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On Wednesday September 4th, the Science Channel’s new show, The Unexplained Files, aired episode three, Livestock Mutilation & Curse of the Ice Mummy. I was featured in the first half of the episode talking with the ranchers about their mutilation cases which were my investigations here in Colorado. Although I thought the episode was properly done balancing between theories of secret government organizations or aliens being the cause of these cases, I was disappointed one of my favorite cases didn’t air, probably due to time constraints. We actually shot enough footage for a full 1 hour episode which would have covered more evidence, more stories, and even more cool stuff, like soil analysis evidence. Well maybe next time.

Duran1Rancher Mike Duran, his wife and son being filmed on March 10th of 2013

The mutilation case and rancher segment which was pulled, was the Mike Duran case. Even though his last mutilation case happened near Trinidad in 2009, three days before our production shoot, his son saw strange lights come up from behind a nearby mountain next to their home. Mike’s son said the lights looked like two car headlights which rose above the mountain, separated, then shot away traveling West. At the time of the sighting, Mike called me on my cell to report it. I got the call while I was driving from an out of town San Diego California contract to Colorado for the shoot. Unfortunately I was in Yuma, Arizona too far away from the Colorado/New Mexico boarder to spot the lights. I was traveling East and the lights were traveling West, so if I was in New Mexico closer to the Colorado border, I might have been able to see what they saw. This sighting occurred around 7:00pm and on the 37 degree latitude, for those of you who saw the episode or know about my theory.

Durna2The Raw TV production crew filming Mike near his 2009 mutilation site.

Another thing I wanted to mention about Mike and his family was, since their second mutilation case of 2009, they’ve had multiple UFO sightings in the area.

Duran Son UFOPicture taken of UFO by Mike Duran’s son.

This image is of a moving object captured in a single frame causing the “pearl necklace” effect.

Since their multiple UFO sightings near their home and the many cattle mutilation cases near Trinidad, Mike nor his wife, feel comfortable venturing out late at night to look after their cows anymore. Mike performs all his animal related chores during the daytime.

Back to Episode Three:

There were multiple theories mentioned on the show by me, Christopher O-Brien and Nick Redfern, pointing to the different reasons associated with mutilation cases. I’d like to touch on a couple of them and give some feed back.

Let’s look at one of Chris’s theories.

His theory is the government is monitoring the food chain that might be associated with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow disease. Chris believes animals which had mad cow disease were slaughtered and burned, then the burn ash was packaged into fertilizers which were sold to 70 different countries around the world. He referenced the 1986 mad cow epidemic of Great Britain in which 1000’s of cattle were infected. They were ultimately burned and the burn ash was put into fertilizer. He also alluded to the practice some large ranch’s or feedlots may grind up their dead cows and make high protein pellets which are then fed back to their livestock.

The spreading agent of BSE is a modified form of a normal cell surface protein called a “Prion” which is neither a virus nor a bacteria and does not contain DNA or RNA. Prions cannot be destroyed by fire, or freezing, or by disinfectants or radiation, and will carry the contaminants through ingested food.

Chris’s theory states the reason mutilations occur is due to the government covertly taking animals from ranches all over the world and testing them for BSE. They do this so not to instil panic within the community.

Really? All over the World? I know the FDA constantly tests for BSE at least here in the US, and the following FDA press release proves this.

For Immediate Release: April 26, 2012
Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

FDA Statement on USDA Announcement of Positive BSE Test Result

This week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed that a dairy cow in California tested positive for atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or “mad cow” disease). The USDA also confirmed the cow did not enter the animal feed or human food supply. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is working with federal and state authorities to further investigate this case.

The FDA is confident in the effectiveness of the existing animal feed safeguards designed to prevent the spread of BSE through feed. Although current science suggests that atypical cases of BSE, such as this one, are unlikely to be transmitted through animal feed, the FDA will work with the USDA to complete a thorough epidemiological investigation.

Importantly, scientific research indicates that BSE cannot be transmitted in cow’s milk.

The FDA is committed to protecting the safety of the U.S. human food and animal feed supply from BSE. We will continue to work closely with the USDA and state officials on this public health issue and will provide updates as information becomes available.

There’s no need for a secret covert military organization which steals cows from ranches under the darkness of night to perform multiple precise surgical procedures to look for BSE. The FDA can come on any ranch with the proper paperwork and take blood samples from as many animals they so choose.

Nick Redfern’s Theory:

Nick’s research stated due to a FOIA request which uses the Freedom of Information Act to gather information which was recently withheld from the public, that in 1947 the US Government was worried hostile countries could contaminate not only the USA’s  food supply, but countries all over the world. Because of this scare, the US Government was responsible for running some covert operations in the late 1940’s which included taking cows and testing them periodically.

