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This is my response to some comments made on the Sanchez and Miller Cattle mutilation cases. First I welcome all comments and welcome any advise for future investigations. Second, I want to touch on a couple of things. I am in contact with the Colorado State University Veterinary Lab and will supply samples per their recommendations. The Sanchez mutilation was too destroyed to achieve or perform the lab analysis they would like to perform. For one, they would like to see the organs of the animal to try to determine the cause of death, and two, I’m asking what could be achieved by just taking the head?  But when, what we call “The Prime Case” occurs, then you’ll see some fantastic work done by the lab. Either a representative from the lab will accompany me to the location for an on-site necropsy, or I’ll be putting a 1400 pound animal on a flat bed trailer, packing it with ice, then personally delivering it to the University. This isn’t an easy task, I’ll have to winch the animal and pull it on the trailer without damaging it too much. So I’m hoping for an on-site necropsy. Also, If all I can do is take samples, then we are discussing what type of samples to take and how to preserve them properly.

Note: I welcome all comments on what type of samples to take, but at this time I will only be taking samples which this lab will be able to use. And “no” I will not be storing cow parts in my garage, this is a bio-hazard scenario, because if the animal died of a virus, then I just put my family’s health at risk. So the answer is “No” to those of you who suggest I need to buy a freezer to store cow parts for any type of future lab work. And no, I will not ship any samples to you. Oh, and no DNA work will be done at this time.

I am also working with a soil analysis lab for future research on dirt samples I take. I will only take dirt samples per their recommendation. The lab will look for any differences between a “controlled sample” and a sample taken near the calf. I will not ask them to look for specifics, they will look for differences. This will include minerals, PH, and certain toxin’s to name a few. They do this for the BLM and are very professional so “no”, I will not release their company name per their request. If someone questions their analysis, then that someone can take what ever soil is left they didn’t use and run their own analysis at their own expense.

Bottom Line? The labs will tell me what type of samples they want to analyze which is with-in their capability. Then the results will be released on this website.  What I’m striving for is a complete non-biased approach to companies in which I should get non-biased results. This worked for me with Roswell debris I had analyzed which yielded an aluminum/silicon artifact found on a 2002 dig. I will be lecturing about this at the 2010 UFO Congress.

And now for answers to specific comments.

Jack Wiseheimer:

Thank you for your comments. Too long to reierate here, but very interesting.


I usually refrain from saying a cattle mutilation is alien related, but you are absolutely correct, the animal’s damage could be related to a necropsy. So we both agree it doesn’t appear to be predator damage. That is a significant step in the another direction.

Thank you for your comments.

Linda Howe:

At this time what I posted were basically my field notes. I’m trying to get the deputy’s notes, if I succeed in getting them, I’ll send you a copy.

Thank you.

Bill Fitzhugh:

At this time I’m trying to get both deputy’s reports from the Sanchez mutilation, one from the third and one from the fourth. If I get them and they give me approval, I’ll post them. The lab did look for laser cuts on the Miller and Garren mutilation and did not see burned tissue or hair under a microscope. The Sanchez mutilation carcass was too destroyed  to get a clean sample for lab analysis.

Thank you for your comments


I’m sorry to hear about your animal losses, and you’re right, this is more common than people realize.

Thank you


Yeah my thoughts rigor mortis was the cause of the mouth being hard to pry open. Which means the mouth was closed when the animal died? So was the tongue removed while the calf was alive or just after it died? If you look at the cow picture on the Garren mutilation post, you’ll see the tongue hanging out. This is usually the case, but if the tongue can’t be seen, then it’s time to pry the mouth open.

Thank you for your comment

Steve Bremmer:

If I give the impression aliens are doing this, I apologize. The media usually puts that tag on me. The rancher did see strange lights a couple of months before the mutilation, but as an investigator I record any strange anomaly. I personally don’t know who or what is doing this and am looking for any type of evidence that will point me in an unfamiliar direction. And you’re right about “faith”, there are cattle mutilation investigators who just say its alien, and UFO investigators who don’t know much about the night sky and make the wrong assumptions too quick.

Thank you for your comment.


