As of the writing of this blog, I have not received a response from them.

I’ve worked as a volunteer with EPSO for over eight years along side some of the best deputies in the state of Colorado. On duty I would have laid my life on the line for them, and they would have done the same for me. I’ve never had any type of conflicts with the deputies I’ve worked with, and they’ve never had any negative comments about me. (As far as I know.)

Now back to animal mutilations. There have been law enforcement agencies who have investigated cattle mutilations in the past and who have stepped up to the challenge. The following are just to name a few.

April 7th, 1993 the Fyffe Police Department, Fyffe, Alabama released a press conference about 30 animals which had been discovered dead in pastures with various internal and external organs missing.

March 28th, 1997, the State of Florida formed a task force to investigate mysterious wounds found on cattle in Brevard, Seminole, Lake and St. Lucie counties.

August 11th, 2001, Police in Montana investigating cattle mutilations were so frustrated with their lack of progress, that they asked the National Institute for Discovery Science, a Nevada research institute dedicated to the study of anomalies, for help.  (Great Falls Tribune article)

So there are law enforcement agencies which are quite concerned about mutilation cases. Remember, since the media release of Snippy (Lady) the horse’s mutilation near Alamosa Colorado in 1967, there have not been anyone caught, tried and convicted of any mutilation crime. And just for the record, the Rush horse mutilation wounds were very similar to the 1967 case. Of course law enforcement wouldn’t have known that unless they studied previous mutilation cases.

So what do you think, did I make the right decision?

(Fox news website link on the Rush Horse mutilation.),0,2480136.story

(My El Paso County Sheriff’s department termination letter.)

El Paso County Sheriff's Department Termination Letter

Read the original post on the Rush Mutilation here.


*******Update 03/02/11:  News First 5 Press Coverage*************************************

News First 5 Covers This Story

Exclusive: deputy fired over UFO investigation


Read the article at:

Watch News Coverage at:

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. diy delawareonline com news journal | September 10, 2014
  1. Chuck Laas says:

    I don’t understand the lack of co-operation between all parties involved in the unexplained or unsolved. Sometimes “fear is the reason not to co-operate”..
    I truely believe, if you step back far enough and wonder what “could be.”..the possibilities are endless…
    I wish you all the sucess .!!

  2. Dianne Hall says:

    We are reading this in California and are deeply disappointed in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department. You would think they would welcome any trained help in determining incidents that happen in their county. I have followed your work and you have never involved the Sheriff’s department in any of your notes. If the El Paso Sheriff’s Department had any pride in the help that they get, they would apologize to you and reinstate you. This will eventually be a nation wide, if not world wide story of yet another government office denying the rights of it’s supporters. Shame on you El Paso Sheriff’s Department…

  3. Dorothy says:

    i think the Sheriffs are wrong. It could not be looked at as a conflict of interest. They work on Law and you enter a scientific field when off work on your own time. And you work on something they never consider so where is the conflict of interest?

    Sorry this happened to you I will gladly stand as a character witness for you. Should you choose to pursue this any further…..

