UFOnut.com – Episode 005: Roswell 2010

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Chuck Zukowski returned to Roswell, NM in July for the 2010 UFO Festival with his sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer and the UFOnut.com crew. From the lecturing, interviews and visit to the debris site, Chuck has many new things to share with his fans. Chuck also got to spend some time with some special event attendees including Stanton Friedman, Travis Walton, Jesse Marcel Jr, Paul Davids and the team from Open Minds TV.

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Matt Morgan is the co-owner of Post Interactive (PI). Along with his business partner, Trina Bivens, Matt produces the episodic video series for UFOnut and occasionally assists Chuck Zukowski with investigations. Matt has been working with Chuck since 2009 after the two met in a random encounter at a local coffee shop, which the two have laughingly come to refer to as "The Paranormal Starbucks".

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