Sanchez Cattle Mutilation 11/17/09

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San Luis, Colorado

On November 16th I received a phone call from Alejandro Rojas from, Tempe, Arizona.  He informed me that there was a cattle mutilation here in Colorado.  He learned this from  rancher Sanchez’s daughter who contacted him asking for help.   I then contacted the rancher and made arrangements to go to his ranch the next day to investigate this unusual animal death.  The following is my investigation.


This mutilation occurred in the city of San Luis, Costilla County Colorado.  San Luis is the oldest city in Colorado, established in 1851 and the 2000 census stated the population was 739.  This area is not new to cattle mutilations, the first documented case was the famous “Lady” (aka. Snippy) the horse.  This unusual death affected an Appaloosa outside of Alamosa on the King Ranch in which the animal was found with very strange laser-like cuts with no presence of blood pooling.  Rancher Sanchez has experienced passed cattle mutilations, the last one back in 2006.


This animal also had very strange laser-like cut marks common to the other mutilations in the area, but Sanchez’s latest mutilations have taken a very dramatic turn from what he’s witnessed before.  Rather than the laser-like cutting on adult animals, the attacks are now on calves.  And not one, but he’s lost four within 3 weeks.  All four were not just merely mutilated but basically destroyed.  As if a semi-truck at hit in at 80mph.  The following are my notes from this investigation.

Calf Statistics:
– Rancher found calf at 5:00pm on 11/16/09
– Calf was Hereford Limousine Steer
– Calf is 4-5 months old
– Calf weight is unknown, estimated over 200 lbs.
– Calf was found laying head facing 330 degrees.
– Calf’s twisted body from end to end was 4 foot 6 inches.
– Calf’s twisted body mid section 19 inches.
– Calf’s left rear leg from knee bend to hoof was 1 foot 6 inches.


Calf Conditions:
– Tail of animal was present and appeared normal.
– Right eye ball was missing and blood was present around socket, appears to be bird scavenger damage.
– Left eye ball appeared intact tucked away from the scavengers.
– Blood was present around nostrils but appeared to be more of a fluid oozing.
– Chest cavity was completely cored out which was the condition the rancher had initially found.
– No animal remains were seen near the animal or near the empty chest cavity.
– No blood pooling was seen on the foliage near the animal.
– No apparent blood was seen on animal’s skin near the massive trauma area.

– Some apparent teeth markings were seen on the rib cage but not on every rib. Appears scavengers may have gnawed on animal the night before my investigation.
– No special diet, just wild grass eaten.
– Salt was given to cows last winter, but not yet for this winter.


– Patchy snow was present in immediate area at time of finding mutilation; most snow had melted away by investigation time.
– Quick immediate land survey looking for any unusual signs. (ie. Out of place looking) None found.
– No human footprints, tire wheel markings were found initially by rancher or by me.
– No radiation detected on Geiger counter.
– EMF meter measured slight electro magnetic field with some unusual spiking about 15 microteslas near the animal’s head during sweep.
– No flesh samples were taken due to condition of animal and probable cause of scavenger contamination was present.
– Two samples of rib bones were taken to perform a closer examination. Since scavenger damage was present no direct conclusions could be made from the initial condition of the bones when the rancher found the animal.


– Mouth was closed tight and had to be pried open to reveal the inside. I noticed the tongue had been cut off over an inch behind lower teeth. Tongue incision was too far back in mouth to be caused by biting, and appeared to be a straight cut. Mouth was very hard to pry open to see tongue; I had to use a small archeology tool for prying.
– Rancher states no mountain lions in area, has not seen one.
– Wolf was spotted in August near Rancher’s house 6 miles away from cow pasture where calf was found.
– Cows graze on 180 acre pasture.
– Elevation of pasture 8760 feet.
– Police report filed 11/16/09 with the Costilla County Sheriff’s office.
– 4 calves in total were mutilated within the past 3 weeks and were found in the general area within 100 yards.
– First two were found on October 25.
– Third calf was found November 9th, and police report was filed.
– Fourth calf (this investigation) was found November 16th and police report was filed.
– All four calves were found in the similar condition like this investigation, only difference was third calf also had laser like cut sectioning off the right side of face. (Will try to locate pictures if available from the Sheriff’s office) Typical mutilation cutting. Third calves skeletal remains were located but the head was missing from spine, rancher thought that unusual.