I can’t find that release anywhere to verify Nick’s claims, but that doesn’t mean the information isn’t true, it just means I can’t verify it at this time.

The “Cold War” has been dated from 1947 to 1991 which consisted of political and military tension between the powers in the Western Bloc and the powers in the Eastern Bloc. During the late 1940’s and through the 1950’s there were multiple UFO sightings which were attributed to the spy aircraft many nations were using to watch each other. These UFO sightings also increased the tension and level of awareness between the Bloc countries. Even though Nick’s theory may be plausible for its time during the late 1940’s, and maybe factual due to an existing FOIA request somewhere, it’s just not practical anymore. So let me introduce my new theory.

The Ludicrous Theory.

Why would the US government or any government as a matter of fact, spend millions of dollars a year using super-secret very advanced stealthy technology to trespass onto a rancher’s field in the middle of the night and steal a cow?

Here’s the scenario.

Under the cover of darkness this super secret, highly trained super solder steals an animal from a rancher’s herd, re-locates it to a second secret site either in the air or on the ground somewhere away from the rancher’s field, performs surgical cuts, takes genetic samples of what is needed for analysis, then takes an even higher risk by illegally trespassing back on the rancher’s field and places the animal back? All in one night?

The US, in my opinion, has the best military technology in the world. (Yep i’m bias.) They have the most highly trained special forces in the world too! (Again I’m bias.) But remember our best of the best solders and our best of the best technology couldn’t capture Osama Bin Laden without crashing their very advanced state of the art stealth helicopter within his compound!

My point? Come on guys, we’re all human, and humans make mistakes. In 1967 when the first mutilation case from Colorado, a horse, not a cow, was made public, local law enforcement was unable to find the culprit. Since 1967 law enforcement agencies not only across the US but in other countries,  have been unable to properly identify the culprit associated with the mutilation phenomenon.  George Knapp a Nevada journalist had stated over 10,000 cases of mutilations have occurred across the US alone!

You would think out of the 10,000 cases there would have been at least one F-up, and legitimate evidence would have been left for law enforcement to work with.

The Ludicrous Theory smacks Chris’s and Nick’s somewhat government theory right in the face. Any statistical analyst would agree at one point evidence would be left, just like any motorcycle rider will tell you, “You will fall down, it’s a matter of when, and not a matter of if, and the best you can hope for is minimal damage to yourself and your bike.” And I speak from personal experience on that one.

Oh and let’s not forget about all the law enforcement agencies across the US and in other countries that haven’t been able to find human evidence associated with these mutilation cases. Law enforcement agents are highly trained when looking for criminal evidence, yet they’ve found no human evidence associated with these strange mute cases. If you think Chris O-Brien is correct in his theory, they you have to  believe our law enforcement agencies across, at least this country, are the most inept agencies in the world! Well I beg to differ, since I was associated with law enforcement, I know first hand we are really good at what we do.

All I’m saying is there should have been some sort of human evidence left behind at some point between all the cases law enforcement agencies and UFO investigators have looked at.

I’d like to thank retired Sheriff Lou Girodo, of Las Animas County, Colorado, who I had the honor to personally interview for this TV show about his UFO sightings and the cattle mutilation investigations he performed. Former Sheriff Girodo from 1986 to 2002, began investigating mutilations in 1975 when working as a District Attorney’s investigator. He’ll flat out tell ya, there has been no evidence of human intervention found in the cattle mutilation cases he’s investigated, if there was, that SOB would be in jail!

I’d like to thank ranchers Glenda from Rush Colorado, Tom and Mike from Trinidad Colorado, for allowing me to give their stories to RAW TV productions and share them with all who watched this episode. The more information we get out to the public about this very strange and unusual phenomenon, the more cases we find out about and the more evidence we’ll find.

And special thanks to Raw TV Productions and the Science Channel for investing the time and money allowing me to share some of my thoughts to the public.

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  1. Frank Kling says:

    I agree with your logical analysis. O-Brien’s theory is just plain nonsense. I grew up on a cattle farm and the objective is to raise and sell cattle for human consumption. If need be, the government can by all the cattle they desire from the open market, which entails no risk of exposure. I am baffled how O-Brien could arrive at the “government’s behind it” theory after 30 years of research, unless he is being encouraged to float this silly explanation as disinformation.

    Thanks for the good work.

  2. Steve Buttery says:

    The Chris O-Brien theory is a joke and Nick Redfern’s too.
    This activity is none human, I know this as fact and the scariest thing about it (for me at least) is knowing that these ET can and do operate totally invisibly if needed.
    This will never ever,ever, be disclosed by our governments to the people, that creatures from space are dissecting and killing life on this Earth.

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