Cattle Mutilation, Trinidad, Colorado 08/08/2011

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Monday morning August 8th, 2011, I was contacted by rancher Miller from Trinidad, Colorado. He informed me that one of his cows had been mutilated over the past weekend. I had investigated one of his previous mutilated cows back on March of 2009. This rancher has had three separate mutilation cases.

The following are my notes from my field investigation.

Disclaimer: Caution some pictures attached to this blog may be disturbing.

Field Investigator: Chuck Zukowski, Colorado Springs, Co

Location of Mutilation: Trinidad, Colorado

Mutilation occurred sometime Friday August 5th or Saturday August 6th.

Found by non-owner rancher on Sunday August 7th.

Rancher Miller was informed on Sunday while out of town, saw the animal for the first time on Monday August 8th.

Rancher contacted me on Monday morning August 8th.

Field investigation took place on Monday afternoon August 8th, roughly 2:30pm.

Las Animas County Sheriff deputy investigated animal August 8, 2011

(no case report was given to rancher at time of investigation, I will contact the department)

Investigative Notes:

Radiation Check: none detected

EMF (Electro-Magnetic-Field) detection: 8-10 micro-tesla

Magnetic Sweep: no metallic’s detected

The animal did not have a magnet in her stomach

Animal was pointing head first 60 degrees N/E

Animal Statistics:

Breed: Red Angus

Sex: female

Age: 5 years old

Length: estimated 8feet 11 inches from nose to hind

Girth: estimated 9 feet round

Weight: estimated 1000+ pounds

Oval hole where ear used to be

Oval hole at utter, teats were cored out.

Oval hole at anal area. Discolored soil is due to fluid oozing.

Mutilation wounds visible on left side:

Laceration on nose

Laceration around left eye

Oval hole where left ear used to be. 7 inches by 4 inches

Tongue appears to be removed

Oval hole between forelegs. 12 inches by 7.5 inches

Oval hole at location of utter. 6 inches by 4 inches

Two oval holes where utter teats appeared to be. 1×1 inch

Long laceration between rear legs to utter. 18 inches x 4 inches

Oval hole near anal area. 8.5 inches by 6 inches

Animal was too heavy to roll over by me and rancher so right side of animal was unseen.

Predator evidence: none

Scavenger evidence: birds only

Flies present

Normal smell for two day old carcass

No evidence of struggle on dirt

No evidence of human intervention causing animal’s death

Evidence of bloating

Evidence of out-gassing

Rancher’s dog was sick after interacting with carcass day before, but appears fine during investigation.

Samples Taken:

Tissue sample taken along edge of oval hole near anal area

Tissue sample taken along edge of oval hole near utter area

Tissue sample taken along edge of oval hole between front forelegs

Soil sample taken near carcass, test sample taken 50 feet away at similar terrain

Ear tag from missing ear left side

Action Items:

The three tissue samples will be sent to Colorado State University Veterinary Lab, Fort Collins, for analysis.

– Tissue analysis will be determined by samples when received

The soil samples will be sent to a soil analysis lab I work with. (Name on file and not revealed, per lab’s request)

– Soil analysis will be a comparison analysis looking for any differences between the two.


Unfortunately I was unable to take this animal to the lab for a complete necropsy. There are a few factors which can stand in the way to achieve this. One, time accrued of deceased animal. Two, distance to the lab. Three, proper specimen to achieve complete necropsy for proper analysis.

As information on current mutilation cases become more available to the public, the public in turn, knows who to contact when a new mutilation occurs. This hand-shake of information going back and forth from investigator to the public, will ultimately achieve our goals of finding the evidence we need to resolve these cases.

