UFOnut.com – Episode 013: Miller Mutilation Event

January 28, 2016 | By | 3 Comments

On Sunday December 13th, Chuck Zukowski was contacted by the Miller Ranch near Trinidad, Colorado, about a possible cattle mutilation. Two 1100 pound female Red Angus’s went missing, one was found dead with unusual wounds and the other was found alive, but with internal injuries, which may have been inflicted during the primary mutilation event.

Click here to read the full investigation report

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Matt Morgan is the co-owner of Post Interactive (PI). Along with his business partner, Trina Bivens, Matt produces the episodic video series for UFOnut and occasionally assists Chuck Zukowski with investigations. Matt has been working with Chuck since 2009 after the two met in a random encounter at a local coffee shop, which the two have laughingly come to refer to as "The Paranormal Starbucks".

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  1. S murphy says:

    Just came across your page/site. Just thought I’d drop a little comment to keep up with the work your doing. The truth will out eventually. I’m from the uk and in 1997 had a sighting myself which to be blunt would have been a ufo hunters dream. Watched it over about 30 miles in daylight. Flying real quick it descended at our location to around 40ft above the ground and the same or less in front. Literally right over us. This ufo was entirely Green in colour like a plasma/luminous glow. Sounds crazy I know but exactly how it looked. Hope you uncover the truth you are seeking and good luck with it. 👍

  2. joe Beach says:

    well hi i own some land by the 37p in col ya when i was thier my nebbors told me not to go tomy land by my self ya also some person have been missing in that part of the world owell my land is in the S.L.V YA well just came by to say hi ok keep up the good work joe beach ca ok

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