Syfy “Fact or Faked” “Solved Sanchez 2006 Mutilation Case!” Bloating! (If the animal was a Chamois)

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The August 19th airing of Syfy’s new show “Fact or Faked” touched base on one of my cattle mutilation cases here in Colorado, the Sanchez case which can be read in detail on this website. Upon viewing my segment, the show constantly misused information that both I and rancher Sanchez had given them, and this attributes to nothing more than lack of experience. Theirs not mine. The show is weak in getting the correct information across to the viewers and they seem to be pretty good at it. They constantly mention four mutilations occurring within one month. What they fail to mention is Manual Sanchez had four mutilations on his ranch alone within a three week period. His fourth was the one I investigated and that was the information I gave them for this show. I also investigated two more cases within March, then another one in November and yet another in December. A total of five for me for 2009. Oh a quick note before I go further.

I would like to apologize to rancher Sanchez, I had no idea I was dealing with such inexperienced people.

I regretted helping Base Productions with this episode from the get go. That’s why it was not posted on my website. When they first contacted me, all they wanted was information to pitch their show to Syfy. I was very suspicious of their intentions, but like an idiot I didn’t listen to my other investigator friends telling me to shy away from these guys. So, why did other investigators warn me about Base Productions?  Well Bob Kiviat is involved with Base Productions. Remember Bob from Alien Autopsy? I know, I know…

Note to all production companies who contact me in the future about any of my previous investigations: I won’t be so gullible or so easy to just give out free information now. You can thank our buddies at Base for this.  Lesson learned.

Note to any viewers who watched the show: The picture shown at the very beginning and all through the episode of the full size mutilated cow is not my picture, but Mr. Sanchez’s. It depicts his first mutilated cow from 2006 and not my case in 2009. Confusing huh?

Well to say the least, the episode was very confusing even to me and I was there! Geeesh. Are they trying to solve the 2006 mutilation or the 2009 case I investigated? Paddle handling back and forth between the two mutilations, for a minute there I thought I was watching, “Balls of Fury”. Oky Doky Artichoky!

I’m not going to say anything negative about Bill, Chi-Lan, or Larry, the three investigators working on my case. Well at least not yet. All three were very professional to me, but I realized when I met them, they really didn’t know who I was nor were they familiar with my investigations. Good investigators will at least do some research before they go out on assignment. Maybe Google my name next time guys.

Ok, so let’s look at their investigation.

First I take the team to the site where rancher Sanchez is waiting. They ask me where the calf was laying and I show them. At that moment the episode cuts to showing a picture of the 2006 mutilation and not the 2009 calf mutilation. Why? I don’t know! Then Syfy investigator Chi-Lan asks me to describe the calf I investigated explaining the complete missing center section. This doesn’t make sense when they keep showing pictures of a completely different animal. Now they ask the rancher if he’s seen anything strange in the area, and he describes the strange light sighting he had a couple of months prior to the mutilation. This amazes them as the camera pulls in tight for that “hmm” thought.

The F’ team (that’s how I’ll refer to the Syfy team from now on) decides to Ground Sweep the area for EMF and radiation detection. I did both of these tests back in 2009. Of course they knew this because it was in my notes I gave them with all my investigative pictures. You’ll see the pictures I gave them later in the show, it’s the photo binder in their hand when they’re talking with the veterinarian. Next the F Team finds a bone from one of the calves from 2009. All they had to do was ask where the bones were.  Rancher Sanchez and I could see bones everywhere and even pointed it out to them. Oh well it played out nicely for them on TV.

F Team Bill mentions that skeptics believe mutilations are either a man made hoax or a natural predator attack. The team incorporates the expertise of a veterinarian to help them with a little experiment. Let’s talk about the veterinarian for a moment.

The veterinarian they had was acquired on short notice and she traveled out from New Mexico. Negotiations with the local vet they were originally speaking with fell through. Why did I know this? Because I talked with him. Originally one idea was to have the vet debate me on camera about why I think these mutilations are unknown deaths. I didn’t like that idea and didn’t want to trash anyone on camera. I respect the vets working in the area, and welcome their opinions. So I called the vet and we had a nice chat over the phone. Anyway negotiations fell through with him, and Base Productions had to bring another veterinarian in, Dr. Amy Mason from New Mexico.

When I briefly met Dr. Amy her first words to me were, “Let’s see if I can figure this out”. I told her that remark was an insult to all investigators and law enforcement individuals across the world trying to solve these strange deaths since 1967. She was a little confused with my compassion so I started showing her pictures of my previous cases explaining my findings. She became very interested.