  4. Vicki says:

    Dear Chuck, I was greatly disappointed in your “termination” from the Sheriffs office. I actually read this blog last night a couple times. I couldn’t respond at the time because I was so ANGRY!!! I had to sleep on it to get my response appropriate. Haven’t you been investigating these things since the late 70s if I recall? I like to watch the new tv show called “V” for visitor. I’m sure you’re familiar with it. The parallel here is that last episode, the priest who was encouraging the underground fighters against the aliens was “defrocked” by the Vatican only because the Vatican was afraid of the visitors. They feared for their own lives. Similar to the Vaticans response when the Nazis ruled. They said nothing in opposition to killing innocent Jews because they were afraid for their own lives!!! It seems here that your current situation is just like this tv episode!! In fact, it mimmicks many tv shows where the the guys who wants to save people (the hero) is always ridiculed. Now, to deliberate what to do. Do you want to continue working with these imbiciles??? If so, do you want the club to intervene and write letters in your behalf? I know I would. Or do you want to make sure they make this termination more “honorable” and retract their unfounded accusations?? If so, you need a lawyer which would sensationalize this case, probably across the country!!! I’m all for that too!!! But also, you could just quietly walk away and of course, give them the “number 1” salute!!! I’ve done that! Depends on what you want at this point. You could devote more time to investigations and find some answers for everyone who is sitting here waiting for an answer. A most honerable deed, thinking of helping the many than just your status. But, if I were you, I’d hire a lawyer. The goal, an offical retraction. I think what is most important here IS making a stirr, even if it causes a commotion across the country!!! Because that’s what needs to happen. Everyone needs to know that other life forms are here!! Animals on this planet have been mutilated in such a way not known to man kind!!! As humans, we all need answers to what this planet is up against, a future ruler or The Savior??? Are “they” here to help us or hinder us?? Are “they” friend or foe?? Most Americans when polled overwhelmingly believe there are other life forms created other than “us”. Why not bring attention to this case so more Americans will become aware how serious these issues have become. Our government just sweeps them under the rug and won’t talk about them in fear “the people” will overreact and freak out! Just like the sheriffs department has. Where has their investigations led them for the “arrests” of the guilty in these mutilations?? Well I can tell you they haven’t because these are all still open cases in all the police and sheriffs offices!! They R ALL UNSOLVED!!! So why would they care if you carry on an investigation of a “cold case”?? Especially on your own time?? Same thing happened to Dr. Mack at Harvard, the college tried to “fire” him due to his investigations on abductions. This probably has occured many times. But if it was something else like religion, we would have a Constitutional Right to believe in what we wanted without fear!!! If this sheriffs department had seen all the farmers and ranchers dressed in overalls and cowboy hats and their wives go to a UFO Hunter meeting and say they had seen crafts and had their cattle mutilated, then they would see the seriousness in these peoples hearts! They are afraid and frankly, so am I. These alien beings are still out there, even as I write this, going about whatever “they” are doing and humans are just sitting around like a dog or squirrel letting “them” do it!! Doesn’t anyone else want these answers?? Don’t you think the sheriffs department should question “them” in “their” whereabouts those nights?? And these farmers lose money on their prized stock with no arrests…or answers. Time for some soul searching, Chuck. And for the record, even The Pope Benedict of the Vatican announced about 6 months ago that it did not go against the church, the teachings of Christ or the general belief in God to also believe in other life forms here and in this universe. So I’m with the Pope in my beliefs. But I want answers. I will be curious to see how you proceed with this. But I am definately on your side. If there is anything I could do or say, just say the word. To summerize all this with words would be “WORD”!!! That’s what I wanted to write last night to quickly summerize this response. I can only hope by speaking out that other bloggers to this website will also respond in like! Keep us posted!! Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  5. Bob Krieckhaus says:

    Your treatment was very unjust, Chuck, and it looks like county law enforcement lost a good man, too.
    Interesting to me is to speculate as to the Sheriff’s motivations. As you indicate at the end of your blog entry, not all county sheriff departments by any means take this approach. I suppose that LT in the Fox video coverage thinks she has to lie or cover for someone, but who, or what? Maybe it’s what they call self-monitoring, but it might also be that higher government powers are flexing their control muscles.
    I’m just a dues-paying MUFON member (not active) so the current dust up there/here (I’m a San Luis Valley resident) doesn’t carry personal weight for me, but I am beginning to wonder what was going on with that Bigelow intervention. (Some gov entity managing indirect control?)
    Anyway, injustice hurts the worst, and you have my sympathies.

  6. zukowski says:

    *******Update 03/02/11: News First 5 Press Coverage********

    News First 5 Covers This Story

    Exclusive: deputy fired over UFO investigation

    Read the article at:

    Watch News Coverage at:

  7. Debbie Ziegelmeyer says:

    I’ve worked on investigations with you for the past 10 years and I can honestly say that there are few who are as thorough and professional. You’ve spent more money on investigating equipment than people can possibly imagine with your goal always being to insure the most accurate investigating techniques and results possible. Where most investigators stop, you’ve always taken that one step further to clarify your findings. I always believed that the Sheriffs department would recognize your talent and expand your duties, but instead their reaction was not only close minded but unwarranted. You’ve risked your life for the department with NO PAY for eight years and this is how they thank-you, with a dismissal two years before retirement. The El Paso County Sheriffs Department should be ashamed of themselves. I’m glad I live in Missouri. Debbie

  8. Findawheigh says:

    Chuck, this all makes perfect sense to me. By you bringing attention to mutilations, you contradict the insanely popular notion that alien visitors are our friends, here to help us. While I agree that the entire history of modern mutilations are outrageous and beyond the scope of ordinary investigation, I seriously doubt that mutilations are going to favorably coincide with the Hollywood image of the ET “friendlies”. My own suspicions are more toward ancient pagan animal sacrifices. You’re travelling a lonely road my friend, but I admire your adherence to the truth.