Ok abc, I’ll find the veterinarian and you can get ABC to pay for an on-site necropsy. It’s not cheap and this is all out-of-pocket. Hopefully I answered your comments at the beginning of this blog.

Oh and you’re last remark is very typical of media comments, we investigators call this, “The Giggle Factor”.

Thank you for your comments.

John Notmylastname:

First I love your last name. heh heh..  Absolutely correct in your assumptions. Remember this has been going on since 1967 and not only in Colorado. I interviewed a rancher two years ago in Missouri who had cattle mutilations and saw dear mutilation too! So it’s not just the cows.

Thank you for your comment.

Frank Healy:

Yeah Frank, microscopic analysis was performed on two of my previous mutilations, the Miller and the Garren. No hair stems appeared to be burned, and the Colorado State University would not commit to stating they were surgical cut. I can’t blame them, they are very scientific and very careful what they print. Both the Miller and Sanchez calf bones appeared to be broken due to impact, and I am talking with the lab to see if there is a way to confirm this. It may boil down to doing a test case, sorta like Myth Busters.

Thank you for your comment.

Kimclift rn

Here’s something scary. Statistics show 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day, including both adults and children. Only a tiny fraction are stereotypical abductions or kidnappings by a stranger. I believe the Federal Government said about 850 thousand missing person cases were reported in 2001. About 50,000 were juveniles (under 18).  Makes you wonder about Alien Abduction scenarios going bad.

Thank you for your comment.

Daryl Cook:

Hey was she cute? 😉

Thanks for the comment.


Yeah we’re waiting for a prime mutilation case to perform this lab test.

Thank you for your comment.

Fred Brenhardt:

Yeah I feel your frustration. That’s why I’m attacking this a little differently. If you have any wild and crazy ideas, please help me out. So far no one has “cracked” this.

Thank you for your comments.

Good Old Mr. Wilson

Hey Mr. Wilson! No one has been found or convicted for doing cattle mutilations since the first reported case in 1967 in the San Luis Valley. Ranchers have told me they will shoot first then answer questions later if they see someone killing their cows. As for Red Neck Hicks, I’m friends with people who other people call “Hicks”, and there’s no reason for them to do this. If they did, then they would be, “Red Neck Genus’s” because no law enforcement agency has cracked this. Talk about a “Cold Case”. This is the coldest.

Thank you for your comments.

Sam man:

So you are an expert on mountain lions? Work for the Park Service? Is your degree in Zoology?  I’m not “raggin” on you, and I’m sure most cattle deaths are animal related in which you are correct. What we look for, are the cases which don’t fit the “foot-print” for a predator kill. Part of my investigation is working with the ranchers looking for predator signs, including blood on the soil, carcass remains and animal prints. I always ask the rancher and their neighbors what type of predators they know of  in the area. And you can ask any cattle rancher, they know their land and what type of predators usually work their property. It’s when the rancher doesn’t know and doesn’t see the signs of a normal predator kill that causes them to call the local authorities and call it an unknown kill. I’ve talked with Brand Inspectors who are puzzled too! Remember this is their job and they know it very well and I have allot of respect for them. I’ve worked security at rodeos and I have to agree, there is no one tougher than the American Cowboy, or Rancher. And when they get scared, then that scares me.

Thanks for your comment.


Yeah this is a tough one.

Thanks for your comment.


Hey Kerri, I follow Steven Greer and he just may be right then again he just may be wrong. I actually would feel more comfortable if I knew it was aliens then if  it was a “Shadow Government”.  Steven lectures on very scary scenarios in which he’s done his home work on and we should at least listen to him. Where I different from Steven is, “To know how an alien thinks, one has to be an alien”. We have no idea what they’re thinking, until they come out and tell us themselves.

Thank you for your comment.

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  1. Carol Nistri says:

    Hi,names Carol and Im in Ct.but cattle mutilations have been a fasinating subject for me for years.Rhommel was sent by the Justice Dept.many years ago and concluded that these are nothing more than range deaths,which is another way of saying Darned if I know. Im so glad I read those long awaited words,that there actually looking for a cause of death,if theres anything missing from these investigations its determining what actually killed the animals,good work and Im glad I found this site,Im putting it on my favorites.

