What is a UFO?

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What is a UFO ? I like to define it as an ( Unconventional Flying Object )

To an observer, witnessing a UFO is often confusing and certainly unexplainable. What constitutes an actual sighting often depends upon the shape, movement and visual strangeness of the object being observed.

All UFO sightings can be categorized by the following designations:

* Night light (Nocturnal Light=NL) One or several unexplainable lights up in the evening sky which are either moving or hovering. In this scenario, the witness cannot accurately judge the distance, altitude, and speed of the objects.

* Day Light Disc ( DD ) To the observers, these give the impression of being a physical object. They appear in broad daylight, and can apparently navigate their craft very differently than conventional aircraft.

* Radar-Visual observation ( RV ) One or more objects seen on radar by a qualified military or civilian air traffic controller. In this instance, the velocity and distance of the object can be calculated by the radar systems.

* Close Encounter of the first kind. ( CE I ) In this category, the UFO can be near the ground or in the air. The witness must be able to report some details of the craft’s shape, color, speed, and movements.

* Close Encounter of the second kind. ( CE II ) In this category, the observer must have witnessed a close pass of a UFO. Also, some sort of physical evidence of the encounter ( landing marks, electrical distortion, witnesses of the aforementioned ) would be most helpful in making reports.

* Close Encounter of the third kind. ( CE III ) This is the most serious of all UFO encounters. In this category, a witness must have seen some kind of creature emerge from a UFO. The creature can appear as a humanoid, hybrid or some type of droid device.

* Close Encounter of the fourth kind. ( CE IV ) Another one depending on who you talk with. I’ve heard the “Fourth Kind” referring to abduction scenarios. I worked a case in Colorado Springs in which a married couple were abducted during broad daylight. They had many strange and unusal incident’s thereafter. This particular case was handed over to Dr. Leir.

* Close Encounter of the fifth kind. ( CE V ) Depends on who you talk to.. This generally means that some type of communication between the observer and individuals in the craft have occured. It could be communication using flash lights, hand signals, telepathy, or some type of verbal language. The CSETI organization with Dr. Steven Greer, is most popular with this type of encounter.

Close Encounter of the animal kind. (CE COW) Not quite sure where to place this one. There are many cattle mutilation cases on record. Christopher O’ Brien had reported on a few cases in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. The last time I saw him, he told me he is currently writing a new book which is dedicated to the mutilation phenomena. Not only cows, but the first case was actually a horse named Snippy in 1967. Well… it was really a mare named, “Lady”. She was laying on her left side in a damp meadow. Burned areas were found not far from her location. For more information on this particular case see, Chris O’Brien’s, “The Mysterious Valley” page 65. Are aliens doing this, or is it a secret organization within our government? Could be both, reports of strange ufo-type craft have been seen before an animal mutilation has been found, as well as black helicopters. This is a very interesting area to research, micro-meteorites have even been found around a 10 yard radius of a mutilated cow. Very strange, yet very interesting, yet very disturbing.

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