The F team performs a “Mutilation Replication Test”. This was interesting. They had Dr. Amy use an electro-cauterizer on an animal they brought out from Denver. Why? Because Bill states on the edge of the incision (in the 2006 picture I guess) there appears to be burn marks. He’s pretty good making that statement from a picture and non-investigative case. So he wants to try to mimic the results. Results? Who made the claim the 2006 animal had burn marks around the incision? Well as you guessed, the cauterization technique doesn’t work for the experiment.

Have you ever heard of a predator making these types of cuts? This question was asked by F Team member Chi-Lan to Dr. Amy during their experiments. Dr. Amy is on top of her game and states, “Usually predator kills will show claw marks and bite marks and teeth marks, and you’ll see where they have left tracks and trails.”

Next the F team has Dr. Amy use a heavy duty hand held green laser to try and make surgical cuts. Do we have field surgical battery operated hand held lasers which can cut through leather coats? I don’t think so. Next they try a knife and a scalpel. Well the good Dr. Amy states, “ The carcass was completely cleaned out, void of any meat, any organ material, any vessels. You know I don’t believe any person would be able to do that.” Yep she turned to the dark side.

“If people aren’t doing this, maybe it’s a result of animal attacks” F Team investigator Bill says. So they decide to leave the carcass outside over night hoping for scavenger damage so as to compare with the 2006 photo.

F Team Chi-Lan then states, “San Luis Valley has had five cases of UFO sightings reported since 1996”.

This is just wrong and she didn’t do her home work or whoever did the homework for her is just lazy. We get numerous sightings every year out of the San Luis area. All they had to do was contact the UFO Watch Tower in Hooper and talk with Judy, or Rick Nelson with Paranormal Research in Denver who had a sighting when I was with him last year, or Stan Romanek who had a sighting during mine and my sister’s lecture at the tower.  Or how about just asking the residents there? Hey that’s an idea. Two sightings occurred just last year associated with my cattle mutilation investigations, Duran and Sanchez! Once again a non-investigator making investigative claims.

Oh, and of course this makes her think there there could be a coloration between mutilations and lights in the sky. Well at least five of them.

Night Investigation: The F team sets up multiple night vision cameras in hopes of capturing a scavenger feeding off their carcass, or maybe even capture a real cattle mutilation. They also point one camera towards the night sky just in case a UFO happens to mosey over. Oh by the way “Infrared cam 4” in front of the car looking up towards the sky. I did a quick star chart check for March/April when they filmed. It looks as though they pointed the camera to the right of Ursa Major. Anyone want to take a guess? They really needed to use a wide angle lens for this shot or do what I do. Point a night vision video camera down into a mirror which is reflecting the night sky from horizon to horizon. This technique gives you a large field of view rather than a couple of stars. But why listen to me, I’m just a UFOnut investigator without my own TV show doing real investigations.

So here is their big theory. They didn’t capture anything paranormal with their meters, and their veterinarian couldn’t mimic the surgical-like cuts with the procedures she ran, but their night vision did film a bird scavenging off of their dead cow. So maybe mutilations are a more natural occurrence. Here we go.

Bloat Test: They told me about this one and I just laughed and casually walked away pretending to talk to myself. I didn’t answer myself, just posed idiotic questions. One of the theories obtaining the precise incisions on mutilated animals is due to natural bloating of the animal after death. So how do they achieve this experiment? They use a chamois (consumer grade cow hide) covering a balloon which they filled with air.

Note: A consumer grade chamois goes through a chemical tanning process which enables the hide to deliver maximum absorbency and durability.

The balloon inflates and the chamois stretches along an edge which appears to have pre-puncture marks until it rips. Result? It rips! Oh happy day, they achieved a precise cut with this experiment. They solved the case! No seriously,  they think they’ve solved it!

Now enter the F Situation Room: This is where the great minds of the Syfy investigative team congregate and discuss their findings while patting themselves on their backs. This is their findings from my 2009 case and the 2006 mutilation.

No trace of radioactivity where the cow was. (This pertains to the 2009 case and not the 2006 case which their experiments were based on. Why didn’t they go to the location of the 2006 mutilation and check for radiation? Oh I know why? Because they didn’t think about it!)

They found a single bone under the tree, had it analyzed and it was just a cow bone, nothing unusual. They really didn’t state what exact tests they performed to do the analysis on the bone.

They tried to replicate mutilations with their own dead cow, and that didn’t work. (Really? Did they think they were the first to try this? Once again they didn’t do their homework.)