  2. Paul Sanchez says:

    Yes I have been following the cattle mutilations for about 2 years (not near as long as your group) The thing that scares me is. If it is Government (testing for Mad Cow) or some type of medical corporation testing / Tampering with the food supply Genetically ? both would still leave some kind of trail. The real mystery is why has no one ever seen it happen? My family Ranched in Nevada for years and you know as well as I, it is next to impossible to get close to wild cattle. Day or night. How do they just pick up a 1000+ pound cow without a struggle? No mark on the ground of any kind? Aliens? I feel that would be a relief

  3. Matt Wetzel says:

    Was there any trauma to the calf’s body, like to the rib cage? If that is the case, it might be indicative of the calf being dropped from a certain height Also, is there any type of laser that can dissintigrate or dry up blood so that there is no evidence of it at the scene of the mutilations? Could certain cult members have access to weapons like that, as well as to helicopters?

  4. LARRY A. PETERS says:

    I was an aggressive Private Investigator in the 70″s in Wyoming and Utah. There were alot of mutilations and I learned a lot. There have been men died who got to close and trust me these are not alien beings. The animals are killed with infra sound. They are picked up quickly, taken to a secure location where the organs are removed and than returned to the field where they were found. Extend your perimeter by three to four miles in a secure location, undetectable by man. In the animals mouth when they removed the jaw tissue were aluminum strips with numbers marked on them. You may need a Geiger counter because the cow can lay out side and birds nor animals will touch it and the deterioration is rapid until all you have are white bleached bones. If you have a fresh kill, check the neck hair for burns and check for broken bones when they drop the animal. Go to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation archives for a lot of information if they will share it with you.Check the Colorado, Wyoming and Utah newspaper archives for the seventies. BE VERY CAREFUL in your endeavors. I was politely stopped once I found out why it was being done.

  5. Bob Koford says:

    Thanks for your investigations into this matter. It is weird how long it has been going on, and yet no suspects…even after FBI investigations. Something people who like to knee-jerk with an answer should take into consideration are the mysterious constants, such as the lack of blood around, and the testimonies of those who have worked with these animals all their lives. If they say it isn’t usual, then you must at least consider it as being unusual. I’ve heard many of these knee-jerk answers, such as Hornets (Yellow-Jacketed Wasps), and predators.

    I seem to recall a friend of Linda Howe’s who use to investigate these cases decided it was a government ops thing.

    The problem with that scenario is the leaving of evidence behind, for others to find.

    One thing is certain: “they”, whoever they are, want us to find the evidence. Otherwise it would be disposed of.


  6. Stoner says:

    HELLO…connect the dots…the same “they” do the corp circles…is the same “they” that do the cattle/horse ( mabye human soon!) mulitations.

  7. Stoner says:

    To Larry Peters…can you tell us “why it is being done?” Your comments would lead us to believe that you know why.

  8. Gasparri says:

    A long time now I have avoided UFO stuff but look in on you guys from time to time.
    It seems there is much lately that is connecting the dots and pointing to a galactic
    conspiracy. Just yesterday I was watching Linda Howe drag a magnet around a cow
    and lo… I noticed something odd and familiar. Stop framing the video at certain
    points the plants next to the cow revealed themselves to be more interesting than the cow.

  9. Bob Koford says:

    stoner said:”( mabye human soon!) ”

    The Human victim case I have seen the police photos of, from Brazil, show some differences,but also some similarities. There was the half-the-face cut away, and small round hole where, I believe, organs had been removed. There was blood, but.not a lot, but it was there. It caused me to think it was some type of “copy-cat” affair. Not that it isn’t as bothersome.

  10. Matt Wetzel says:

    If these are indeed done by aliens in Unidentified Flying Objects..why drop the cattle/livestock, after performing their grotesque surgery? Why not disintegrate the poor animal and be done with it, then it could be chalked up to cattle rustlers?

  11. charles says:

    did you know that the aliens from some crash sites have lived for a while. enough time to learn things from them and also they have been here on earth for a long time. living among us.there are other things i know but can’t talk about at this time

  12. Ryan says:

    Sort of creepy reading some of these comments… for example… “One thing is certain: “they”, whoever they are, want us to find the evidence. Otherwise it would be disposed of.”

