Roswell, New Mexico, Crash of July, 1947 [Updated 2006]

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On the night of July 3rd 1947, 48 year old W.W Mac Brasel and his 8 year old son Vernon, were staying at the Hines ranch house waiting out a terrific thunderstorm. The ranch house is located roughly 80 miles Northwest of Roswell in Lincoln County near the city of Corona. Well early next morning while venturing out to check on their sheep, they came upon strange metallic debris and other unknown material scattered within a 200 to 300 yard area across a pasture. After locating the sheep, Mac and his son tried to herd the sheep to the well for water. Choosing a path which crossed the debris area, the sheep refused to cross the field and Mac was forced to herd them around. I just recently learned in June of 2006, that the sheep actually refused to cross the debris area up to 2 years after the initial finding. Even after Mac baited the area to persuade the sheep, they still refused to cross that particular area.

Mack then tucked some of the debris under his hat then he and his son rode to a nearby ranch. There they met with their good friends the Proctors and discussed the matter. Now we suspect at this time 9 year old Dee Proctor rode back with Mac and his friend Vernon to see the debris. More debris was then gathered and drug by horseback to the Hines ranch house and stored in a shed nearby.

Anyway after consulting his neighbors about the material, Mac Brasel went into Corona and talked with the Sheriff there. The Sheriff refused to deal with the matter and directed Mac to the Sheriff in Roswell. This is very interesting, because if the Corona Sheriff would have taken responsibility to handle the strange debris, then Corona would be known for this incident and not Roswell. Well Mac took some of the debris to Roswell and met with Sheriff George A. Wilcox. who then contacted the (RAAF) Roswell Army Airforce Base and told them about the material in his posession. Now Jesse Marcel and a member of the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) Capt. Sheridan Cavitt were ordered out from the base to investigate the material Mac found. By the time Jesse, Sheridan and Mac reached the ranch house it was too dark to look at the material. So after spending a somewhat uncomfortable night in a small ranch shack with no facilities, early next morning Marcel and Cavitt accompanied Mac to the crash site and collected as much of the material as their two vehicles could carry. Back at the ranch house they noted that although the material was very lite and very thin, they were unable to bend, tear or burn it. Jesse and Cavitt spent all day at the debris field taking measurements, and writing map coordinates and gathering other information.

Now late that night, Cavitt drove his flat bed truck back to the base with material in the back and Jesse drove his car with material in the trunk. Jesse decided to take a slight detour and stopped at his house. Very excited at what he had, he needed to show his family before he headed back to the base. He went in to the house with some of the material and spead it out on the kitchen floor. He then woke his wife and son and showed them the material, and the strange properties it had. At this time Jesse Marcel Jr. remembers seeing an eye beam with strange symbols on it. To this day Jesse speaks of the symbols and the debris he saw as a child.

When Marcel and Cavitt returned to the base, they briefed their commanding officer at what they had. The RAAF base commander “Col. (William) Blanchard (commander of the 509th) then ordered his investigators to test the material at the base. (Note) The 509th is still in existance today in Missouri flying the Stealth bombers. Well after the RAAF experts had performed a number of experiments on the material they decided it was of unEarthly orgin. Col Blanchard then orderd 1st Lt. Walter Haut to initiate a press release. Walter was the RAAF’s public information officer and his press release we still investigate today. Yes the famous headline announcing: “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region.” (Click Headline To Read Actual Article)

Now during all this excitement, a crashed UFO along with a number of alien bodies, 4 dead and one alive, had been discovered at multiple locations from the debris site. Multiple locations? Yes! New investigation tells a little different story. Ready… Here we go..

There are a couple of assumptions why the craft crashed, so we will at this time go to the latest debris field story. The heel shaped craft either was struck by another craft and skipped and crashed, or it had previously landed to make repairs and upon lifting off lost control skipped and crashed. Skipped? Yep.. The debris site is an area where the craft under intelligent control tried to make a crash landing and skipped off the desert floor causing the debris Mac and Vernon found. Upon skipping on the desert, a large tear apparently was created on the side of the craft which caused a couple of occupents to fall out. Fall out? Yep latest investigations states a couple of travellers were ejected from the craft after the initial skip. More on that later..

Now the the actual impact site occured after the skip and (ET-ejection) and was located some distance due East of the debris site. (To preserve future on-site investigations I cannot devulge the actual distance we think it landed) Well story goes rock hunters came up-upon what was left of the heel shaped craft. It was embedded into a dried stream bank, with rips in the side and bodies laying around it exposed to the hot dry temperatures. Before the new on-lookers could assess the crash site and damage, a military convoy approached the site and forced silence among the civilians using death threats against them and their families.

