UFO’s Seen in Colorado? (they’re back…)

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On Sunday March 20th, 2011, three lights in a triangular formation were video recorded flying high over Lafayette, Colorado. Leroy van der Vegt and his son Nick experienced this unusual sighting first hand. The sighting recorded on camera, immediately pro surfed the Internet from mountains to shores east and west.

The lights were somewhere around 3000 to 6000 feet high, moved very slowly in formation across the night sky then disappeared one at a time. Leroy and Nick stated, “It was completely quiet. No noise at all!” The lights, red in color, didn’t blink but stayed in a triangular formation as they hovered in the sky. Eventually, the lights slowly moved northeast and then faded out.

This sighting resembled the famous Phoenix Arizona sighting of March 13, 1997. The Phoenix Lights, a triangular formation of lights, were seen by thousands of people that night. What did they see? Flares or a UFO? To this day that sighting is still greatly debated.

My connection to the Phoenix lights are; While living in California, I interviewed a professional astronomer who’s daughter not only saw the lights but was contacted by a good friend in the military asking her what she thought the lights were. The friend in the military had no idea what he saw so he asked his friend who teaches physics in Phoenix. Well, she couldn’t explain the sighting either.

On Tuesday March 29th just nine days after Lafayette, a strange object was spotted near Calhan, Colorado and was reported to this web site. Calhan is just a few miles from where I live, Colorado Springs.

Excerpt of reported sighting:

This is (name on file) out in Calhan…My husband just saw what he thinks is a UFO. It was right above our ranch. He believes about 1 mile up or so, about the same distance up as maybe a local airplane or a bit higher. He says it was silver in color and it hovered and then moved in a back and forth direction. He says it was kind of square-ish in shape but may have been round too.  It was there for at least 2 minutes and then just disappeared. This happened at 5:02pm.

Sighting follow-up report:

Object was observed 8 miles southeast of Calhan.

There are two small airports nearby. One in Calhan and the other in Peyton. Neither have control towers so air traffic control mainly relies on communication between the pilots in the air and the pilots on the ground waiting to taxi.

Contacting the larger of the two airports, the object was not sighted and no weather balloons were spotted in the vicinity.

The object appeared lower than commercial aircraft but higher than the local aircraft.

The object looked square-ish in size (with shadows).

The object did not appear to be spinning.

Extending the arm outwards and holding up your thumb, the object appeared slightly larger than the thumb.

Estimated size of object from rancher’s field of view, thirty feet.

No sounds seemed to come from the object.

No unusual smells were detected.

Object hovered for about 30 seconds then proceeded to move back and forth.

Duration of sighting lasted two minutes ending when the object appeared to just disappear.

Rancher was unable to get to a camera or binoculars quick enough for better observation.

Checking the Colorado MUFON website, the following sightings were reported after this one.

03/31/2011: Fast moving bright white light, then a second one appeared for about 30 seconds and then disappeared.

04/01/2011: Witnessed three “twinkling” reddish lights in the Eastern sky, traveling very quickly in different directions.

04/02/2011: Four distinct very bright lights in the sky along the front range .

So what’s flying over Colorado?

Skeptics and debunkers are the first to say weather balloons or military craft.

Ok… I’ve seen and photographed a weather balloon and agree some sightings could be a flexible latex material filled with lighter than air gas. But what about when the balloon theory doesn’t apply and the Balloon Boy is no where to be found?

Conventional aircraft? Yep modern day aircraft get mistaken all the time for UFO’s. Planes banking, diving, or just maneuvering a s-curve formation can be seen from many angles as appearing rectangular or saucer shaped.

Military air craft? (Yep again) Military aircraft like the stealth fighter or bomber are mistaken all the time as UFO’s. Then there are the new types of aircraft which haven’t been released yet. New designs are very unfamiliar to the untrained eye. But the one thing they have in common is, conventional aerodynamic technology and conventional fuel to power them.

But what about the times these strange looking craft are seen stopping in the sky, moving back and forth, then jetting away in a blink of an eye?

Do we have the expertise to defy modern day aircraft technology?

What about the substance fueling these unusual craft? Is there an alternate fuel source the general public doesn’t know about?

What about nuclear technology?

So many questions and no answers. Nuclear technology sounds scientific, but really isn’t.

The standard nuclear plants, like the ones in Japan, are basically a steam generating power plant that uses radioactive elements like uranium to boil water. The radioactive fuel is placed in a reactor and the atoms are allowed to split. The splitting process, known as fission, releases large amounts of energy. The energy is then used to heat water until it turns to steam. Then the steam pushes on turbines which force coils of wire to interact with a magnetic field, thus generating an electric current. Yep, we’re talking about good old fashion steam for electricity.

Steam Power? Well how long has that been around?

Thomas Savery (1650-1715) was an English inventor who patented the first crude steam engine in 1698.

In the 1st century AD, Heron of Alexandria a Greek inventor, created the “aeolipile” which was a steam device used as a toy.

So what is flying over Colorado? Standard aircraft, weather balloons or military aircraft? If the military has non conventional aircraft using non conventional (ie, petroleum based) fuel, then why won’t they share it with the common folks like us?

If sections within our own government deny having any new source of anti-gravity technology which is being used in air craft seen flying around since and before the 1940’s, then who has this technology? US? Them? or…… THEM?

Until someone fesses up to these unknown questions, we’ll just have to guess what’s flying over Colorado, and just say…

They’re Back!


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