– No helicopters were seen.
– No Military vehicles of any sort were detected by rancher.
– No strange noises were ever heard.
– No strange smells were ever detected.
– Rancher Manuel did notice strange lights over a hill behind his house in the Eastern direction from July to August 2009. A bright light appeared at 4:00am then slowly drifted in the direction of his pasture within an hour and had disappeared by 5:00am. The distance of the light drift appeared to be a couple of miles. This sighting lasted about a month time frame.

– Other than the lights seen in August, all surroundings appeared normal all the time.

– Rancher is so distraught about losing 4 calves within a 3 week period, that he is taking the rest of his calves to auction Wednesday November 18th and selling them in fear of possibly losing more calves.

– My Sony Night Shot model TRV-87 stopped functioning towards end of this investigation. Battery was still 30% at that time. Unit refuses to play investigation tape, but tape can be seen on one of my other cameras. Tape appears fine, Camera does not. Heh heh it’s always the electronics.
– No cellular coverage in immediate area.
– Interesting note, on the way back from San Luis my BlackBerry Storm was indicating a fluctuation between detecting Mountain Standard Time and Pacific Standard Time. The clock kept shifting back and forth by an hour.



The calf appeared to be similar to the Miller Cattle Mutilation case I investigated back in March of 2009.  The main differences are the Miller calf was missing both ears, and the Sanchez calf was missing its tongue. Every other aspect of the mutilated animals appears to be the same.  I will do a GPS comparison between the Miller and Sanchez cases looking for possible similarities.

It appears certain cattle mutilations have graduated from the known laser-like cut marks to complete animal obliteration.  All four calves mutilated on this ranch had similar physical attributes.  The center section was missing, the rib cage was cored out, and no blood was present on the ground near the animal or on its hide.  The calf I investigated was missing its tongue, unfortunately I was unable to see the other three to compare.  We did find the remains from the third calf, but the head was missing and I was unable to further my investigation.


Colorado Springs KOAA news reporter Andy Koen was present to document my investigation.

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. Although I have never encountered aliens or seen UFOs I also think that it was extraterrestrial activity. The aliens are supposed to be technologically super savvy in hiding among us. I allege that their bases have already been in our solar system, perhaps with subsidiaries on earth, for eons. Being disconnected from their home solar system without a possibility of return, they found ways and means to survive in our world. We can’t fight the realities of physics, chemistry and biology. In natural sciences, there has been no place for star-gate or warp speed. Aliens will surely have DNA – are therefore carbon based and not living silicon. Their space ships will only consist of elements found in the periodic table but their technology will not fight ‘Einstein’ laws.
    I don’t think that an vast invasion will shortly occur – they try to make a living far away from their home planets.

  2. I don't think so Tim. says:

    Not to ruin your conspiracy theory, but it’s not terribly difficult to remove all of the organs of an animal without causing it to bleed. It’s called a necropsy, and done properly, there’s little to no mess whatsoever and it does require either pulling the tongue out by cutting next to the jaw bone from behind/underneath it or just severing the tongue from the back of the throat altogether.

  3. LINDA HOWE says:

    Please send me further updates on this story.

  4. Aubs says:

    I believe the mouth being hard to pry open is normal for a dead creature. Rigor Mortis of the jaw muscles.

  5. Steve Bremner says:

    So, something you can’t explain causes you to immediately assume aliens from another planet did it? Not very scientific of you. But then again millions believe a space god was born from a virgin here on earth and rose from the dead after being crucified. So there you go….

