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What is a “UFO” debunker?
Am I a UFO debunker??

Is this an individual who purposely tries to debunk a UFO sighting by lying, or an individual who believes that the possibility of life visiting this planet is ridiculous?  Could this be a person who is just trying to debunk a particular investigation based on lack of evidence or some contaminated evidence associated with the case?  Or, could it be UFO investigators?

As a MUFON investigator I’ve been “pegged” a debunker too!  I’ve been told that just my association with MUFON has labeled me a debunker and a “hide-r of truth”.  Sure, I’m a skeptic with every UFO or Paranormal investigation I start with.  I’ve stated that numerous times even on national TV.  Hell, you have to be.  This business will eat you alive if you don’t address every sighting with some suspicion.  If you think every light in the sky sighting is a UFO, or alien related, then it’s time to find another pastime hobby.  When addressing any new and current investigations, I like to base my thoughts on common sense or what I like to call, “Intelligent Common Sense”.  Let me explain.

Common Sense:   Consists of thoughts or actions in which people in common would agree with.

People in common?  Common to what?  How about to society at this point in time and at a particular location on this planet. So common sense can, and will vary throughout this planet.

Intelligent Common Sense:   This is the variety of common sense used wisely.  There is some form of a thought process when making a common sense decision or a common sense claim.  Common sense tells us life exists outside this planet.
Intelligent Common sense makes the claim, “There’s a real possibility that life outside this planet has visited us in the past, or could be visiting us currently”.  This statement is conclusively based on what we know of this planet’s history, its science, and what we know about the planets outside our solar system.  Of course this all changes with every new bit of information we learn about ourselves and the universe.  And at this time, it looks pretty good for the aliens.

Ok, Intelligent Common Sense.  I love using this term in UFO investigations.  Why?  Because this can be used in your favor against debunkers, skeptics and pesky reporters.

Case in Point:   My sister Debbie and I were responsible for two Press Releases out of Roswell within the past two years.  One on July 5, 2008 and one on April 30th of this year.  Both times we used Intelligent Common sense on what we said, who we brought with us, and what information we gave out to the public.  In both cases the debunkers were very limited to what I call the “Armchair Debunkers”.

Armchair Debunkers:   These are individuals who have nothing better to do than to make a negative comment about your investigation based solely on their opinion.  This term, “Based on their opinion”, is very important.  They may or may not have performed research, but my experience has shown me that their motivation is purely based on their personal views of one’s claims.  Now it’s not up to me or my sister to convince anyone of what we are claiming, it’s our personal quest just to get the information out and let the viewers, conference attendees, or readers, make up their own minds.

This brings me back to “Debunkers”.  Most of the time it’s very frustrating dealing with these people but (and here’s the proverbial but), Debunkers will keep you honest and focused on your investigation.  They are a necessary evil to UFO
investigators.  They are?  Absolutely!  Any “so called” investigator or charlatan can make a claim about a UFO event.  Then they say this, “Well the burden of proof of disclaiming what I’m presenting is on you.”  No.  The burden of proof lies with the person making the claim based on what investigative research they’ve done up to that point.  After that, the burden of proof lies with the individuals who are making the negative claims about the investigation.  This separates the boys from the men, the women from the girls, the aliens from the ghosts, or uh… well it just separates them.  Investigators as well as Debunkers fall within these walls.  I say this, but you said that, what proof do you have I said this, what proof do you have I didn’t?  Oh the merry-go-round methods of UFO investigations.  It never ends, grab a ticket and come along for the ride.  It’s always exciting and different.

A comment on one of my YouTube videos on the “Roswell Rock Circle” from a debunker suggested I just do this for fame. Most of us UFO investigators know this is a complete joke and a lazy excuse from a debunker.  Why?  Because, “There’s no money in this!”  It’s not a career for gosh sakes, it’s a hobby.  A hobby which takes more out of pocket money than in pocket money.  We do this because we want to, not because we have to.  Fame, what a lame excuse used by this particular debunker.  And they always say, “Well I know this guy, or I have a friend”  that can debunk you, but nothing’s ever conclusive.  Just a bunch of unnecessary noise they feel they need to say.  So who is looking for fame?  The investigator or the debunker?  Hmmmm? At the end of the day, it’s about our passion, and yes, perhaps our belief. We do this for a cause and, yes, we certainly hope to bring about awareness. If you confuse that with a selfish pursuit of fame, then UFO investigators like myself will never convince you otherwise.

Good debunkers are ones which have done their own investigations or have done their own research on your claims or on the particular investigation you’re working with.  I listen to these guys (or gals) because they’ve spent personal
time and energy on the investigation.  They could be absolutely correct about a particular part of your investigation, or they may have found evidence which contradicts what you have.  Of course they can be absolutely wrong too and
completely “off base”.  Either way, as an investigator you can’t possibly find all the information about the project you’re on. You have to rely on the positive and negative information of your investigation to pursue it further.  Roswell is a good example of this.  The problem with these types of debunkers who are also investigators, is that they will pick apart one little aspect of an incident or investigation.  They make the claim, “Well if “so and so” said this and I can prove it’s wrong, then you can’t believe anything “so and so” says.  If that was true, then why even have a Democratic Government?  We all know there are truths and untruths coming out of DC.  We’re betting our lives and our dreams that the truths outweigh the untruths by a lot.  Pretty scary huh?

In every investigation I do, there are always some flaws.  We’re all human and the flaws are usually related to the human aspects associated with the evidence of the investigation.  Criminal investigations see this all the time.  People are sent to prison every day because the negatives outweigh the positives of the investigation.  Debunkers feed on this.  They’ll find one or two “hiccups” then run on them.  They say things like, “Even investigators can get caught up in the lies or misconceptions of the investigation”.  Well, the debunkers can too!  A person becomes a debunker when they’re bias towards a particular UFO event or person outweighs their ability to be objective and reasonable.  They may not realize they’re bias, and sometimes it takes an outside source to convince them, but they’re biased nevertheless.

Then again, as a UFO investigator we can become debunkers too!  We may be so convinced with the evidence or “lack of” evidence we have, that we think our investigation is bullet proof.  A good investigator always “refreshes” the evidence they have and just doesn’t assume any new evidence is valid.  Sometimes it’s hard to re-question a witness because they don’t understand why you can’t just believe them.  But, at this time, I’m happy to say all my current investigations, although not bullet proof, have sufficient good evidence which outweighs the insufficient, bad evidence.  This “teeter totter” action is what enables investigators to pursue their investigations further.  And it’s all because of debunking.  Good, bad, right, wrong, or sometimes completely ridiculous, we all need a little debunking in every one of our investigations if we’re ever going to learn the truth about it.

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