  13. Carol Nistri says:

    Ill have to scroll back up to get the name,but to the gentleman that did research in the seventies,could you verify something? I read that these mutilations take place for the Most Part on federal lands,that the animals taken are grazing for free on federal property. Is that correct? Ill tell you why after I hear from you.

  14. Carol Nistri says:

    From Paul,

    “Yes I have been following the cattle mutilations for about 2 years (not near as long as your group) The thing that scares me is. If it is Government (testing for Mad Cow) or some type of medical corporation testing / Tampering with the food supply Genetically ? both would still leave some kind of trail. The real mystery is why has no one ever seen it happen? My family Ranched in Nevada for years and you know as well as I, it is next to impossible to get close to wild cattle. Day or night. How do they just pick up a 1000+ pound cow without a struggle? No mark on the ground of any kind? Aliens? I feel that would be a relief”

    Im not sure about that Mad Cow aspect Paul,this has been going on for decades now Mad Cow has been in the news for what the last ten years or so, I did get a post from someone years ago that Ive never forgotten.In it she said that the government has buried all kinds of hot materials (radio active) on those federal lands on which range cattle graze for free .It was her belief that a decades test was being done to see if those radio active materials have worked there way up from whence their buried and into the plant material on which the cattle feed.The testing includes taking soft tissue from the animal,thats always made a great deal of sense to me.

  15. Carol Nistri says:

    I wonder about something,how these animals are selected for mutilation or testing.Maybe if they get to close to an area in question there then singled out for testing? I dont know of course does anyone have any ideas?

  16. There here, you need to plan for you and your family’s safety. buy food, generator, an Rv, all kinds of survival supply’s. these are the end days

  17. Carol Nistri says:

    Does anyone know if luminal has been used,or if dna testing has been done?

  18. Matt Wetzel says:

    Luminal? Hmm..that sounds like a viable idea and possibility. I don’t think anyone has thought that far ahead..although not sure what would prove much..but it’s a good idea.

  19. charles says:

    the gov is in in all the way.they know what is going on and will not tell anyone. if you get too close you are dead. no crap about that . or as long as you keep your mouth shut about things good luck

  20. Matt says:

    Just a coincidence that it’s about 115 miles from Dulce, NM. Nothing interesting goes on underground at Dulce right? 🙂

  21. Mike says:

    Is it possible that the aliens have a taste for beef? Also, if they do have a taste for beef – is it possible to determine if they prefer one steak sauce over another?

  22. Mike says:

    Heinz 57 is my favorite. Although maybe the aliens like A1 sauce.

  23. LW says:

    We have satellite coverage of the entire U.S. 24/7 by both private & gov sources. Seems like a reveiew of this aerial coverage could tell you if there were any vehicles in the area of the mulilations at the time.

  24. Willie says:

    I got this figured out. The cows that appear to be mutilated are not actually cows. That is why there is no blood. They are actually bloodless aliens living among us disguised as cows. It is really a brilliant strategy. They can wander around and monitor our planet and food supply wihout risk of detection.

    But why the mutilations you ask? SImply an accident. When the space ship comes to pick them up, the pickup machinery malfunctions.

    So how can we prove this? Go out in the field, these cows are not the stupid ones. Talk to them, tell them you are going to do something outrageous them. When you see the panic in their eyes, turn up the heat. These cows will start talking if you are smart about it.

  25. krob says:

    After loosing tehs econd calf in such a manner, I would have set traps. Not animal traps but trail cameras maybe even wireless colar cameras on my calfs. hopefuly by calf 3 or 4 I’d have somthing to go on. Has the rancher, local law inforcement or others considered survailance incase it happens again?

    If wolves ahve been seen in the area, plus other large preditors why would calfs be alowed to roam free over such a large unprotected area? A 200 pound calf is like a walking whopper to a small wolf pack. If wolves or other preditors had done the damage, teeth marks on the bones would likly be tell the type of preditor. I may be mistaken, but I belive forensics can tell if bone marks were made by scavengers well after death or at the time of death (by the killer).

