Another Colorado Animal Mutilation 05/04/13

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“Caution” Photos are Graphic!


(Picture courtesy Miller)

On Saturday morning May 4th, 2013 while away from Colorado, I was contacted by rancher Miller about his latest animal mutilation. He’s had three previous mutilations, one on 03/17/09 ( a 1 week old calf) one on 08/06/11 (a 5 year old Red Angus) and one just recently on 09/12 (a 4-5 year old Red Angus), and now this one which is a 2 week old Red Angus calf. This now makes his fourth that I’ve known about. A previous interview I had with him earlier this year, he confessed to me there were probably other mutilations throughout the years but were dismissed for one reason or another. Now being experienced with this strange phenomenon, he knows the key elements to look for before considering if his animal’s death is of natural or unnatural causes.

The following investigative notes were taken from a phone interview with rancher Miller.


The rancher found this animal Saturday morning May 4th where he feeds the herd. The last time he saw the calf was at that exact location the day before. He estimates the calf was mutilated sometime during the evening Friday May 3rd.

Animal Statistics:

– Breed: Red Angus, female.
– Age: 2 weeks old.
– Weight: Estimated 125 pounds.
– Worth: Overall estimated cost of the animal would be over $1000.00
– Time: One year loss until another calf is born.

Rancher’s investigation:

– Animal was found within 12 hours estimated mutilation.
– A coyote was spotted at the carcass when the rancher showed up.
– No unusual ground depressions in dirt.
– Dirt appeared to be dry with soft top dirt.
– No human footprints or tire tracks were seen.
– No predator take-down evidence seen near carcass.
– No blood seen anywhere around skinned remains.
– No blood stains seen on the hide.
– No fleshy material found on the ground near the remains.


(Picture courtesy Miller)

Animal damage:

– Animal’s hide was completely separated from the spinal vertebra.
– Rib cage appeared to have been cored out.
– Only the head was attached to the spinal vertebra.
– The tongue appeared to have been cored out through the skull.


(Picture courtesy Miller)

– Rear leg hide was circular cut away from bone.
– Left front leg missing, possibly due to coyote.
– Ribs were exposed and some were missing, possibly due to the coyote.
– All legs appeared to have been pulled from their joint sockets.
– Hide on both back legs were precisely cut away from the bone, almost identical on both sides.


(Picture courtesy Miller)

Holes seen 1.5 inches in diameter.
– 1 hole seen on the front right leg.
– 1 hole seen on the shoulder near the chest area.
– 2 holes seen half way down the body from where the neck used to be.


(Picture courtesy Miller)


Surrounding area was quiet without any unusual animal incidents the week of the mutilation. No unknown individuals or vehicles were seen near the area before mutilation was found. No unusual lights or any type of air craft were seen before mutilation occurred.


Rancher has agreed to remove and freeze samples for me so I can transport them to a lab with specific instructions, when I return to Colorado.

Summary of Investigation:

Every mutilation case I work on appears to have something unique about it. This case the animal was literally skinned away from its spinal vertebra leaving the hide, head and legs behind. Obviously no animal can do this type of damage cutting the hide away so perfectly and clean, so one would expect a human with hunting and hide dressing skills. But why? Why would a person do this? How could they do this without leaving blood stains on the hide? Without leaving blood stains on the ground vegetation? Without leaving foot prints? Without leaving any evidence they were even there? Why?

I’d like to thank the Millers for contacting me and informing me about their latest case and allowing me to inform the public about it. The more the public learns about these cases, the more they’ll contact investigators like myself to help them solve these cases. With every case I learn about, with every sample I take and have analyzed, the more I learn and get closer to learning the truth behind these Animal Cruelty Cases.

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