They pointed night vision cameras toward the carcass, catching evidence of bird scavenging. Thus viewing natural Mother Nature type causes.

Next the chamois test: Yeah this was their “smoking gun” test, and they also get to use it on their “Hero Mobile”. Really, that’s how they referred to the vehicle they were driving.

Analysis? The 2006 case is a natural phenomenon with the surgical incisions on the side of the face, neck and upper body being attributed to animal bloating.  The case is closed.

Nothing was said about my 2009 investigation in which I gave them more information than they needed to perform an adequate experimental analysis.

My analysis? The F Team are inexperienced people who muddle around competing with each other to be on camera. Yeah I noticed this first hand. Yep they’re incompetent and viewers shouldn’t be wasting their time watching the show unless it’s part of a beer drinking game. Ok, here are the rules of the game. You take a drink every time the F Team do or say something unprofessional during the show. The problem with this game is you might be drunk before you get five minutes into the program. In which case I would turn the channel and watch South Park. Why?  Because South Park makes more sense!

Now you can decide for yourself. The following picture is from the 2006 Sanchez mutilation. This is Manual Sanchez’s picture not mine, please give him credit for it!

Look how the F Team’s analysis of bloating could rip the skin from the jaw and the neck area. Oh by the way, where’s the skin flap? If bloating rips the skin then where did the excess skin go to? Oh I know, chamois!

Well you decide and please state your comments. If you like the show, then you can comment too! We won’t delete them. (notasfarasyouknow)

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. Chuck prahl says:

    When I saw this Bloat test it looked like it ripped along a stitch line or it was pre-cut area. I was waiting for this slite group to say no it couldn’t be a bloating rip because how do you get gut gases into the head neck and chest. I might possible say around the guy area but where is the flap of skin. I can’t believe they call this a scientific test. It was pure bunk.

  2. Lucero, Bernadette M. says:

    I agree.. I was totally disappointed. They started off good; but then did not address how these cows are killed, the removal of organs and how they focused on the stomach expansion of the gases tears the hide. I was so shocked by that.. that doesn’t even address how the skin is cut on the cheek. I was not impressed with what they considered important..or of concern. They also called the case closed..not paranormal.

  3. I just finished watching a recent episode of this SyFy show Fact or Faked with segment content produced by Bob Kiviat. I worked w/ Kiviat on an SLV segment back in 1996 and he did a fairly decent job on the segment. Kiviat called me this past winter and told me about a segment they were preparing to produce for ForF. I offered to help in any way they needed and urged him to produce an accurate piece to redeem himself for the Alien Autopsy fiasco he produced. He promised that he would…

    Well, they went to the San Luis Valley to investigate a cattle mutilation (one of four) reported by San Luis, CO rancher Manuel Sanchez (who also saw a strange aerial light over the site). Without boring you again with the details, they hired a veterinarian to try and duplicate the apparent incisions found on the animal. She tried to do this on a freshly dead calf w/ a heat cutting tool, and then a laser, with no success. The ForF team walked around (months after the case occurred) with tri-field meters and geiger counters and then had the bright idea to nail a piece of cow hide to a board trapping a balloon underneath which they then inflated. The balloon blew up and split the cow hide. Voila! They’ve explained the appearance of precise cuts, case closed, NEXT…

    Well, not quite, folks. What about the tight skin around the mandible? The face doesn’t bloat, how do you explain these thousands of jaw cuts? Or how about the perfect reproduction tract corings that go deep into the animal? Or what about the cases where the animal was seen alive just minutes before being discovered mutilated? Sherman Ranch, UT (1998 ), Chama, CO (1975) Chacon, NM (1994) or the many cases where the animal was discovered with strange incisions before it bloated?

    Another thing that bothers me is the comment made by one of the show personalities who researched UFO sightings in the San Luis Valley. She made the comment that “San Luis has had five UFO sightings since 1996.” Some researcher! My San Luis Valley Event Log/database is easy to find and contains dozens of UFO sightings around San Luis. What’s up with this? Some researchers these kids are…

    Once again Follywood is producing shoddy TV segments that feature shallow explanations, shoddy research and non-critical thinking. It’s people in the entertainment industry such as Kiviat that do the paranormal research and field investigators like Chuck a gross disservice. I can accept and even tolerate skeptics and close-mindedness, but I can’t abide glossy, packaged disinformation masquerading as “entertainment.”

  4. e says:

    Ouch…! If they did this to you I can’t even imagine what Stan Romanek has gone through. I mean you kind of expect it from the average joe but not from your own colleagues. I now understand why people are so hesitant to share their stories, pictures and video . As per your own experience it seems like people think you are either crazy, a fake or you want something? So sad…

    Good luck.