  6. abc says:

    What do the local Veterinarians say about the condition of the carcasses? Next time you investigate a calf mutilation, bring one with you….you think? 🙂 Interesting story though. I suppose I would begin interrogating the regulars at the local steakhouse who like theirs cooked REALLY RARE, ie, BLUE.

  7. John Notmylastname says:

    Tim I agree with you that it wouldn’t be impossible to be done by humans, but what would be the point in doing it? Why would someone walk around a ranchers pasture in the middle of the night and mutilate a calf and steal its organs? Organ transplant – no. A prank maybe, but there’s also the issue of no traces of someone being there, which could be covered if this prankster used caution – but where would the motive be?

  8. Frank Healy says:

    I would like to see a tissue sample put under a microscope of the edge of the cut area. If some kind of laser was used there should be a smoother edge with evidence of cauterization at 40-100X (400-1000). The duller the instrument the more jagged and ripped the edge will appear under a microscope.
    Did any bones appear to be broken or shattered? This might suggest being dropped from a great height (i.e. aircraft).
    Was the body cut open to see if any blood remained inside a cavity? This might mean the body was drained a mutilated somewhere else and dropped there.

  9. kimclift rn says:

    Lets hope they stick to cattle and not humans.

  10. Daryl Cook says:

    The US Government has allot we will never know about.. I used to date a girl back in 1976 out in LAs Vegas that worked at area 51…

  11. Howatd says:

    Call Linda Howe. Check to see if the iron has been removed from the hemoglobin. If they really needed and they were known by authorities they would provide for those needs then this would not be something we would discover. Evidence left behind w/o any concern by them is a concern to us!

  12. Fred Brenhardt says:

    Predictably, no evidence ever gets preserved from these events; no serious forensic investigations get done, etc. etc. The episodes simply become one more in a long chain of head-scratchers among the bizarre phenomena chain.
    Similarly, of all the hundreds of abductees in the past and hundreds in the future, not one has or WILL have returned from their UFO abductions with so much as a cocktail napkin from the UFO.
    After 45 years of listening to these tales with ZIP physical evidence, I’m beginning to lose my patience and call BULL**** on the whole field. PLEASE, someone make a liar of me in the 25 years I think I have left.

  13. Good Old Mr. Wilson says:

    Wait a sec…wait a sec…. oh, I get it! The cattle were raised up into a helicopter and a what was it? let me go look…necropsy was performed………and then the animal was lowered back to the earth. Right? No evidence of footprints or tracks. Right? Scalpel precision cuts were done. No blood. A vaccum system was used obviously.
    May I ask WHY?………all of this was done by redneck hicks playing a prank or “the government”? Why? Is it to cause fear in the masses? How much of this NEVER gets reported to the masses? I can tell you this my friends, if “I” owned that “spread” of land and cattle under similar circumstances and had happen to me what has happened to him…….
    there would be lifeless “life-forms” on the ground around my dead cows, whether they were illegals aliens, aliens from another planet (if they bleed–if they bleed they can be hurt and die) or dumb-ass hicks.

  14. Sam man says:

    Two words for you sleuths…. Mountain Lion
    Will clean a carcass in no time bite off the tongue that was invariable sticking out out of the dead calf’s mouth eat out the entrails and carried off what was left… buzzards will do the rest.. no mystery if you ask me or any one else who has lost live stock to a large cat

  15. Ford says:

    i sure dont know

  16. Kerri says:

    This is EXACTLY the stuff that Steven Greer talks about in his books. These calf mutilations are the work of the govt.(Shadow Govt, whatever). I believe in aliens, but they don’t mutilate cows. Why would supreme beings need to do something as stupid as that? The people responsible for these calf mutilations ARE humans. The Shadow Govt. wants to scare humans into believing that aliens are bad when the truth is that they are not. This is just MORE disinformation(lies) that is being spewed to try to keep the public in fear. If anything the aliens are prepared to protect us from ourselves. They can’t allow us to destroy the earth or screw with the cosmos with our nuclear bombs and stuff. If aliens actually wanted to mutilate a living animal on earth, they’d be smart enough to do it to some of these stupid people running the country. But they’re going to give the silent majority(not so silent anymore) the chance to get rid of the stupid people first. I welcome an alien invasion, it’s about time we got some intelligent life down here. Please, beam me up!

