The 37th Parallel

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Standing next to The 37th Parallel book.

On September 15th, 2011, I printed a web site Press Release on my 37 Degree Latitude Theory, because I started to see a pattern of mutilation cases and UFO sightings not only here in Colorado, but in other states as well. I focused on the 37 Degree Latitude, because of its associations with some pretty interesting places and past events occurring along that stretch.

My “37th Degree Theory” encompasses obviously the 37 Degree Latitude, but also dips into the 36 and 38 as well. Consider the 37 latitude to be a center line of a two lane highway with part of 38 and part of 36 being the left and right lanes. Naming it the 37th was just for simplicity rather than saying, “The 37th with some 36 and some 38 too!”

Now I’m not saying that all animal mutilations or UFO encounters only happen on the 37th which would be ridiculous, because we know these events happen everywhere. For example, I’m currently working on a mutilation case that’s sitting near latitude 42, so what I’m saying is; “The 37 latitude or 37th Parallel, is the most important latitude for sightings”, and this is why.

The 37th Parallel or Paranormal Highway name was coined by Science Channel’s, “Unexplained Files season 2”, “Paranormal Highway of America” episode. This was a one hour episode in which the Science Channel gave me an opportunity to test my theory backing it up with data. This “Highway 37” is what I consider one of many traveled UFO-related highways in the US. Just like the current Interstate 40 or 70, or the past Highway 66 or the Transcontinental Lincoln Highway Interstate 80, we too have many routes that we take travelling across this great country; but some routes are more travelled than others. This too is what I see while investigating UFO’s.

There is a current theory, a pretty damn good one that states: “There is an underground tunnel stretching from at least Taos, New Mexico, past Dulce New Mexico, all the way to Area51, in Nevada!” Researchers like, John Lear son of Lear Jet inventor released the Dulce Papers, and John Rhodes, Dulce Base researcher, both confirm this. Other research claims this underground tunnel possibly travels East as well, all the way to Virginia! This all sits on the 37th Parallel!

Now you may say, “What are you smokin’ in Colorado?” Well you know what Coloradans are smoking, and yes it’s legal here, but that’s not what vapors this theory.

What my trigger point or light-bulb moment was; In 2011 while seeing a pattern between my UFO and mutilations cases here in Colorado and comparing them to similar cases in Missouri, Colorado had an earthquake, a very shallow earthquake.

On 08/22/2011, I saw that an earthquake occurred at the Sangre de Cristo Fault, and the coordinates were 37.0412, -104.4726782.

Then within 15 hours another very shallow earthquake occurred, but not in Colorado, but 1600 miles away!

The Virginia earthquake on 08/23/2011, occurred at the Central Virginia Seismic Zone, it’s coordinates were 37.557787, -77.554492.

Two separate faults perpendicular to each other causing two separate shallow earthquakes 1600 miles away from each other. Why?

Colorado earthquake depth, 2.5 miles.

Virginia earthquake depth, 3.7 miles.

Earthquakes occurring at a depth of less than 70 kilometers (43 miles) are classified as “shallow-focus” earthquakes. Both Colorado and Virginia earthquakes were extremely shallow occurring less than 6 kilometers (3.7 miles). Could these two earthquakes which occurred within 15 hours of each other at such a shallow depth be related to each other in a way we’re not aware of? Fracking? Or underground drilling to create underground tunnels? I started looking at what sits on “The 37th Parallel”.

(some examples)

San Jose; California.

Mono Lake, UFO sightings; California.

Area 51; Nevada.

US Naval Undersea Warfare base; Hawthorne, Nevada.

Taos, Home of the “Taos Hum”; New Mexico.

Dulce’ Underground possible human/alien base; New Mexico.

1948 UFO crash; Aztec, New Mexico.

Alamosa, San Luis Valley/Blanca Peak, UFO sightings/base; Colorado.

Trinidad/Westin/San Luis/ cattle mutilations; Colorado.

1897 Leroy, Coffey County cattle mutilation; Kansas.

1896 Howell County, cattle mutilation; Missouri.

1973 Piedmont, UFO case, over 500 sightings; Missouri.

1941 Cape Girardeau UFO crash and retrieval; Missouri.

Joplin Spook Lights; Missouri.

2000 Highland Black Triangle sighting; Illinois.

Fort Knox; Kentucky.

1948 Mantell UFO Encounter; Owensboro, Kentucky.

Late 1980’s Wytheville, Mass UFO Sightings; Virginia.

Greenbrier massive underground bunker for Congress; Virginia.

I then started looking at Native American Spiritual sites, caverns, aquifers, current UFO sightings, and wondered;

“Is there a Transcontinental Underground Highway across the United States, residing on the 37th Parallel?”

Map of The 37th Parallel

Maybe portions of this Transcontinental Highway existed before the Europeans migrated to North American, because the Native Americans speak of Star Travelers, and some spiritual sites like Chaco Canyon and Cahokia Mounds, just dip into this theory. This underground highway would have entrances and exists just like our existing auto highways, which would increase stealth capability when venturing outside the highway. Think of Interstate 40 being completely enclosed with cars just popping out from time to time to visit cities. sounds familiar when investigating UFO’s. A lot of sightings appear to be travelling east to west and visa-versa. Connection to a highway travelling the same route?