Chuck Zukowski

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. Vicki says:

    Strange how something subconsciously told me to look at your website. And to think we wondered if they were still here. There were strange lights here Monday night but we thought they might be testing a drone. We had seen one a couple days before. Those were amazing shots but more amazing were the cuts through the hide. As smooth as fabric. So what was decided what to do with the carcus after you took samples? Was anyone willing to butcher that fine heffer and eat the meat? You should have loaded that up and taken it to the office you worked for and told them they could have a big BBQ picnic, on you. Absolutely amazing! Hope U R well! Keep everyone posted of the results.

  2. More than one cattle found mutitlated at different time periods/open minded observation from two indiviuals who believe in scientific evidence and the possiblily of unexplained events.

    After viewing the investigation photos at length, my husband and I could see that the soil around her body what
    in the shape of a circle and lighter in color. My husband also observed what could have been a pathway leading to the circle itself. We are also in agreement that the removal of her body parts apperared to be done with a laser or some type of tool which uses heat as a conductor. The two of us also think that it is interesting that the rancher’s dog became sick upon contact with the animal ( research at Roswell stated that the sheep would not cross through the crash area after it was cleaned up).

  3. eileen says:

    This is right out creepy. How these things can invade our lives with such gorey and heart breaking actions. My family and I have been getting nightly visits from 5 or 6 different types of UFO’s for months now. We can see them literally every night surrounding our farm and our neighborhood. We had our first major sighting 2 years ago and we saw them on and off ever since. Around 6 or 7 months ago i noticed them every night. As long as the sky is clear we can see them.
    I had one investigator come to my home and he told me he thought that i was lucky to be seeing these things. My family and i are scared to go in our own yard at night. We have three horses and several dogs that we are always worried about. If i hear a thump or a bang outside i am shaking in my bed wondering if my horses are ok. We will not let our dogs out late at night unless we are with them.
    There is one big one with three lit up windows that has been coming around 1:00 am and stays directly over our front lawn very low to the ground every night now for a month. As daylight comes it moved higher into the sky very slowly and eventually disappears. That really freaks us out.
    I would love to have some type of UFO investigation team come out here to see these things. I figure that if we attract a lot of attention to them they might go away. They know that we see them and they don’t care at all. If you know someone who can help or come to my home for an investigation please email me. We are in Ontario, Canada.

  4. Does anyone remember Skippy the horse, maybe the very first animal mutilation victim? I think
    Skippy lived in the San Luis Valley. Let me know if anyone has any stories or info on Skippy. Thank you.

  5. sandy says:

    i know that there human mutilation and it is not by humans at all

  6. Obviously we need to wait for results of forensic testing, but looking at the photos that Chuck has taken of this particular carcass, it appears to me that this animal exhibits signs of scavenging by birds—probably magpies and crows/ravens. The lack of other physical evidence at the site is a bit unusual but not especially so. I suspect that the vets at CSU will agree with this cursory opinion…

  7. beckyblanton says:

    There was a great video posted on YouTube ––nvtiDdI of UFOs filmed during broad daylight in Commerce City, Colorado. It’s about 1:30 minutes long, Very good video shot from someone’s home. The UFOs were there on Aug. 12.

  8. eileen says:

    There is no way that animals of any kind can make those wounds. The hole in the chest and the anal coring are perfect circles that have also been found on other cows, horses, and people. You can see that the edges of the wounds are like they were burnt by some sort of laser used for surgery.
    On many occasions of animal mutilation the farm/animal owners or near by neighbours have also seen strange lights somewhere on the ranch where the dead animals were found. Deny it all you like. People are not stupid and know what has happened. Some people have a hard time accepting it though. I have UFO’s surrounding our property/neighborhood every night so i now know they exist. I myself believe in God and i believe that aliens are demons taking the alien form. Just look at how many people now think that aliens are our creators. What they are trying to achieve is working. I will never doubt my creator.
    Something that can do that to a creature has to be sick and evil. Search “human mutilation cases by aliens” on google and you will see how the people that have been found thought to be mutilated by aliens have the exact same wounds of perfect cookie cutter holes in their bodies done by some sort of laser that burns the edges. Anal coring, tongue removal, sex organ removal,and other exact damage is also done to the human victims. Unless the wild animals can now use surgical equipment i have to say that i believe the aliens have done this. The coroner also stated that the humans and animals were all alive but unable to move while being mutilated. They have found cow mutilation carcasses in tree tops, hanging on power lines and on other high objects. One man who’s body was found and mutilated in the same way was found in the bush several hours after he got on his quad at 5:00 am to go deer hunting. Articles of his clothing and one of his boots was found in the tree tops near his body. There were no foot prints or any other sign of human involvement. The man and his clothing was found as if it had been dropped out of an aircraft above the tree tops. These evil things are taking many humans and animals for their own observation and curiosity.
    There is no logical explanation for any of these cases. If you say there is i am pretty sure you must work for the government or be one of them living here on earth.

