The Roswell Rock

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 Roswell Rock

This mysterious stone was found by Roswell New Mexico resident Robert Ridge in the fall of 2002 while deer hunting in the El Capitan Mountain Range outside the city. He spotted the rock near some underbrush lying in a sand bar near the edge of a trail while tracking the deer. Through the next few years, he kept the rock in his pocket for good luck and started noticing positive changes occurring in his everyday life. Was possession of this strange stone responsible for these changes? He started to wonder about the possibilities.


In July of 2007 at the Roswell Civic Center while lecturing on our Roswell Skip Site investigations, my sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer and I were approached by Robert asking for our help to investigate the rock he had found. After examining the rock, we felt we needed to include our good friend Dr. Bill Doleman. Dr. Doleman was an archeologist for the University of  New Mexico, Albuquerque, and we had worked with him in the past on two separate SCI-FI Channel TV shows. We felt he was more than qualified to examine the rock, so we convinced Robert to follow us to Albuquerque and meet with Dr. Bill.

The examination included using an archaeologist eye piece for close examination of design structure, a magnet to examine its polarization, and UV and EMF experiments derived from tools from my portable kit. Upon conclusion of the examination, it was decided Debbie and I would take the research further by using 8×10 detailed prints of the artifact to try and find its origin and/or meaning.


The stone itself or “loadstone by comparison” is roughly 2 by 3 inches in diameter, red-ish in color, and will fit in the palm of your hand. The artifact exhibits strange magnetic properties with polarized areas more positive on one edge and more negative on the other. Using a small mechanic’s magnet, you can actually spin the rock in either direction depending on the placement of the magnet. The artifact also appeared to pulse an electrical current from time to time which was seen using a Tri-Field EMF meter. I witnessed needle fluctuations in the electrical mode while testing the artifact through different phases on the meter. When examining this artifact further, it was noticed the Crop Circle design actually follows the contour of the rock surface. We also discovered the coloration of the petite or surface color of the rock was the same in-between the three dimensional design grooves. This indicated to us the design cut did not appear very recent.


Picture taken from the Internet but appears to be from the book:

Exploring the Designs & Mysteries Crop Circles (Werner Anderhub and Hans Peter Roth)

The design engraved on the artifact resembles precisely a crop circle which appeared in Liddington England in 1996, and another with a similar symbol in northern Arkansas in June of 2007. Pictographs with similar symbols were found on rock carvings in northern Arizona and thought to represent a supernova that exploded on July 5th, 1054 which was observed by the Native Americans at that time.

I contacted famed Crop Circle researcher and investigator Colin Andrews and sent him all the information I had on the rock including very detailed photos. With help from Jean-Noel Aubrun, Colin and Jean-Noel deduced, the rock had the same exact blue print as the 1996 Liddington England crop formation with perfectly matched geometry’s. This was definitely an unexpected extraordinary finding. Thank you Colin and Jean-Noel!


 Picture courtesy of Colin Andrews


Picture courtesy of Colin Andrews

 colins3 Picture courtesy of Colin Andrews

Debbie and I then spent the next year trying to “debunk” the artifact by searching the possibility identical ones were sold as merchandise at different types of events. We also talked with “etching” companies about the cut techniques and if they had ever seen anything like this. We were unable to locate any company which produced an identical object for resale or any company with any type of blue prints on file to etch one.

Debbie’s detailed research also found the symbol on the rock was described as a Vesicant Pisces or symbol of the sun cradling the four phases of the moon. The symbol principal also known as Yin/Yang in Taoist philosophy is expressed by the equal division of the circle which represents God. An equal division retains equilibrium and only through an asymmetrical division can natural growth occur in any organism: per their philosophy.

As luck would fall our way, at a MUFON symposium held in Denver 2008, Debbie found Andrew Wheeler and Doe Kelly who were vendors at the symposium. Two Crop Circle researchers and investigators, they’ve personally explored over 90 Crop Circle formations, and actually investigated the 1996 Liddington Crop Circle depicted on the rock. They told us the Crop Circle they investigated measured high EMF fields and caused extreme mood swings between the couple when they were inside it. Doe stated “Out of all the Crop Circle formations I’ve been in, this was the most memorable”. As vendors and Crop Circle enthusiasts, both Andrew and Doe had never seen a rock like Roberts for sale at any festival they’ve ever attended or worked at.


