UFOnut.com – Episode 008: Bailey Bigfoot Investigation

December 31, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

UFOnut joins Bigfoot researcher Joe Fex on an investigation in Bailey, Colorado. A series of Bigfoot howls, screams and predatory attacks leaves a local resident searching for answers.

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Matt Morgan is the co-owner of Post Interactive (PI). Along with his business partner, Trina Bivens, Matt produces the episodic video series for UFOnut and occasionally assists Chuck Zukowski with investigations. Matt has been working with Chuck since 2009 after the two met in a random encounter at a local coffee shop, which the two have laughingly come to refer to as "The Paranormal Starbucks".

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  1. Allan says:

    G’Day to all and sundry,
    I’ve listened & enjoyed this video and found it most informative. The ” Screams ” as you call them are to me just vocualizations, not screams per se. One thing about these vocalizations is the likeness to whale sounds as they communicate with each other, a most intriugiing co-incidence perhaps; maybe then again maybe not. Would make a great research project/video don’t you think comparing these two vocalizations from both creatures, just a thought……………….plz continue the factual research, ty Allan

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