UFO Sightings (1968 – 1980)

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1968 Sicuani, Peru: December 6, Sr. Pedro Chavez, a photographer for La Prensa, on assignment in Sicuani, Peru, was in the cathedral square near the big church where he took this picture before they disappeared.



1973 Morelos Cocoyoc, Mexico:  November 3, at 6:45 PM, with its arms splayed out evenly around it, an object descended and landed in a grass scrub area beside a road. It landed on the arms projected downward.



1977 Centeno, Argentina:  Shaped like a giant sombrero, this UFO hovered outside of Centeno for an unknown period of time, and was photographed by an anonymous source. A similar object was witnessed in Ontario, Canada two years earlier.



1977 Floradad, Uruguay:  A reporter from one of the larger Uruguayan cities while on assignment, photographed this strange object as it circled numerous times around him.



1978 Kagawa, Miki-cho, Japan:  At 3:00pm on February 4, 1978, Mr. Hirobumi Matsushita was taking snapshots with a friend when they noticed a shiny golden metallic colored object flying high above them in the clear blue sky.  There were no clouds and a slight breeze was blowing, but not enough to raise debris that high in the air.  The object seemed to be moving purposefully, obviously under intelligent control.  Mr. Matsushita adjusted his camera and took several pictures of the strange object before it disappeared.



1978 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:  At 5:10pm on June 20, 1978, Sr. Saul Janusas was able to snap two photographs of a dark metallic looking Saturn-shaped UFO.  He could see it clearly in the reddish dusk haze peculiar to the Winter sunset.



1980 Charleston, South Carolina, USA:  At 5:30pm on April 4, 1980, William J. Herrmann, a local auto mechanic, saw and photographed a silvery disc-shaped object flying erratic maneuvers near Charleston Air Force Base.

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  1. In 1980 I was on a golf course in Charleston South Carolina around 9 p.m. with a group of friends when we all heard a pulsating sound that was similiar to a noisey transformer on a telephone pole. We looked up and saw disc shaped object with lights on it traveling about 15-20 m.p.h. 100 feet above us. A few seconds after it traveled out of sight we saw 5 or 6 helicopters fly at the same hieght and speed with all thier spot lights shining down on the ground following the object.

  2. Mrs. B says:

    Chuck, how do you feel about Billy Meier of Switzerland? He claims to have 500+ photos, video and audio of spacecraft, many visitations etc. I don’t see him mentioned anywhere. http://www.theyfly.com

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