Now you ask, “Ok, why did the military show up?” Why then? Well the military saw the large area where the debris was scattered. They could clearly see there were no large pieces there which resembled a piloted area. So they brought in an airplane which started flying in circles from the debris site. The circles were more like ovals, slowly heading in the direction of the scattered debris. The spotting plane eventually sited the main body of the craft, radio’d in the coordinates and a military convoy headed to the location. That’s where they ran into the rock hunters. Now let’s talk about the bodies. Something has always bugged me. Mac had stated to the KGFL radio station owner “Walt Whitmore Sr”, that the “Green men weren’t green”. How would he know that unless he saw the bodies. Right? Well latest investigation including an interview with Mac’s grand daughter Fawn, states that Mac was not taken away by the military and housed on the base to keep quiet, he was taken back to the ranch to help look for more debris. Mac under watchful guidence of the military, rode on horseback on the ranch property to look for more possible debris. Story goes, Mac and his military companions spied circling buzzards and when they approached, they found the two ET’s which fell out of the craft after the skip.

Ok, now back to Roswell. After the newspaper release of the Brasel discovery was made public, Marcel was ordered to load the material he’d collected aboard one of the 509th’s B-29 Superfortress bombers and take it to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. Wright field now named Wright Patterson field, because the two initial runways were named Wright, and Patterson, housed the only Foreign Technology lab in the United States. But first Marcel had to make a quick stop at the 8th Air Force headquarters in Fort Worth Texas. It was at the Fort Worth Army Air Field that General Ramey constructed the weather balloon story which the Airforce in 1997, admitted it was Project Mogaul, a top secret balloon which monitors nuclear explosions from other countries, preferably, Russia. (Click Picture To See Another Version)

At Ramey’s office, the general, Col Thomas Du Bose, and Marcel posed with the debris while James Bond Johnson a local base photographer started taking pictures of the alleged crash debris. Then San Antonian, Irving “Newt” Newton, the only meteorologist working at the base’s busy flight operations office the afternoon of July 8 was suddenly ordered to Gen. Roger Ramey’s office. In his office he confirmed the material he was looking at was in fact a “Rawin” weather balloon. (Click “left” Newspaper Picture to Read Article)

Later in years, Marcel still claimed the material displayed in Ramey’s office wasn’t what he’d actually brought from Roswell but was switched at one point. One of Marcel’s positions in the military was to identify top secret crashed aircraft, and he was quite aware of what a weather balloon looked like, he had retrieved many in his career since that July. What he found obviously was amazing enough that he had to wake his wife and son in the middle of the night and show them.

While pictures were being taken in Fort Worth, there was an armada of soldiers from all over the Four Corner’s area at the debris site picking up material. First at arms length scouring the field, then at shoulder’s width, and finally on hands and knees looking for the slightest bit of evidence. As for the bodies at the second crash site, they were air-lifted along with the damaged craft to Wright Air Base, and stored in the famed, Hanger 18 there. At that time Wright base was where the Foreign Technology Department was located, and their job was to reverse engineer new technology from other countries and see how they functioned. All the labs were already set-up there and it was a perfect place to analyze the new material. Later, researchers have speculated, the main body of the craft and the surviving being, nick-named, “EBE” for Exstraterrestrial Biological Entity”, was transferred to Groom Lake, Nevada, Area 51 for further analysis. Area 51’s initial developement was in the early 1950’s

And so the saga continues. New evidence about the famed pictures from Fort Worth are starting to shed light on whether or not the debris were switched. Digital photo analysis taken from the original pictures at Fort Worth are focusing on hieroglyphics on part of the debris and a memo that was in the General’s hand. More and more witnesses are coming forward about the 1947 incident which is making this grand-daddy of all ufo incidents harder and harder to debunk. I personally met with a gentlemen in Sedona Arizona, a couple of years ago, which told me his story of years before in 1947 when him and his new wife were being re-located on board a military aircraft. A soldier confide in him about a crash site he just left in New Mexico, in which he had to pick up debris from a crashed area. He said it was a craft like no type he had ever seen, which doesn’t sound like a weather balloon story to me.. Do your own research, there are plenty of books on the subject, start with the ones referenced at the end of this site. This particular event is too important to get shoved under the carpet, and frankly ufo researchers are having good laughs listening to the Airforce’s lame excuses. Remember the parachuting dummies the Airforce claims eye witnesses were mistaken for little 4 foot tall aliens? The dummies are on display in a museum near White Sands, they stand 6 feet tall and weren’t in use until the mid 50s. The Airforce’s explanation for that was, “Well some of the witnesses must have their dates wrong”. Ask your grandparents when they were born, ask them about important dates in their lives, then tell them too their face, that they’re just too old to remember the right dates.. Well that’s what the Airforce said..

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