  17. BryanS says:

    Check the dead calfs and the area where they were feeding for traces of radiation. Not hard to figure this out if you do find traces. Also check you live calfs also,both mouth and their anus.

  18. JJ says:

    I don’t live in your Country, but what about Lightning? The burn marks I saw on one photo, could that not be a factor, should there even be lightning in that area to start off with! Just a guess.

  19. Mikisty says:

    Very nice website and very detailed, thorough investigation. It was fascinating to read.

  20. Gregory Johnson says:

    I have seen some very unusual lights in the sky in Central Colorado in the early 80’s. I thought when I saw them UFO. There are too many ifs in this story to believe this was alien related. Considering what I saw in the early 80’s, I am very open to the possibility of UFO’s, but not in this case. More study needs to be done here, what were the teeth marks on the rib cage from. Just because a rancher has never seen a mountain lion in the area does not mean they are not there. Scavengers had apparently gnawed on this animal the night before, yet the rancher did not notice the dead calf until 5:00 p.m., That,too me,sounds very unusual.

  21. Pioneer says:

    Interesting. It’s not called the Mysterious Valley, for nothing. Could be an attention hoax. However, there are some unexplained things that do happen out here and it just keeps us looking for answers.

  22. Scott Colborn says:

    Chris – I didn’t see mention of this, but if you get more mutilations in that area, use a black-light and see if anything fluoresces on the hide, or head of the animal. Be good to get any nearby cattle through a chute and use the black-light on them to see if any live cattle have been marked with anything that shows up under a black-light.

  23. Robin says:

    Hello. My name is Robin A. Rewalt, R.N. I came across this article after just talking last night with a good friend of mine in Cortez, Colorado. I am 53 years old, articulate, intelligent and of sound mind. I have never told my story before now. When I was 19 years old, I was a single, young mother with a 3 month old son. I was living at the time, in Allegan, Michigan, out in the country in a single wide trailer which sat behind a small christian school. I was driving home that warm summer night and noticed a bright light in my peripheral vision. I “assumed” is was the moon. However, it changed postitions enough for me to notice it and I glanced to my left. What I saw was a extremely large object, approximately 300 feet off the ground, following me down the road to my left, going exactly the same speed that I was. I turned into my circular drive way and did a complete turn around with my car, so that I could get a better look at it. I unrolled my window and stuck my head outside. At this time, it was directly above me….the size of a football field…completely dead silent…and lights on it’s perimeter. It was more of an oval shape as opposed to round. I remember vividly thinking, “Oh my God”…at that moment, it made a slight “swish” sound and was instantly gone. That night changed me forever. I am a believer in UFO’s and what they may hold. I have read about the San Luis Valley and it’s history of cattle being mutilated. I am convinced it is aliens….what else could it be? Thanks for letting me tell my story.


  24. Stan says:

    Somehow, I think Bigfoot was involved.

  25. john says:

    Ditto to Kerri. A shadow Gov’t and accompanying comments is the most logical post I’ve seen. Well put!

  26. pgerard says:

    Since rancher Sanchez lives 6 miles from where the cattle are kept, he would have little observation time with the cattle and have little knowledge at to what really happens out there when he is not there (not like looking out the ranch house window and seeing the cattle on the back 40). He talks about what animals he has seen out there and that was near his house 6mi away from the cattle. Is he going to notice a helicopter or military vehs six miles away as if his comment that he did not see anything is meaningful? More meaningful to me is. how often does he visit the cattle, when was last time he visited before discovery of mutilated calf, could calf have been removed from 160acres then mutilated then brought back, is there a way to determine how many hrs/days the calf has been dead before discovery, did it rain recently – cover up tracks.

