Russian Meteor Strike or UFO Explosion?

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(Picture courtesy ABC news)

On Friday February 15th over the Ural Mountains in the city of Chelyabinsk, Russian people experienced what the beginning of the end would look like. A meteor NASA estimates about 50 foot in diameter and 10 tons in weight, exploded over the skies of this Russian city with the magnitude close to 500 kilotons of energy. Over 1500 people were injured with an estimated 33 million dollars of damage. The meteor entered the atmosphere about 20 degrees from the horizon traveling an estimated 40,000 miles per hour. This explosion or “Airburst” event usually happens once in a century says the European Space Agency, but one in one hundred years, is one too many for me.

The Chelyabinsk airburst event is considered one of the largest air impacts since the River Curuca impact in 1930 and the Tunguska impact in 1908.

The Curuca airburst event occurred on the morning of August 13th, 1930 along the banks of the river Curuca in the Brazilian Amaxonas region. Three large explosions were heard and moments later the nearby forest caught fire. The fire burned for several months forcing occupants along the river to re-locate. The local Brazilian people thought this was the end of their world.


Photo from Kulik’s aerial photographic survey (1938) of the Tunguska region.

The Tunguska airburst event occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River which is now known as Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, in the early evening on June 30th 1908. The explosion is believed to have been caused by an air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment about 4 miles above the Earth’s surface. The force knocked down an estimated 80 million trees covering an overwhelming 830 square miles. With an estimated size of the object around 300 feet, it is probably the largest Earth impact in Earth’s recorded history.

Leonid Alekseyevich Kulik was a Russian mineralogist who lead the first Soviet research expedition in 1927 to investigate the Tunguska airburst event. He interviewed nearby village people who witnessed the event while he was taking samples and mapping out the destruction. With much amazement he saw that all the trees had fallen in a circular fashion with their roots all turned towards the center. His amazement continued with the lack of finding any evidence a meteor had fallen in the region. As a mineralogist he took many different samples looking for meteorite fragments but found none.

This leads us to the UFO section of this blog.

Some Tunguska researchers believe a UFO exploded over the region completely vaporizing itself miles above the ground creating a massive shock wave that destroyed that region. Since the 1908 airburst multiple expeditions neglected to find meteor fragments but also neglected to find any type of exotic metals too which would point to an alien ship explosion.

Which leads us to the next UFO possibility.

Another theory points to a cosmic battle between alien races with one of their explosive projectiles hitting the atmosphere and detonating. If the alien device was derived of pure energy, then no signature evidence would be found. As funny as this may sound, there could be some merit to it.

Vimanas of Ancient India.

The Vedic literature of India composed around 1500 BC, was the earliest texts found in Sanskrit language combined within four books. The language describes multiple flying machines called, “Vimanas” which were controlled by the Gods. Two types of flying machines were labeled, one a manmade craft resembling modern day airplanes and the other non-aerodynamic in nature and flown by non-humans. The Sanskrit texts described great battles in the sky using these machines which deployed high energy weapons resembling nuclear armaments of modern day. Could it have been a machine similar to the Vimanas of India which caused the Tunguska explosion?

Meteorite fragments have been found pertaining to the recent Russian airburst and presently are comparable to gold prices when sold on the open market. Yet the majority of Russians think differently.

A survey published by the Moscow daily Noviye IZvestia found that less than half of its readers believe the official report of the meteor strike. The majority believe it could have been a secret US weapon test, or an off-course ballistic missile. Twenty five percent of Russians believe in UFOs, and some of them think an alien ship had exploded causing all the damage. Their beliefs in a non-meteor event stem from the long history of their government lying to them from time to time.

But the real issue may not be the debate over what exploded over the skies of Russia, the real issue may be the lack of notification to the people. Like a tornado ripping through a small town without notice, today’s very high technology could not detect the object and warn the city in Russia. Regardless if it was a missile or a meteor the size of a city bus, there were no warnings to notify them. This is very alarming.

All evidence points to a meteor strike but no evidence points to a simple “hey watch out” by either the Russian or the US governments. Are we are actually blind to objects of that size firing into our atmosphere from deep space? US Space Command boasts they can track small spacecraft debris the size of an astronaut’s tool lost during a spacewalk, but they can’t see a 50 foot diameter object flying towards the planet at 40,000 miles an hour! Why?

Well Space Command only tracks objects in Earth’s orbit which could affect space flights and satellites in general, but (NEO) the Near Earth Object program tracks potentially hazardous asteroids and comets that could approach the Earth at any time. They claim their goal is to locate at least 90 percent of the estimated 1000 asteroids and comets that approach the Earth and are larger than 1 kilometer or about 2/3-mile in diameter.  So 10 percent larger than 2/3-mile in diameter and 100 percent smaller than 2/3-mile in diameter could totally be un-detected approaching Earth!

So there it is, any object under 2/3-mile in diameter sprinting to our planet can be easily missed by our current technology. This obviously would also include any type of UFO racing in and out of our atmosphere completely undetected, unless it was larger than 2/3-mile in diameter. And if that was the case, then a meteor just may not sound that bad.

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  1. Any UFO says:

    The Interception of the Tunguska Meteorite
    Dr Valery Uvarov, the head of the Department of UFO Research, Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology of the National Security Academy of Russia, examines the phenomena involved in this Siberian mystery. Evidence and eyewitness testimony suggest the 1908 Tunguska meteorite was destroyed by intelligently guided plasma “terminator spheres” which utilised a technology that could compensate for explosive forces.

    Let us return to 30 June 1908 and view all that took place through the eyes of witnesses. The whole observed event developed according to roughly this pattern. Around 7.15 am, the meteorite was moving on a trajectory from southeast to northwest. In Preobrazhenka, I. M. Volozhin saw moving across the sky “a belt of smoke with fire flashing from it”. That was the meteorite hurtling down to Earth.

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