Trinidad, Colorado Animal Mutilation (cow) 09/04/2012

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Trinidad, Colorado, Animal Mutilation, September 4th 2012

Picture courtesy of Torres family.


Sunday, September 2nd, 2012, a dead cow was found on the Torres family ranch near Trinidad, Colorado. Monday the 3rd (Labor Day), rancher Torres ran into rancher Mike Duran at the local Labor Day parade and told Duran about the death of one of his cows. Rancher Duran, who had a similar mutilation in 2009 investigated by me, later contacted me and informed me of this new mutilation. By 5:30pm that day, I was able to acquire rancher Torres’s phone number and call him. I set up a meeting the following day, Tuesday the 4th in Trinidad at approximately 8:00am to see the animal.


UFOnut team member Matt Morgan was able to accompany me to Trinidad to video document the mutilation and investigation. We left Colorado Springs at approximately 6:00am and arrived in Trinidad just after 8:00am. I called rancher Torres and he met me at the MacDonalds near I25 in Trinidad. We then followed him 45 minutes to the secluded mutilation site. The site was located high in the mountains miles away from any populous area.

Upon 4 wheel driving to the mutilation area, we immediately noticed a large round ground depression in which the cow had originally lay in. Unfortunately sometime late afternoon the day before, a black bear had ventured into the area and started eating the carcass. One interesting note to consider is, the bear moved the carcass out of the unusual ground depression before scavenging it.

Note: Did the bear purposely move the cow out of the ground depression before scavenging, or was the re-location of the cow due to the bear dragging it backwards while in scavenger mode?

Due to the bear’s interaction with the carcass, I was unable to take hide samples for analysis. But sometimes a negative turns into a positive, and in this case I have clear photographic evidence of a mutilated cow before and after a bears interaction. The bite marks, the tearing and ripping, are very common of large predator damage to a carcass compared to the precise incision damage which was seen earlier. This is precisely the evidence needed to quiet the skeptics who cry wolf, or in this case, bear.

Investigation Notes Summary:

Animal: Young Heifer born in March of 2012, black in color.

Unusual Wound 1: The udder had been removed.

Unusual Wound 2: The tongue had been removed.

Unusual Wound 3: The left ear appeared to have been clipped not torn or bitten.

Unusual Anomaly: The animal was lying in the center of a large oval ground depression.

UFOnut cattle mutilation investigation, Torres ranch.

Investigation Notes Summary (cont.):

Ground depression was 22 feet by 19 feet.

The animal was facing 90 degrees due East.

Overall length of carcass– 6 foot 3 inches.

Tip of nose to jaw line – 16 inches.

Head width – 16 inches.

Girth – 2 foot 5 inches (squared).

Fore leg – 17 inches.

Animal had appeared to have been healthy, the rancher didn’t notice any prior sickness.

Estimated weight of the animal – around 500 pounds.

EMF meter reading near head – 10 microteslas.

EMF meter reading through body – 8-10 microteslas.

Magnetic wand – no trace of metal.

Compass – no fluctuation in circle or near animal.

Hide damaged and moved by bear – approximately 13 feet from original location.

Cow moved by bear completely out of anomaly depression.

Rear section of carcass was eaten by the bear.

Trace evidence of bear tracks and scat at location were found.

UFOnut investigation of Torres mutilation, no tongue.

Investigation Notes Summary (cont.):

Eye balls were taken by birds on both left and right side of the head.

Nose appeared untouched.

Unable to determine cow movement in soil due to bear contamination.

Slight discoloration in soil where the cow laid due to moisture seepage.

No signs of mass amounts of blood loss.

No signs of blood pooling inside of carcass.

No signs of blood staining due to bear dragging carcass.

Carcass appeared to be lack of all blood.

Animal was intact and not scattered, bear fed on carcass not pieces.

No signs of other unusual ground depressions in immediate area.

Law Enforcement Case Report: Undetermined at this time.

Carcass pulled out of ground anomolie.

Hide Samples:

Due to bear contamination no hide samples were taken

Soil Samples:

Sample1: Near animal but not in body fluid contamination area.

Sample2: Approximately 26 feet away from edge of anomaly depression in similar soil area.

Note: The soil samples have been boxed and sent off to a lab for a complete nutrient analysis. No specific toxins will be searched for, but through the labs analysis if common toxins are in the soil, the lab will identify them. The lab will not be looking for anything specific, they’ll just run a complete nutrient analysis which can be compared with other mutilation lab analysis. And yes, I’m starting to see some comparisons, but I would like to have more data before I release my theory.

I would like to personally thank rancher Mike Duran for informing me about this mutilation case and would also like to thank the Torres family for not only investing personal time to meet with me, but for also allowing me to run my investigation on their property.

At the time of writing this blog, I’ve been in contact with the local Sheriff’s department exchanging very important information. I’ll also be doing a follow-up with the rancher and Sheriff’s department sharing any new information I may find and sharing the soil nutrient analysis when available.


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  1. Connie says:

    I just found this site while researching cattle mutilations we live in the Colorado in the four corners area and we just found a mutilated calf looks like it was done last night or the night before. We also had on done a couple of years ago. The one that just happened was a steer his anus was removed and we preyed open his mouth and his tongue had been cut out also the bottom part of his stomach was removed. There was no blood anywhere and no tracks and very clean cuts. just as in the above picture The one that happened two years ago was a heifer and her udder, anus and tongue had been removed and not a drop of blood anywhere, nor were there any tracks any where. Have tried to find out if it has happened in this area to anyone else but I am having a hard time finding out anything. We did report both cases to the sheriffs office.

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