    Finaly, here in NY, it is now hunting season. Hunters are shooting and loosing deer every day. They also shoot dogs and the ocasional livestock by mistake. If the local area is also in hunting season then its possible some idiot shot them and carved them up to cover up their error.

    When you say surgical, do you mean scaple sharp or surgicaly trained? A sharp knife by an experienced hunter can make quick and clean work of an animal, including remove al organs and skin. However I wouldn’t term it surgical unless there was evidence of medical intent based on wound location and carving technique. What leads you to belive the wounds were surgical?

    I found yoursite today and love it. Please keep up the investigations.

  26. Carol Nistri says:

    I wonder if we should clarify where we stand on this,personally although Im an avid believer in UFOs Im not convinced that this is the work of our um,space brothers (the creeps).Instead Ive convinced myself that this is a black operation. I wonder what percentage of these animals are killed on federal lands,thats important to know.I once received an post from a gal that had a dynamite theory. It was that those federal lands on which these cattle graze for Free is peppered with burial sites for contaminated waste,nuclear waste to be specific.The aniamals are killed and soft tissue is removed,soft tissue is where they test to see if these animals are being affected by feeding off of plants and grasses and if those plants and grasses have absorbed any radiation at all.This one has always been in the back of my mind,its a brilliant theory imo.I know that some say welll “Black Helicopters” have been seen in the area,what thats supposed to mean goes right over my head.I live about twenty miles from Bradley International Airport,theres also a National guard unit that flies choppers over the house with enough regularity for me to be aware of it,not so much since the gas crunch or since 9/11 but enough times to tell you that ALL choppers appear black at night all choppers make noise even the so called silent choppers which arent silent at all.Ok Im rattling on but its because this really is a favorite subject of mine.

  27. howie bledsoe says:

    If you refuse to take parts of the animal due to possible bio-hazard/viral contamination, why do you take soil samples?
    Just asking.

  28. Carol Nistri says:

    If you refuse to take parts of the animal due to possible bio-hazard/viral contamination, why do you take soil samples?
    Just asking

    Sorry Howie,Im not clear on what your asking.

  29. Mrs. B says:

    SO GLAD you are investigating these! I’m concerned that Linda Moulton Howe, despite her incredible amount of research, is not willing to say that there is government complicity, not only in cattle mutilations but in the rest of the paranormal occurences she documents. I went ahead and bought a subscription to her site and read everything about mutilations. She mentions labs that refused to help; samples being stolen from labs, from locked storerooms, etc.; samples apparently misplaced or lost. Surprisingly she gives no explanation for this but it certainly sounds like someone ‘upstairs’ simply shuts down the investigations at various stages. THANK YOU that you are picking up these threads and will be available to collect data and work directly with labs from now on. This is very important.

    I look forward to seeing what you discover. And these long-suffering ranchers– somebody owes them the courtesy of a full investigation. Because right now that proves to me and many others that yes, indeed, it is the government who is not only doing the mutilations but is refusing to comply with investigations beyond a certain point. I hope ranchers will find each other and band together and demand that their concerns be heard. They are the first ones on the scene so I hope you are working with them to develop a protocol? It doesn’t sound like the FBI or local police ever did this but I could be wrong. Within a year or two, I am sure you will know how these abductions/mutilations occur and will have caught one in the act. All it takes is determination (and money) to stick it out. The perpetrators will be found out and the mystery will be solved.

  30. Carol Nistri says:

    Matt wrote,”Luminal? Hmm..that sounds like a viable idea and possibility. I don’t think anyone has thought that far ahead..although not sure what would prove much..but it’s a good idea.
    Left by Matt Wetzel on November 28, 2009 ”

    Ill bet Matt that if you or anyone you know knows of someone that works on a police dept you could get your hands on Luminal,I understand its something you spray on,what could be done is after an animal is found you wait until after dark approach the downed animal and spray luminal all around the prone body,now if this aniaml was fed on by scavengers,or if it was brought down by predators you can bet theres going to be blood both on the animal and on the surrounding grasses,my bet is that nothing will show since blood never flows.I saw a picture of a white face heford with its eyes removed,yet the white of that face was pristine,not even eye fluid stained the face,can you imagine the kind of blood that would have flowed had it been a scavenger or predator,(sorry to those of you that are a bit squimish about all of this but the verbage is necessary to put my point across,sorry again)