Could this previous highway be a current Black Project work-in-progress completion? And is it being shared by foreigners? Foreigners not of this planet?

Well I wrote about this theory, talked about it on TV, and now Ben Mezrich’s book, “The 37th Parallel” explains the steps involved throughout my life which gave me the experience, that drove me to this analysis.

All the information I post on my website, and all the information and experiences written in Ben Mezrich’s book is true. It all happened, some names are changed on my blogs to protect the witnesses, but no names were changed for the book. The book tells it like it is.

When reading “The 37th Parallel” book, keep an open mind, and please don’t shoot the messenger, Ben Mezrich, he’s just writing about my true life events while being a New York Times Best Selling Author. Remember, life is much bigger than most perceive, and only a fool thinks we’re the only intelligent living beings in the Milky Way Galaxy.

UFO related stories have been around throughout Earth’s history, at least 74% of people polled believe intelligent life exists outside this planet, and in 2011, 80 million Americans, or 36% of the population believe UFOs are real! Go get the book… I don’t profit from it or my blogs, it’s just personal satisfaction knowing I can share these events with you, and you can decide for yourself.

The 37th Parallel

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. DWIGHT Ward says:

    Just read your excellent book on a business flight from Oakland to Honolulu. Why the blackouts on the last page?

  2. Vanessa says:

    I just read the book and I was wondering what happened in the last pages…. I saw your comment in Amazon and you said that we could email you. Can you please say what you saw? That ending left me a little lost. I would really appreciate if you answer me.

    • Chuck Zukowski says:

      Oh I said you could email me, but I didn’t say I would tell you the ending. ha ha..
      Actually, the ending has become quite controversial among the readers, and I wish I could say more about it, but the investigation is still active, and there’s a lot at stake. But in between the redacted areas are some clever clues,
      and you can thank Ben Mezrich for that.

  3. Michael Jordan says:

    i noticed that you have five sittings in Virginia and you only listed two of the sittings. I live in Virginia and did some of my own ufo research when I lived in Arizona. In northern Virginia there are two dots, what do they stand for?

  4. Michael Jordan says:

    I’m sorry I meant to type sightings

  5. Peter DelVaglio says:

    The redacted last page nonsense turned me from hopeful believer to sobered skeptic. Seems like a typical phony journalistic ploy- the “tease”- to create interest for a sequel. I realize Chuck deserves a bit of financial gain for his efforts, but my goodness…

    • Chuck Zukowski says:

      I get no financial gain from the book, I gave all the data to Ben Mezrich so he could write the book, if you don’t like anything about the book or the ending, email Ben not me. As for the ending? Ben must have redacted it for a reason.

  6. Bill Willson says:

    The Greenbrier Hotel is in WEST Virginia…. and living one county away there have been sightings in this area…

  7. Nicole says:

    Hi Chuck! I just wanted to say that your story is completely fascinating and I envy you (and Debbie) for your ambition and your dedication to investigating. Keep being awesome and brilliant; have you thought about writing a book your self?


  8. Will says:

    Also in the range: Point Pleasant, WV – home of the Mothman.
    38.8575, -82.128611

  9. Laura Brush says:

    Just finished reading the 37th parallel, very interesting theory! Was wondering if maybe the people who called you to investigate did so because you were the closest investigator to where they were? Surely Mufon must have many incidents that are not in the 37 parallel proximity? What about places like Alaska and Mexico and Florida, all hotbeds of activity. I presently live in Arkansas but used to live in Miami. Seems there was more activity in the Miami area then here in Arkansas although I have some UFO friends in Harrison who swear they are being abducted on a regular basis. Don’t know of any cattle mutilations here though, but then I haven’t been keeping up! Please do keep me posted regarding what you discover in further regards to your theory. Thanks, Gre
    at Book!

  10. William says:

    At age 75, I still like to learn. Your quest, and its explanation in the book, are fascinating and warrant more reading, on my part. Congratulations, and thank you for having the courage to stay on the path you have chosen, and, perhaps equally important, for taking your family along on the journey.

    I’m wondering if people from other planets consider family to be as important as most humans do.

    On another note, a question: Do you know where the kind of stone the “Roswell Rock” might be found, in quantity? Is there an area where that kind of stone is common?

    Again, thank you for having more that an idea, but for also having the courage to walk the life path you’ve chosen. Be safe and well, and keep us posted about your sago.

  11. Larry Davis says:

    I read about this book and remembered years ago a local retired sheriffs deputy was telling me and some friends some of his stories of when he was a deputy and about the two cow mutilations he investigated. One that was called in on yokohl valley road and one they stumbled upon on a call for kids trespassing drinking on dry creek road. So I looked up the 37th parrelel going through california and to my surprise it goes right through central California where these place happen to be. Blew my mind I mean what are the odds?

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