  27. Mike Doohicky says:

    Not trying to be an ass or anything but instead of taking a rancher or deputy sheriff’s word for it that no-one has been near the animals in question, how about employing an expert tracker to determine that no human or other animal has been near. There are many signs of human activity that ordinary people miss every day because they are not trained to look for them. Now, if the likes of David Scott Donelan (world expert authority on man tracking) was to state that no human had been near to either of these animal corpses then I would be convinced but a mere rancher or deputy sheriff… sorry but my money is on a sneaky teenager or two playing pranks on unwitting ranchers and UFO “enthusiasts”.

  28. Tim says:

    Cant you just put GPS tracking devices on your cattle? That way if one does turn up mutilated, you can trace where it has been

  29. Kerri says:

    In response to Robin Rewalt. I think it’s awesome that you have seen a UFO. I have not seen one to my knowledge, but do believe they exist. But after reading your message, I don’t understand why you draw a parrallel between your encounter with a UFO and these calf mutilations. There is nothing in your message that suggests this UFO was trying to harm you. I suggest that you pick up Steven Greer’s book “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge.” Don’t be afraid of what you saw, learn about it. Please read Steven Greer’s book(Steven Greer is also a medical doctor). He explains about why the Shadow govt. does these animal mutilations (simulates UFO encounters and alien abductions). When you find websites that only talk about scary, horrible alien abductions—try to steer clear—there is a whole business of spinning disinformation about aliens to keep the public in fear. The Shadow govt. wants us to be afraid because if we are afraid they can control us—they have power. Dont’ give it to them. Love and blessings!

  30. Xman says:

    this is a very intresting site keep up the good work for the rest of has

  31. goldilocks says:

    How do these mutilations compare to the cattle mutilations in the Alamosa area that occured in the 80’s? If I recall correctly there were mysterious mutilations in the area then.

  32. Xman says:

    what about “el chupa cabras” is this ting dead

  33. Greg Morain says:

    I like the mountain lion theory. They are very stealthy and the ones I’ve seen, in neighboring Utah, were easily capable of handling a 200 plus pound calf. No tracks? From the photos I’ve seen, the calves are laying on turf; Not the best track friendly surface, especially in fall weather. No blood pooling? Mountain lions usually choke the victim to death. Once the heart stops, blood will pool inside the body, rather than getting pumped out onto the ground. Some people marvel at the surgical precision of the wounds… I’ve seen bears open packets of freeze dried backpacker food with one quick slit from a claw and then consume the contents without spilling a drop. The manual dexterity was very impressive.
    Of course it could have been aliens, too. “I’m just sayin’…”

  34. Patrick Jones says:

    Who are the nuts here? Is it the guy reporting what he claims to have found, or the ones leaping to the conclusion that he’s leaping to a conclusion?

    I challenge anyone to find either the word, “alien” or “extraterrestrial” or any form of the expression “UFO” in the entire text. I find neither outside of the readers’ comments, nor any suggestion by the author of the report that the mutilations may have been done by extraterrestrial visitors. The entire report seems to me, if you’ll excuse the expression, very down-to-earth. The thing seems to me just to report what the man found and to allow readers to draw their own conclusions.

    I find it illustrative of something that many of those conclusions have been at once very wacky AND very blaming of the author for their own wackiness. But far be it from me to say what I think they’re illustrative of.

  35. Crys says:

    Uh…things like this have happened around were I live as well. Though it isn’t cattle,it is cats and dogs,mainly strays from the looks. We figure it is just wild animals. But to see it done to livestock and with all the things that you have pointed out. It does begin to make me wonder. Luckily it hasn’t been happening much here. I think I shall keep an eye on this,I’d like to hear more reports to compare the two cases. They seem alike but may yet prove to be different. Hm…I would very much like to keep updated with this. Though I will jump to no conclusions just yet. Good luck on your search I suppose.