  5. Cassandra says:

    Wish I could be a UFO investigator. Seem some stuff in my time, especially when I lived in Darjeeling India and British Columbia. Think it better not to tell of these events…might drawn attention I just do not want. I feel sorry for the cow, looks like that might of hurt. God bless. My Guru once said that the blues are here to help and the gray’s are dangerous. I believe that too. Bless us all.

  6. hannah robinson says:

    Impossible for this to be predators!!! Who and Why? Could only be our freaky government. be afraid, very afraid.

  7. Kyle says:

    I am always dubious of these kinds of shows, they always leave me with a, “Where’s the Beef?” kind of feeling. It’s obvious this show and most like them are about nothing but ratings, and people who are not aware of facts and similar investigations and the opinions of ‘real’ investigators, will be easily fooled by these shows. Do they really think they are going to capture something on camera with an investigation lasting only a few hours in one night? Give me a break. Also, the Chamois Bloat Test is also a joke. I’ve heard reports of these cattle mutilations occurring too quickly to account for bloating. Case in point, I had heard this on Coast to Coast with Linda Moulton Howe. A rancher and his wife were in their pasture tending to the cattle, and one cow in particular. Once they had finished with this particular cow, they proceeding to tend to another around 100 feet away. A few ‘minutes’ later, they turned around and the first cow was laying in the pasture mutilated. They know it was the first cow because of it’s ear tag. Obviously, this cannot be explained by bloating.

    Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files is an interesting show, but viewers should be aware that it and other type shows are about ratings and not facts. Keep that in mind, and you won’t be fooled easily.

  8. ome garun says:

    I was in middle school during the new mexico cattle mutilations. the site is now a huge factory now that stretches across the plateau. What i can say is lasers were just getting notice and becoming a possible future field to work in.
    there are tons of military secrets we will probably never know of. If you stood in Rio rancho new mexico in the 70’s and looked towards the monzano mountains, the southern part of the mountain range not the sandia. On clear atmospheric days you could see a huge two part door, that’s how big it was on the side of the mountain.
    this can be seen from far away perhaps as far as 30 miles. what in the world would need a door that big I wonder.
    these door were protected by Kirkland air force base which sat at its feet. In time base was closed but kept as a base, when the FEDS keep a base after it is closed , to me, that means contamination either nuclear or chemicals , or some other cause from people playing with what they shouldn’t. Don’t bother to look , the doors magically disappeared, which means they camouflage them or cut the terrain to make it appear as though there were doors. I ‘m certain there are tons of people who remember this, how do you hide doors from a city, you can’t not without some effort, what i mean is many people have seen these doors, i.e the whole city.
    I believe my bible, there for that leaves out aliens, I know people have been abducted and i know people have seen UFOs . I have seen one myself, in broad daylight with 3 other witnesses over a this same major city, never even made the news. And we chased it in a car, asked each other what we saw and described it to each other to see what we saw. yep we all agreed we saw the same UFO. having said that, the previous , I whole heartedly believe sightings are staged by the military , and that what we are seeing are weapon experiments. I also think some of it is or can be optical illusions created by atmospheric anomalies. All these things combined plus how the military makes non denial denials leads me to believe that the UFO phenomena are produced and courted because its easier and convenient to hide a secret in a mystery. Another thing to consider, giving me the benefit of doubt. there have been people who have told of anal probes when abducted. It could very well be that the sightings are military experiments, they involve radiation, they went wrong or these experiments left behind sediments in the land or food and the mysterious abductions coupled with anal probing was also the military taking tissue samples to determine contamination levels in humans. lasers are light , could it be that the military was using a fission to intensify the light or a reaction to make the light and then magnify that light. could these test have gone bad, hence the tissue samples to determine contamination or lack there of.
    In the 60’s the CIA did chemical and radiation contamination experiments on humans by releasing these in New York city from brief cases planted in the city. Having been declassified these films have been released years ago. Well if you will poison people in mass then why worry about experiments in the country with cattle or people. The fact is , in truth , to our government – people are no better than cattle and there for expendable.
    For some reason Governments are made up of people who suffer from mental illness, that or devoid of human souls , take your pick.

  9. Rachel says:

    I thank you immensely for posting this. I justgot done watching this episode, unfortunately, and now it all makes sense. I was extrem
    ely disappointed that they thought they solved the cattle mutilations that have been occuring longer than these people can even fathom since they don’t even bother to do their homework. Thanks for your side of the story!

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