  9. Sorry Eilleen but I beg to differ w/ you. I have investigated over 200 cases since 1993 and have worked and learned from veterinarians, animal pathologists, taxidermists and law-enforcement investigators, so consider this an informed opinion. FWIW: I have personally seen magpies carve an amazingly perfect circle out of the rear-end of a cow [Fairplay, CO 1993]. The apparent smoothness of the cuts can be attributed to the rapid dehydration and shrinking of the incisional area. NIDS published an excellent study [Onet George E, DVM, PhD, Kelleher Colm, PhD, (1997), Histological Changes in Bovine Skin Exposed to Natural Environmental Conditions] that showed how this natural drying and shrinking process can sometimes trick amateurs into believing they are looking at cauterized cuts. Obviously, we have to wait to hear the results of professional forensic testing, but I do caution everyone not to immediately jump to the conclusion that aliens are gathering ingredients for udder, lip and eye stew.

  10. The horse’s name was Lady (confused by the media and misnamed “Snippy” after its sire). The case occurred on September 8th 1967 and the most thorough examination of this case is found in a rare book by Coral Lorenzen called “Death of an Appaloosa.” The next best coverage of the case is found in my first book, The Mysterious Valley. I was good friends w/ Berle Lewis–husband of Nellie (who owned the horse) and I have the only full-length video interview w/ Berle (who died in 2006). The Snippy case was the first INTERNATIONALLY PUBLICIZED unexplained livestock death case. We have cases from MO in the ’30s; 15 elk and deer found near Buena Vista, CO in 1951 and there are even references to peasants petitioning King James I of England to investigate strange English livestock deaths in the Middle Ages. This is a complex, misunderstood subject. I firmly agree that there are real, unexplained, high-strange “mutilations,” but they are far more rare than your average true-believer wants to believe.

  11. eileen says:

    Hello Christopher. I believe it was the aliens no matter what evidence there might be. Many of the cows were seen in excellent health hours before they were found dead. The strange blue lights in the pasture is the give away.
    I find it very stressful seeing these objects myself on a regular basis and knowing what they are capable of.
    I worry about my horses so much at night. Even though they are brought into their stalls in the barn every night i still worry. Every thump and bang they make i am afraid but i am too scared to go out there and check on them now. If you are a writer you should come out here and see the objects that are here every night. You would get a lot of research for a book. There are coroner pictures on the net of a man that was found with the same injuries as the cows. He has cookie cutter holes in his body but there is one on each side perfectly across from the other. One on the right breast and one on the left breast and so on.Whoever took his organs out through those holes wanted both sides so they made the holes on the left and right side of the body. Mag pies and maggots would not do that. His body was taken for autopsy and the edges around the holes were burned with a laser type instrument. Find the article and take a look. You will see the cows wounds are the same as the humans.