  36. Pete Collins says:

    One thing that seems to be overlooked is motive by whoever the perpetrators are …

    Why not just take the entire calf? Limited room for transport?

    Why the precision surgical methods? Why not just butcher it quickly?

    What is obtained by taking these specific organs? Why these specific organs?

    What is the value?

    If some if these questions can be answered, maybe that will lead to the source.

  37. Margaret Unger says:

    It was killed by a wild animal. I’ve come across fawns in the Wisconsin Northwoods, killed by wolves. Chest cavities are hollow, no blood is around. Wolves eat best parts, lap up the blood. No Aliens involved – just nature as viewed by a city boy.

  38. Adam says:

    easily done with a scalpel and some time… probably just some prankster trying to get a rise out of the local nuts.

    no tracks? the report said it did snow… tracks could have easily melted away with the snow. 180+ acres? could take a few days to find something just laying around.

    pranksters and scavengers

  39. nate says:

    This was done my market researchers at Jack in the BOx in reguards to their new fresh meat technique for the new abduction burger

  40. info man says:

    I’m a Licensed Private Investigator, born in Creede, Colorado. I noticed one of your commenters exclaimed that you should study all mutilation scenes with a ‘black light’. I have another idea for you, use an ultraviolet light. In modern forensics, ultraviolet lights are used to detect many chemicals both natural occurring and manufactured.



  41. Briggy says:

    I think its Vampires…and they were very hungry and wanted animal parts..

  42. Chuck Zukowski says:

    An amateur? Why I otta…..

  43. Sunbow says:

    I came across a mutilated cow while hiking in the San Raphael wilderness in California in the early 1980s. The face was pealed back as if something was seeking the brain and there was no blood around. My hiking companions didn’t want to investigate much, so I have limited data to contribute to this discussion, but thought to note that this happens all over the country. The most obvious thing was that the haunches and other good meat was left and the organs were taken.

    The secret shadow government theory is absurd, because this was miles back in the wilderness and very unlikely to receive any media attention. I doubt if other hikers ever found it, as we were off train and about five miles from a trail head. Additionally, a well funded organization that can afford gas for helicopters, could just buy a cow, or own their own ranch and do whatever with the cows.

    The reason for these strange harvests is unknown, but definitely should receive serious funding.

    I also agree that ultraviolet ( also called black light) spectrum investigation would be helpful.

  44. Occam's Razor says:

    This story showed up on the front page of the Denver Post this morning. I remember hearing about stuff like this when I was a kid, and filing it away under “Cool but unlikely…”, along with the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot.

    This is odd stuff, there’s no doubt. But what really bugs me is that it hasn’t really been properly investigated (no disrespect to Chuck and his efforts intended). Livestock is expensive, and when you lose 4 calves in that short a span of time, it can be devastating. I understand that a proper forensic investigation is pricey, but someone, somewhere has to have the money and resources to get a decent team in the field, and a credible lab to produce some unbiased results.

    Figure out what it isn’t first. If this is a hoax, then the perpetrators are taking an inordinate amount of care and for what? If caught they could face serious charges, remember, livestock is pricey.

    If it’s a result of a wild animal kill, then why the odd mutilations? This isn’t the first…there are stranger reports that abound. I’d be willing to bet that wild animals are responsible for some, maybe even a majority, of these instances, but not all of them. 10,000 reported world wide, there’s a lot of variance represented in that number.

    Unfortunately, no one seems to want to put in the time and money to follow up on this properly. It’s been going on for years…I predict that we’ll be seeing some more attention dedicated to this odd phenomenon. And I’m hoping we’ll get an answer soon.