  9. Mary Jo Florey says:

    Concerning the actual mutilated animals. 1) Have you been able to have the tissue tested for human medications at all? 2) have you been able to test the tissue of the animals at the site of the incisions for the coaagulation of the tissue? The cogulation suggests the use of heat -Lazer like tools as the unusual insterments used. Available but not comminly found, except in these mutilation ccases . Also try a UV lamp and look for markings or collored spots.
    The U of colorado veterairy department would probably be of service on the tissue and chemistry. Both have been reported by Lind Moulten- Howell and others. I agree where there are closed minds there is fear of what is unknown and there for not understood. Try Bigfoot as an other example. They are indeed Primate.

  10. Lou says:

    Mr. Zukowski,

    Having lived in Colorado Springs between 1973-1975 I am very familiar with the on going to date animal mutilations in the majority of our western states,i.e. not just Colorado, I followed the subject with much interest after meeting a Teller County Deputy whom I became friends with and which confided in me that because of the UFO / ET connection and the fact that the Colorado(CBI) had taken the lead in all mutilation cases he and other Deputy’s where ordered not to comment on any ongoing mutilation investigations, allegedly because of the fear of a public panic if people became aware that evidence did indeed point to an other than terrestrial origin.

    My Deputy friend also confided in me that he personalty witnessed the abduction of several cattle from a ranch near Cripple Creak while investigating reports of unknown lights / aircraft in the area one evening. The short story is that he actually observed a large metallic disk shaped craft rise up out of a valley and take off at a high rate of speed to the south west, he later confirmed with the rancher that several head of cattle had gone missing, this is where the story ends as the CBI stepped in and took over the investigation, ordering the Deputy to be quiet about the events. (You know the drill.)

    I have no doubt that the CBI / FBI and Military are still very active in controlling what is made public by any and all media and I am not surprised at all with the circumstances that you find yourself in with the El Paso County Sheriffs Department, in fact it seems like business as usual concerning the issue.

    If the real truth were to be made public there are many, many faces that would be red and they would have to find a way to explain to the public all of the excuses and outright lies that have been put out over the years in order to cover up what is really going on that they can not control and it is the lack of control that they fear the most if it where seen by the public.

    Mr. Zukowski, your honesty and integrity in investigating the UFO / MUTILATION issue is a testament to your good character but you are being used by those who have another agenda and that agenda is anything but honest and has nothing to do with integrity but I think you are already aware of this fact.

    We the public or at least the majority of it know that these mutilations are not the product of predators or evil Satanic cults, common sense dictates that if it where someone would have been caught and convicted of the crime(s) by now but they have not and I doubt they ever will be. ( unless framed for it.)

    I wish you well personally and also in your future investigation endeavors, it’s not easy to get to the truth when so many are determined to see to it that you do not.

    Best to you and yours.

    Someone who knows !

  11. Tim Jones says:

    Thank you for your integrity as a public servant and I’m sorry that you were fired. Fear of losing a job is enough to silence most law enforcement officers. Could ranchers team together and use 3rd Gen night vision equip? Are there night vision cameras that are commercially available? Is there equipment that could be borrowed from a university (get the university involved in the project with volunteer students scouting ranches)? Is there equipment that can record higher than normal radiation, magnetic etc? UFO related Animal Mutilation Investigation could eventually become part of a Vetrinary Forensics Major at Universities across the country.

  12. Bruce Widaman says:

    I wish that the small minded people would leave well enough alone. I wish that they would seek the Truth,and unify around it. Instead, they pretend that they control the Truth,and they can deny it with their imaginary power. I have the utmost faith in your HONOR & Integrity. The TRUTH is for all to see; Even if there is someone saying: ” There’s nothing to see here.” I pray that God gives you the strength to defend the Truth,and be who you are. Your Friend,Bruce Widaman

  13. Bruce Widaman says:

    Hang tough;You will win.

  14. Maggie Thomas says:

    Upon the completion of reading this article, I am more than disappointed in the EPSO’s response to your participation in the initial mutilation investigation. While I could probably write an entire book on everything that is wrong with their decision to terminate your employment, I will have to keep my statements somewhat breif. But I certainly hope someone from that dept reads this article and the comments below in the hopes that they might realize and understand just how one dimensional that dept appears to be.

    First of all, working as a volunteer for over eight years obviously proves you’re a reliable and trusted member of an law enforcement agency. Unless we’re all missing something, it sounds as though their only justification for terminating your employment was because you chose to think outside the box and consider a quite likely explaination into these matters that no law enforcement agency has been able to solve for decades. As a result, the real nutty people have elected to wrongfully terminate your employment because of your unwillingness to accept bull-crap as a conclusion to matters that continue to mystify all of us.