  12. Vicki says:

    Was wondering if anyone cared anymore about continued cattle mutilations. Makes me wonder what the heck is going on out there in Trinidad with this mutilation and then the big quake, wow! I would like 2 make a joke about Trinidad and what it’s known for but that would b a different blog! I am seriously concerned for Eileen. I understand her fear. Since seeing the “UFO” last summer, our lives have never been the same and now I have constant fear especially at night that most would consider very irrational. Funny how I have lived in haunted houses before and of course was afraid, but nothing like this. It is the adult version of the “boogie man” and I’m not kidding!! Eileen, are you Native?? I have scoured the internet looking for information that might make some sense and have thought of a few theories. There are constant theories that “they” are mixing chromosomes to make hybrids, ones that could survive on our planet. This makes some sense as one would believe that only animals from this planet could survive our gravity and atmosphere to mention a few. But why continue to take the digestive systems from cattle? “The baby needs some milk!” But why would “they” want to live on our planet when it is predicted that magnetic poles will change with increasing lethal sun flares that will fry our earth to a crisp??!! I found a website that had a new crop circle in England. I have a hard time believing that it is real as it looks a bit comical and those that “read” these messages believe that “they” would be returning in 28 days. So I counted which day that would be and that is TODAY! But no new solar or planatary movements that I’m aware of. The earthquake was a bit freaky but I don’t think connected in any way. And I also don’t believe that the mutilations of humans were in any way connected to other life forms. I am warey of the internet images but then again, it appears there are some freaky things and life forms documented in Chile. I have been following George Ure and Cliff High of the Web Bot project that predicts events that are forthcoming. There is only a tiny bit of reference to extraterristerials but I don’t think they are the ones responsible for any wars or nuclear meltdowns or the earth’s demise. This computer system predicts catastrophies but not… THE END OF THE WORLD!! Maybe the end of what we currently know, but not of all life! It does make me wonder, if our cousins out there in the stars are here to save us? or maybe just return after half of us perish??? I have wondered what is delaying the lab results from this particular case. Even the orange goo found in Alaska has been identified already and found to be a fungus (origin unknown yet). Surely, there HAS 2 be lab results by now! But it doesn’t matter anyway and would tell us very little actually. It has been known by all religions as “The End Times” but as predicted, only a new transformation of the earth. The bottom line here is PROPHECY! All this stuff was prophecised centuries ago when our existance was not created yet.
    So I guess the bottom line here People is Prophecy. According to Father Bob in an excellant sermon, states, there is absolutely nothing that YOU can do. It was already prophesied anyway. So as different litatures state, one shall be taken and one shall be saved. So as far as I can tell, this is a 50-50 chance decided simply by rightous versus unrightous, good versus bad, believer versus unbeliever, and so on. Somehow we all need to rest, as the way I figure it, this has been already been Writen what this is and is about to become, is beyond our grips and understanding. And to think I used to be afraid of ghosts!!! Bless you Eileen!