Doe Kelly and Andrew Wheeler

Through our research and investigations, Debbie and I had pretty much consumed all possibilities trying to locate the origins of the rock, and then we came up with a brilliant idea. Do a press release and introduce this unusual artifact to the world. Why? Because if there was a company somewhere on this planet that made stones like this for retail, hopefully our press release would flush them out, thus finding the origins of the rock. So on July 6th, 2008, Debbie and I held a press release in Roswell New Mexico introducing the Roswell Rock to the world. The press release was held at Roswell’s Civic Center, which included in attendance different types of media and also the mayor of Roswell himself! As a Roswell resident, the mayor thought the rock was extremely unusual and he had never seen anything like it before either.

Since our 2008 press release some have suggested the rock is merely a simple Loadstone (Magnetite) which has been etched. We’ve found this artifact and natural “Loadstones” are quite different. Some have also suggested this artifact is merely a souvenir purchased at the Roswell festival then discarded in an area where Robert found it. We spent over a year trying to find such a company and none existed which made rocks to sell. After the press release I was interviewed by George Noory on the Coast to Coast radio show about the rock, explaining our previous research and reasons for the press release. A couple of days after the show aired, I was contacted by two separate individuals about the Roswell Rock.

The first person was a man who posted on the Coast to Coast website that he could replicate the rock exactly. After talking with him I asked him to create one for me and promptly sent him $100.00 (his fee). A couple of weeks later I received two versions in the mail. The first wasn’t even a close match, but his second attempt was much better. Examining the replica next to Robert’s rock showed a tremendous difference not only in precise etching design, but also in non-existing magnetic properties. Robert’s rock could not be fully replicated, not for $100.

The second individual was a woman who claimed she purchased the rock at a previous Roswell festival for five dollars, and then as a joke threw it from a nearby dirt road to the area where Robert found it. Since Debbie, Robert, and I never publicly released the exact location where Robert found the rock, this woman seemed credible, until…

I learned that a famed UFO Journalist had contacted Robert after our press release and conducted her own research without including mine or Debbie’s input. She not only posted her conclusions on her website, but then did a very foolish and unprofessional thing, she posted the location the artifact was found.

A good investigator will never release exact locations on an on-going investigation. This will damage the investigation by allowing anyone to make personal claims to it. We call it, “Salting the Investigation”. Any good police detective knows this policy and any inexperienced investigator would not. Then again any undermining journalist may do this to gain personal recognition.

After multiple phone conversations with the woman I found there were problems with her claims:



– Debbie and I researched vendors of previous Roswell festivals and found none which sold rocks etched like Roberts. They couldn’t even produce a catalog to purchase such a rock to sell.

– Debbie and I had spent over a year visiting different types of etching companies, going through their catalogs looking for exact replacements and found none, not even templates.

– Debbie and I also went to numerous conferences pertaining from UFOs to Metaphysical themes talking to the vendors and going through their purchasing catalogs looking for this rock. None were found.

– It cost me $100.00 dollars to have a replica made, not $5.00. The amount of labor entailed into creating an exact replica would never generate a profit margin from a $5.00 item, no matter how many were produced. That was an exact quote from a micro-etch sand blasting specialist.

– The closest dirt road near the spot Robert found the rock was well over 100 yards away. A simple toss from the road never would have reached the location Robert found the rock.

– The women in question couldn’t come up with a receipt or properly identify the vendor who she said sold her the rock, all she remembered was the Rock was on a table with others resembling it, and the cost was just five dollars.

As it turned out, the second individual was a prior Roswell resident and recognized the location on the map leaked from the journalist. Because the location where the rock was found was leaked publicly, there was no way we could verify her story, anybody could have said they put it there.

At this time Robert is in possession of the artifact and we’re still furthering our investigation on it. To date no vendor has come forward to claim they sold rocks like Robert’s at any festival; with a three dimensional exact replica of a crop circle protruding out of the rock, and very unusual magnetic properties. Oh and for only five dollars too! 100_1415_0041

Robert Ridge holding the Roswell Rock

After mine and Debbie’s press release, the Roswell Rock replica can be found on many web sites for sale including images depicted on t-shirts. This artifact has truly become a unique media phenomenon, thank you Robert.

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  1. dennis says:

    that’s not just a rock its a key!!

  2. George Burkard says:

    Interesting that the numbers in the mathematical definition are the numbers for the math constant PI 3.1428

    • Victor says:

      I’m a Mechanical Engineer, and I have studied the Roswell Rock’s design.

      After long studies, I have seen it’s use while in sleep and deep thought, and know what exactly it does and how it does it.

      The Roswell Rock is an Alien Blueprint for a device that produces Zero Point Energy.

      I know how it works and how to use it’s work to create Endless power.

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