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Welcome to UFOnut.com, UFO Investigation including Roswell, Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations and the cyberspace home to UFO and paranormal field investigators, Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer.

Ufology is the study of Unconventional Flying Objects. The term “unconventional” meaning that these are not, in any way, similar to our present technology of flight concepts and patterns (as far as we know). True, a lot of UFO sightings are actually explainable as either conventional air craft or new military air craft that the general public is unaware of at this time. Yet, there are sightings which cannot be explained.

With today’s high-tech video cameras (which are a must on every vacation), more and more footage is becoming available of unexplainable sightings. Recent polls have shown the majority of people today believe in the existence of life outside this planet. A vast number of them believe that our planet has been and is still being visited. The descriptive pictures located on my site are there to entice you to “wet your whistle” and force you to do some research on your own. I’ve picked older sightings because in today’s digital camera world a lot of fake pictures exist. It’s harder to ignore the sightings of years gone by when you compare it to the technology we had at that time.

Enjoy my site, catch my links, look at some of the book references I have here and search the net. There are massive amounts of data on the site now, including up-to-date sightings with pictures and video. Keep it in mind that, for some reason, we are being denied information about visitations to our planet, but with more individuals becoming aware and “looking up,” it won’t be long before information is released to all of us.

Good hunting!

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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