  13. Eileen says:

    Thanks for your concern Vicki. I am worried about us too. We can’t even go in our own yard at night anymore. They might be there all day too but we just can’t see them which is what i prefer.
    Many people even say that the movie industry and the media have been creating shows, movies, and documentaries about aliens to convince us into believing that they exist. Apparently the military is 25 years ahead in their technology than they are letting on and they made a UFO type craft at the end of world war 2. They have been making them ever since. They say 99% of UFO sightings are the military and that seems correct seeings how every time a UFO is spotted there are some type of military craft right behind it. One day very soon the president is supposed to make world wide statement that they have made alien contact. This is to get everyone to believe. Then not long after he going to announce a UFO invasion is coming but apparently it is going to be a lie and the military is actually supposed to come down attacking us, posing as aliens, and wipe out 80% of the population. Then the 20% of us that are left will be desperate for protection and the military will crowd us into concentration type camps which they will be calling safe zones. When actually it will be a way of controlling the 20% of us who are left alive.
    Nothing in this world surprises me anymore. Those who have money and power have their under ground shelters where they will be safe while the rest of us suffer and die. Money is for sure the root of all evil.
    God says in the Bible that he created us and only us. It states that aliens or any other beings are a form of demon. God also said that he will let evil rule the earth near the end times to see who remains faithful to him. That is probably why we are seeing all of these UFO’s now. It could also be the military. I can see the military mutilating cows and other animals to have us believe it is aliens doing it. They mutilate, kill, and hurt human beings everyday so a cow means nothing to them. It is a sick and terrible world we live in and no matter what happens i will be staying here on my farm with my loved ones and my pets until the end.
    I believe that as human beings on this earth we have the right to live our lives in happiness and in peace. Well apparently the government and the people of power who have all kinds of money don’t see it that way. They want everything for themselves. I worked hard all of my life and i deserve my little piece of land that i worked so hard to get. I will not allow the sick and greedy people to take it away from me by intimidating me into thinking that some alien beings are coming down here to torture me. No one can tell me that there would not be hundreds of military and police out here right now with all of unidentified flying objects hovering around us every night. The military and the government have them here and that is why all of my emails and letters have been going on ignored for the past several months.
    If you would like to contact me Vicki i have no problem leaving my email here for you. It is I have learned over the past week or so that there are several things other than aliens at work in this world. It’s time the regular everyday, hard working people of this world stood up, got together and took a stand. Demand disclosure, demand our freedom and our peace in this world.

  14. MS O says:

    I find it difficult to understand why a human pathologist has not been called in or the items sent to an Industrial Hygienist of note…or one asked to come out to the site to do tests ….I just can’t imaginethe mutilations being for tests…I think, after seeing the human, the animal was eaten….like by a spider type creature or the organs sucked out as in by a spider or flying creature. I had a dream it was a very large humanoid type creature like the old skeletons they have found in which the bones were very large…I think the organs were predigested in a fashion and sucked out…it is the only think that makes sense….this is why you need an industrial hygienist to examine these…i think you need to work backwards to get an idea of the scope of the creature…or device…..I noticed the human had ” extra” holes….certainly chemical cuts are possible….are the holes made from the utside going in or vice versa????or some in and some out??and why not the inside of the animal not swabbed??All entries except the side of the animal are related to “food smelling” holes which offer entry into the inside of the animal thru excretion holes or such….As it could be an insect like creture the anus and mouth would be ways to inject predigesting enzyme while the mmajor chemical slice intot he body cavity may be where they suck it out. The human victim in brazil was said to have suffered great suction by something. I guess if you did not have a digestive system yourself you would feed this way. Or like the movie Aliens…had the animal been subject to some egg laying before and the creature , once “born” was able to desicate the host before making its eating exits out the body….or perhaps is testing of something like this:GIDC’s existing technologies include its Tornado Generator – a technology that utilizes supersonic air to nearly instantly grind, flash desicate and atomize targeted materials….On the other hand…if Aliens had been in space a long time maybe they are not able to reproduce and use the internal organs as a crib for developing their own offspring or the offspring of their own prized animals. It does remind one tof the Egyptians removing the organs and preserving them….and they point to one galaxy…don’t they….without more evidence as to type of slaughter, enzymes, cuts, or chemicals…how weill we know??

  15. Sam says:

    “Something that can do that to a creature has to be sick and evil.”

    I doubt that cow suffered nearly as much as the ones who go through our slaughterhouses every day. Besides, at least the aliens seem to display a certain inclination towards perfection in their work. No needless struggle or long, drawn-out death, and no bloody mess to clean up, either. (Just trying to put things in perspective.)

  16. James says:

    I’d guess to say it was an alien life form sampling cow tissue for their own use. I’ve seen evidence of alien craft landings marking the ground in past Colorado animal mutilations of the 1970’s. In future investigations, see if you notice any soil imprints, particularly bowl shaped impessions in a triangle i.e. 3 distinct and equal impressions.

    Another piece of data would be handy is the GPS co-ordinates of each cattle mutilation. Could provide some insight into any particular pattern that is occuring by these mutilations.

