Time Travel, Teleportation and Warping Space

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Recently while visiting Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science, I was confronted by a resident patriot (Worker). This individual walked up to me and said, “I know who the aliens really are”. Intrigued, I wondered why he would walk up to me and pose that particular statement. Then I realized I was wearing my Roswell Crash Team Investigation T-shirt. “Oh” I said, “Tell me”.

This person then started enlightening me on his theory that the beings we perceive as ET’s, are actually our own species traveling back into time from our future. “Ok” I said, “Tell me more”. He then told me the reasoning behind this future past visit, is to help present day humans make the correct decisions to ensure there is a future. Then I started wondering, “Hmmm” If we didn’t make the right decisions, then there wouldn’t be a future for “us” to come back from to make sure we made the right decisions. A catch 22 or just a misunderstanding?

Regardless of this individual’s thoughts on why we are visiting our past, it’s a theory brought up to me time and time again. Forget that the future “us” (eye witnesses see) may have shrunk to four feet tall and must have moved underground due to solar radiation forcing future us to wear large bug-eye glasses (i.e. grey aliens). Nevertheless this is a popular theory a lot of people believe.

One problem with this theory is, “Some people still refuse to believe intelligent life can exist outside this planet.” So intelligent, that they’ve been able to advance their race to the point of space travel to distant planets. Now it’s easier for me to understand the concept of traveling from point A to point B, rather than time travel. The issue with inter-galactic travel for some is, they still think it involves speed. Speed in the sense of being able to travel light years, or at light speed to get to your destination. Sure speed works going to the moon or Mars or to the grocery store, but what about to distant stars? Traveling to distant stars could be as easy as tackling the concept of warping or folding space. Here’s an example.

Politely ask your significant other to make the bed, make sure it looks real nice, no folds or wrinkles. Then invite them over to view this experiment. While they watch you, slowly pick up a 16 pound bowling ball, then hurl it to the center of the bed. What happens? Besides the angry look of the other person’s face witnessing their bed making resulted in a horribly disfigured mess before their eyes. Well… The ball lodges into the center of the mattress, thus causing the sides of the bed to “fold” slightly towards the center. If it’s a soft bed and the bowling ball didn’t bounce off of it and land on the foot of your significant other, oh and you’re still alive; then the ball should be sitting in the middle with each end of the bed a little closer to each other. Even though the edges of the bed are closer together bending towards each other, they still measure the same length. You just warped your bed! Now if we can do this in space, uh without a bowling ball, then we can diminish the time it takes to travel between point A to point B.

Now instead of traveling using space warping, how about time traveling, or “Time Teleportation” travel? Is this really traveling through time or teleporting matter which includes time as a constant? Could we teleport ourselves in our future or past time or teleport ourselves in a parallel dimension’s future or past time? Confused? Prepare to be more confused.

Recently S. Jay Olsan and Timothy C. Ralph from the Department of Physics, University of Queensland, Australia, were in the news about one of their experiments. “The Extraction of time-like entanglement from the quantum vacuum.” In basic quantum entanglement, two particles have properties that are inherently connected with each other even though the particles could be separated. The Australian physicists say it’s possible to create entanglement between regions of spacetime that are separated in time but not in space, and then convert the timelike entanglement into normal spacelike entanglement.

How did they do it?

An inertial particle detector captures information on the state of the quantum field and is active at a quarter to 12:00. It then carries the information forward in time to the future particle detector which waits to become active at exactly a quarter past 12:00. At this time the future detector captures the data thus achieving entanglement. Normally this transfer of information would escape in a distant region of spacetime at the speed of light. The physicists say currently it’s impossible to recover the teleported information between 11:45 and 12:15, thus a correlation only exists between an exact quarter to an hour and an exact quarter after an hour. Why? Maybe it’s how the particle detectors operate? I guess you’ll have to ask the physicists, this is way above my level of comprehension.

Quantum entanglement is a property of the quantum mechanical state of a system containing two or more objects, where the objects that make up the system are linked in such a way that the quantum state of any member of the system cannot be adequately described without full mention of the other members of the system, even if the individual objects are spatially separated. (Wikipedia)

Whew… After reading that I need to take a nap! The bottom line? We’re living in a great time in history. Technology advancing at warp speed and at a price most of us can afford to enjoy. A lot of questions we used to ask are being answered and a lot questions we’re asking now will be answered very soon. As for warping space or time travel? We’re learning that these goals we thought were non achievable, are achievable as our technology advances. So what about the possibility our future self’s are visiting us, or our distant neighbors in space are stopping by to say hi? Well consider warping space or moving information from one place to the next, the only limitations they have, are the limitations we think they have.

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  1. Linda Flechtner says:

    I can’t understand why people think we are the only life form in the universe.

    We can believe in God without seeing him/her, but can’t believe that other life can live off this planet. With all the UFO sightings and pictures available now, we all should open our minds to newer ideas.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Love You


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