  45. Rovena Fires says:

    Isn’t all of this convenient? I think it is absurd for anyone to think that the people on earth are the only ones that exist. Yes, I believe this is the work of some alien culture maybe doing experiments or something. Almighty God is sovereign and awesome so these “powers and principalities” (Biblical) from another dimension are probably setting the world up to say “Oh, the aliens took those Christians” when the Rapture occurs. What a setup! I believe all of the heads of state know what’s occuring. We’ve got all kinds of smokescreens (like the farce of global warming, etc.) put out to keep us ignorant of what’s really going on in the world! Roswell, Area 51, etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if the heads of nations in Copenhagen aren’t talking about something very alien to the rest of us ignorant peons. The real powers behind them are pulling their strings too. It’s interesting that there will be an initiative on the Colorado ballot regarding setting up a “committee” to meet the alien culture when they arrive. People have laughed at things before (Noah’s ark, the idea that man could fly in a lane, or talk to someone across the world, the world being round, etc.) but I don’t think anything can ever be discounted. and no, I’m not crazy.

  46. Keith Simons says:

    At the risk of being committed to the nut house I offer this theory for the origin of man on this beautiful planet:

    Perhaps we humans are nothing but a vast experiment conducted by advanced beings from somewhere in this almost infinite universe. Consider how different we look in different parts of the world. Can this be only the result of differing environments upon the many generations who existed there?

    Isn’t it possible that these differing humanoids originated differently?

    Think about what a tremendous undertaking the creation of all this (Universe included) by a God would be. If it were done in six days with the seventh for a well-earned rest what a God it would require.

    The seventh day of rest would certainly have been needed!

    Beings of extreme intelligence from somehwere could easily have seeded the earth with the various races just to sit back and watch what happens.

    Such superior life has to possible–keep watching!

  47. Elsie Erret says:

    Great article, thank you for writing about this. You have a lot of informative articles here, thanks again! I really enjoy this hobby, my wife and I have been participating in it for a few years. We are contemplating purchasing a Magellan RoadMate for our vehicle. Do you have any experience with this unit? Visit my site if you’d like to read more. Thanks again for a very informative site!

  48. donating car says:

    @Jocelyn, you look like you know what you are talking about. Do you care sending me your email? I would like to speak more with you.

  49. Vicki Shehan says:

    I met Chuck at a UFO meeting several years ago. I believe he is a very credible man with a long history of investigations. I believe every word he said regarding his findings during this investigation of cattle mutilations. A former coworker of mine who was a rancher had a cattle mutilation of her own in Calhan, CO. It brought her to tears when she spoke of it. I personally have seen UFO crafts (with others) three different times here in Colorado where I live. Once you see such a thing, you too will believe. For those nonbelievers, to think this is a hoax or the result of a prank is absurd. Do you realize how remote these ranches are? and more importantly, the respect of the land and animals the people have for them? Please, all you nonbelievers, stay off this blog with all your stupid theories and watch YouTube videos or something but just SHUT UP. There are so many possible reasons our cattle are studied. You guys are too ignorant to think of any thing beyond your nose. Do you think these pranksters travel from East LA or NYC to do this? Have you ever seen an animal that has been torn apart by predators? It is quite a mess everywhere. Live out in the remote mountains for awhile and you will learn the hard way that we are not alone here. Let’s get beyond if the beings are here or not and let’s figure out as a (human) species, what they are doing and their intentions.

  50. don eakin says:

    Very good Vicki. I come from a cattle ranch in Montana, many, many years ago(50 yrs), and we had strange happenings back then. Of course, there were no such things as flying saucers just big wild animals. I had the pleasant experience of working with a female who lived in Kecksburg, PA on her grandparents farm which bordered the area where the “Spaceship” crashed. She would sit around and tell us about the military people who surrounded this area and the strange, canvas covered truck loads of “something” they removed from that field.

  51. Shelia Kranz says:

    Great info, thanks for the post!

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