    Second, the person(s) who worte your termination letter and organized the most inappropriate termination process to make their point, should be ashamed of how they have treated a man that sacrificed eight years of his life for FREE, then treating him as though he no longer matters because his opinions differed than those of his co-workers. You mentioned that you would have given your life to any of those folks you worked with and felt like they would have done the same. However, this is where I have to disagree with you Chuck, because while you probably would have given your life to any one of them, I do not believe they would have offered theirs for you. These were the same people who threw you under the bus simply because you had a different opinion. Does that sound like somebody who would give their life for you? While I’m sure not everyone in that dept agreed with the decision to terminate you, although, the folks who agreed to arrive at your home to offer you this letter and to have you surrenderyour weapon and badge should have had enough courage to stand up and say, “this man is one of us and he deserves to be terminated face to face by the person who made the choice to terminate his eight years of service”. Why anyone with more than a half of braincell would conduct a termination at a persons home simply because he didn’t agree with the “predator theory” as the causation of this mutilation is beyond unacceptable.
    You did EPSO a favor by offering years of service for free and yet they want to dictate what you can investigate and what you can’t? When law enforcement agencies make bone-headed decisions like this, they really should expect people to lose faith in their process and people should then continue to question their decision making capabilities.

    Third, you have a right and a responsibility to the public as well as the ECSO to conduct a thorough investigation into any crime committed. The ECSO knows that any officer of the court must consider any and all alternatives to the evidence presented to them. So why this case is any different is beyond me. It appears as though they know you didn’t do anything wrong, but with all law enforcement agencies I have ever seen, they often go out of their way to make an argument that best suits them on any given day. Whether or not it is completely accurate is often less important, as long as it fits into the box they have created for themselves.

    Lastly, I truly appreciate your initial investigation and for sharing your story about your termination. No matter what anyone thinks or feels about your situation, I know that you tried to tell the truth, even if your dept didn’t want you to. And for that, your credibility just raised 100% in my eyes and theirs just went down 100% too! And regardless of what happens next, you’ll always be the guy known for his honesty and integrity. The ECSO now stands for Every Cop Singled Out!!! Take care and God bless you and yours.

  15. Maggie Thomas says:

    Please send me updates regarding this post and any other material pertaining to your investigations. I too have conducted my own fair share of UFO and paranormal investigations and like to stay on top of any new stories to add to my files.

  16. The Greenday song “Do you know your enemy?… … Silence is the enemy.” keeps playing in my head in heavy rotation. I am so sorry to hear about this happening to you.

  17. Vicki says:

    Dear Chuck, It’s been awhile now and haven’t seen any new posts from you about the termination. Was hoping by now, the Sheriffs department would have realized it’s mistake and would have issued a retraction or an apology to you by now for their harse and unjustified behavior. But I understand this has not happened. The previous post by lou is very accurate in his statement that fear and helplessness in this matter could only create public panic. that the department is really afraid of. As we all have accepted, we are defenseless against this “kind” and “they” will continue to do what ever it is “they” do. There is no stopping “them” (that kind). Don’t even think a deputy’s gun would. The post by Maggie was fluent and right on. It is disheartening for all of us that are still waiting for some answers…from anyone! But it seems as people, we all go about our business as usual, giving it thought sometimes but not a real concern in our lives. Honestly, I don’t think the investigations matter anymore. “They” are still here and don’t think we could make them leave at this point or even control their actions. Looking through different websites on the subjects have daily reports all over our country and others, yet there are no answers, just reports. So it seems that this has gotten larger and more out of control and I think acceptance from people that “others” from “other placess” are here. The military or government has to have some answers or opinions of some sort but don’t share this with the public either. This should be our biggest concern now. It seemed that there was a chase here a couple weeks ago close to the base. Of course, we would never hear the truth. Reminds me of the line “You can’t handle the truth!!!” So maybe we can’t nor do we really want to know as all of us would change, one way or another. Again, I am sorry you were singled out in this absurd termination and really hoped for the best to come out of it. But as we both know, there aren’t usually happy endings. I hope you can continue with your investigation endeavors but I hope you will now focus on answers from “humans” and what they know and share it with us. Someone out there knows something and we just have to make them talk.Let’s hope that these “kind” only have concerns for the earth and its existance. Take care and keep us posted.

  18. Charles says:

    Sorry to hear about your termination. Everything happens for a reason. Keep your head up. The truth wins out in the end. Peace and Light.

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