  31. fromtheSLV says:

    I live in the San Luis Valley and personally know Mr.Sanchez. First this is by no means the first or only mutilation in the area, Mr.Sanchez is just one of the few brave enough to ask questions and want answers. It is a devastating loss financially for any rancher when cattle is lost and the loss of these calves was not taken lightly. Although the cattle is kept 6 miles from Mr. Sanchez home he checks his cattle daily and at times more then once a day. I have gone to check cattle with Mr. Sanchez and assure you that he knows every cow and calf and immediately knows if one is missing or if one looks ill.He would have discovered his dead calves within 24 hours of the death. Cattle ranching has been a way of life for Mr.Sanchez for 40+ years, he is very familiar with what predators can do to his livestock and can recognize when a mountain lion or some other predator has attacked his cattle.Although there is a comment that a wolf might have been seen some time ago, wolf packs do not roam the mountains of Colorado. There have not been any recent sightings of mountain lions in the area, this is a fairly close knit community and a mountain lion sighting would have been news shared by everyone. These killings were not ordinary they did not have the ‘reasonable’ signs of a predator killing. All four calves had organs removed with no signs of blood around the carcass. Mr. Sanchez has never insinuated that aliens are killing his cattle that is something that has come out of this blog. I don’t believe Chuck ever said anything about aliens. Simply these cattle were killed and the cause of death is unexplained Mr. Sanchez would like to have some answers. IF it is human then catch those responsible so they can pay restitution if it is predator related give us a clue as to the predator so that precautionary measures can be taken to protect cattle.It assuredly is not a predator we are familiar with like a common mountain lion or wolf. San Luis is in Costilla county in the state Colorado and is one of the poorest counties in the state, even in the nation by no means does anyone in this town have the means to have video surveillance of their cattle it is a blessing just to be fortunate enough to ranch and loosing the precious commodity to an unknown culprit is devastating.

  32. Chuck Zukowski says:

    Thank you very much for this insight. Most people responding to this blog have no idea the environment these ranchers live in. I get emails saying, “Well just put up cameras”, or “set up traps”. Well one investigation we set up motion cameras and got about a hundred pictures of cows walking back and forth. As for traps, you don’t want to hurt the cows or non predatory animals in that area. As for Aliens? I’ve never said the deaths were alien related. The deaths are unknown and have been since 1967, we need answers not comics.
    thank you

  33. CostillaCountyResident says:

    Four years ago mid summer I was down at my cabin in the Sangre De Cristo Ranches for the weekend (I live here full time now). About 3 am I had to use the bathroom. As I was passing the windows I glanced down towards Mountain Home Reservoir.

    There was what looked like a helicopter hovering over this small lake side village…just a few houses and some trailers. Anyway the “helicopter” was hovering and spotlighting an area to east end of the lake near county road 6. It hovered there for a few minutes then flew back west towards the dam over the lake and disappeared behind the mesa. Its spotlight was on the whole time and made absolutely no noise. I just assumed it was a drug sting or some sort of military training. I used the bathroom and went back to bed.

    The next afternoon I was heading out and drove over through the little village on my way to the highway. Right past the town about 20 feet west of the county road 6 was a large white bull laying there on its side legs sticking straight out. It was not there the day before. I stopped and snapped a couple of pictures (lost) but didn’t go over and investigate up close. The bull laid there until it finally rotted away.

    It looked like a helicopter to me but I could not actually see the craft. The light was very stable not jerky like you see with police helicopters. The thing appeared to be maybe 20 to 30 feet in the air. The light could be traced from the craft to the ground.

  34. Mrs. B says:

    I hope word of this blog gets out to the entire region and that more people like this resident will get online and post their experiences. It will create a valuable archive. I am so glad you are doing this website Mr. Z! This is the most exciting research! It’s great that you’re based in Colorado.

    To those who know nothing of cattle mutilations, please do your homework before posting comments about ranchers not knowing which predators are in their location or what an animal looks like that’s been chewed on by a coyote. How many dead cattle have YOU seen. Go to some websites and spend some time getting educated.

  35. Carol Nistri says:

    thats what Ive thought from day one Mrs.B.The ranchers eat sleep and breath cattle many doing thier own vetrinary work.They know there animals ,they know range death and they also know when an animal such as a mute has died a death that cannot be explained.To me the most important thing is how did that animal die,the exact cause of death.Aliens my foot,this has all the earmarks of a black operation,I do have a question these calfs that were killed do the adult cows graze on federal lands?

  36. Carol Nistri says:

    btw and before I forget,did animal mutilations or cow mutilations drop off after 9/11? Its my recollection that they did and all of a sudden they cropped up again in Argentina.Coincidence,I dont think so.Its been nearly ten years since 9/11 and the numbers are starting to grow again here in the states.

  37. Bob Koford says:

    I’ve wondered about something for some time, but don’t think I ever asked anyone about it. That is:
    Has anyone investigating these ever seen any connection between them and Lunar phases?

  38. Mrs. B says:

    Carol, you raise an interesting point definitely worth looking into. But I wonder if the government would be that concerned by any pollution they may have caused / allowed. They don’t reliably test for other kind of pollution even when asked to like around old chemical manufacturing sites, mines, etc. It’s only when people’s wells are contaminated, people get sick, etc. that anything gets done. For the government to test pro-actively in such a strange way doesn’t fit the picture I have of them. Why would they care if some rangeland is radioactive, etc.

    Yet I’m convinced these b**tards are:
    –selecting cattle which they have either pre-marked with something that can be seen in their beam at night or which they selected spur-of-the-moment and which do not seem connected to other mutilations
    –using silent helicopters or other black-ops aircraft that the public has no knowledge of
    –killing or stunning the target cows then hoisting them up in the air to a remote surgery site
    –removing the blood with a process or chemicals that leave behind traces of watery hemoglobin and nothing else
    –performing near-impossible cuts that divide the tissue cell-by-cell in some cases
    –harvesting almost identical organs and tissues for the past 30+ years (with the latest kills being odd exceptions to that pattern)
    –then taking the dead mutilated bloodless cattle back to the ranch and dropping them where they were.

    Insane, insane, this is absolutely crazy and a complete waste of time and resources let alone the financial and emotional toll this takes on the ranching families and whole communities. Why in the world nobody has come to the aid of these ranchers in all this time is pushing my buttons bigtime and makes me all the more suspicious. Surely some veterinary student or FFA group or 4H or local high school biology teacher or mystery buff with a ranching background up at CSU or elsewhere would have taken this on for extra credit or something after all this time. I’m angry at the lack of response from the state and the USDA especially. Where the h*ll is the Farm Bureau. If anyone has articles by any of these groups talking about this issue please point me to them.

    If part of the goal is to force ranchers out of business then it’s working. But I don’t think that’s it either, because it’s gone on for so long with absolutely no suspects, no leads, nobody caught in the act, no pattern to the attacks so ranchers can protect their herds.

    Besides Linda Howe’s extensive archive at I recommend a rancher in Canada, Fern Belzil, who has a big map in his basement with all the kill sites marked in his part of Canada. He documents each case and keeps the photos in big binders, I think he still gives presentations. There’s some documentaries online about him at You Tube or someplace, do a search.

    Then of course the scanned FBI documents about the cases from the 70s & 80s in the US, released via FOIA. Hard to read but worth it.

    Does anyone have other sites they recommend? And Chuck, maybe you could start a page of these links so people can get up to speed quickly on the seriousness of this phenomena.

  39. Carol Nistri says:

    Lunar phases? Hi Bob,Id love to hear your thoughts on that.

  40. Bob Koford says:

    Hi Carol.

    I checked out some info on this and saw that someone looked into it after some cases in Arkansas, but that was from a point of view of it being cult activity. They also came to the conclusion the deaths are due to lightning strikes, and then preditor attacks.

    I don’t buy any of it.

    My interest in the Moon connection is strictly if there was any type of pattern of activities rising or falling depending on the phase of the moon, i.e., Full, waxing, waning, new, etc.

  41. Carol Nistri says:

    ok Ive never heard of a moon connection are you inclined to believe this is alien related,a lot of people do you know.

  42. Bob Koford says:

    Hello, Carol.

    For what it is worth, here are my thoughts on it:

    This has been going on for some time, and just as all UFOs can not be easily explained, neither does it appear that all of these strange cattle(animal) deaths can be attributed to easily explained events, such as lightning strikes.

    Although I am certain some deaths could, I suppose, be attributed to lightning, there have been far too many, as well as a few human cases, which were not due to lightning. Some of the wounds could have the appearance of having occurred while in contact with the ground, and then the animal being turned over, but that can’t explain an animal being apparently dropped from some height, nor experts in animal anatomy being perturbed by any of the wounds.

    As for it being “aliens”, it is difficult to established as such. I would compare it to the UFOs themselves, as to whether they are Extra-Terrestrials, or not. What one can say is that the evidence collected, over many years, seems to suggest that whoever “they” are, they are NOT “us”…at least not us in the normal sense. What I mean is that over the many years, especially since the late Nineteen-Forties on, there have been many recorded incidences of our military chasing these UFOs away. If “they” were us, we would have stopped, or been stopped by some in-the-know General, after the first incident. But yet it continued on, and on for years. The “they” avoided “us” for all of those encounters by fleeing, so obviously it isn’t us, nor any easily verified earthly enemy group.

    The same can be said for some of the creators of some of these strange animal deaths, in the sense that no perpetrators have ever been caught, and punished. If it is “us”, then it is some type of psyops group bent on purposely disturbing us, because, as I mentioned before, they leave behind their evidence, for us to find. Others mentioned this also, and I agree with them. So the question becomes: why do the perpetrators want us to see what they are doing? Why do they want to frighten us?

  43. Carol Nistri says:

    thats a good question Bob,and it deserves some thought.It seems almost cruel of humans to do this to ranchers who often struggle to exist.Its an in your face attitude that seems to have the approval of the government.It might be more important than all of that but the results are that some ranchers have gone under because their ranches and animals have been hit so often they go bankrupt.Im sure without knowing and I tried one afternoon to find any insurance company that would pay for these unknowns,the rancher it seems to me would be forced to say the animal died of anything included in the insurance contract in order to collect for the untimely death of the animal,that makes me wonder how many ranchers dont come forward at all about deaths of their animals.But,Ill bet theres insurance companies out there that have sent their best investigators to these ares to try to find at least something out about these strange deaths.Dunno Bob anyway you look at it your left with more questions than answers.

  44. Patrick Sullivan says:

    What is in the area?

    Entrance to the underground?

    Nuclear weapons stored nearby?

  45. Carol Nistri says:

    Ok ok,Im going,it looks like most prefer to believe its aliens responsible,I never thought so but Ive seen ufos,so goodybye and good luck.

  46. Paul Bloede says:

    Please familiarize yourself with the Dyatlov Pass Incident in 1959 in Soviet Union. Much information is in the wikipedia article. That and further online study convince me the UFO explanation is the only plausible explanation. Main Point: this is an amazing case of human murder and mutilation just like these Colorado animal killings and mutilations you are looking into right now. Just the existence of the Dyatlov Pass Incident gives tremendous credence to the UFO explanation for cattle mutilations, like recently in Colorado.

  47. Gary E. says:

    For the last 4 years i have been studying cattle mutations and have come to the conclusion that it boils down to only 2 subjects. One is ET”S and the other is secret government projects. With technology today you can check private,government, and NASA satellites which continuosly fly around the earth 24/7 and locate UFO”S where these deaths are occurring.. People like Steven Greer, Steve Bassett , Linda Howe Etc should band together with there knowledge, finances and inside information and the truth would be solved

  48. Vince says:

    It is apparent that is has to do with some sort of DNA, or stem cell activity. I have yet to hear any investigator discuss that. Cant be a food source as some have impllied. unless the find ears, utters and anal cavities a tasty treat.

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