  17. Vicki says:

    Woa woa woa Eileen! Calm down and lets try to be more rational here. I understand fear but usually fear is something we just dont understand. Firstly, remember movies are just movies. They may teach us a premise but in no way are real! There hasn’t been one time watching “V” that I believed there could be a reptile alien leader made to look like a beautiful model who wears a size 6. Let’s be real everyone about movies! I’m sure you are speaking of a military craft called the B-2 or Stealth. This aircraft does look like a UFO. But you know what the difference here is Eileen? Is that all of our aircrafts make engine noise. There is NO silent craft that is man made. I know. I live next to a top secret military base and I KNOW what is real and unreal. Our military will not pursue UFOs or chase them but they do sometimes. Obviously anything up there in the sky that high is way above our intelligence or capabilities and we essentually do not want to “piss them off” so to speak! And there has never been any type of prophesy that the President will make such a statement so I don’t know where you get this idea. Our military will NEVER attack us, the citizens! This is gross information you have obtained. Our government has no purpose to kill off citizens (we need all citizens alive to pay taxes!) And the military does NOT have authority to go around and kill animals. I have seen the military get certain animals to shoot and Medics go out and learn how to do life saving techniques they will use during deployment. But even then, there are many protestors around so it’s not a secret. Many animals have given their lives to save people and other animals from this type research. To answer MS O, I doubt these organs that have been removed are eaten by aliens. What makes you think an alien would have the same digestive system as a human? And they could eat bacteria ridden beef? That we are in competition for our food source? If so, we would have lost that race a long time ago and not enough of these animals have been taken. Don’t you think they would just use the DNA and create their own and breed them to become plentiful like us humans have? I have a real hard time believing this mutilation occuring in Brazil really happened like many believe. There is a fresh water fish like a piranna that does burrow in to an animal and the school of fish will eat the remains from the inside to the outside. There are also ruthless gangs in these areas that have no problem desicrating humans. The idea of recording GPS is intriging. But most of all, after reading on the National UFO Reporting site, there are hundreds of sightings around this country every month. One commen one is a red and orage glowing ball. I had even seen this type in the sky here once and had to look up my posts on FB to remember when that was. And there might have been a chase after that as two military helos went over head in that direction, way out of their typical flight path. And after giving this lots of thought, the only thing I can figure is it may be gathering energy…for the real ships. And there seems to be a few common descriptions of these ships from across the country. Eileen, I will email you but I truely hope you are just afraid from this past experience and am not being irrational. I can say with most certainty that “they” do not want YOU Eileen and nor does our military or government either so RELAX!! I’m sure if aliens wanted people, they would take the scientists and super special people that they could use. And just because lights are there one night doesn’t mean that they are still there and going to stay. The one thing said was profound is that we do need to stand up and demand disclosure. But if our government or any other government would disclose such a piece of information to its citizens, such a thing would cause panic and chaos throughout. We would all change our lives in someway that would not be benefical to our country and probably many people would be killing themselves or not going to work any more or whatever. So what’s to fear here? Nothing. For those Bible thumpers out there, the Scripture in Revelations states that one shall be taken and one shall be spared. So this is essentially a 50-50 shot! I’m not worried, I think I’m in that 50%…are YOU???

  18. Peter says:

    Alot of ranchers are being put out of business because of this phenomenon. Crazy stuff!

  19. Mark says:

    I just heard about this stuff, and immediately found myself intrigued. From what I know of life, and seen/heard about this topic thus far: it is obviously aliens. I feel embarrassed for those of us who are too afraid to admit that there are indeed aliens among us. Some day i hope there is justice done to those sons of bitches for messing with our cattle. Finally, my heart goes out to Eileen. Sleep with a shotgun, and shoot the bastards twice.

  20. brandon says:

    ok i have been around cows most my life and this is ligit stuff i know this cause i have seen many myself but i believe not in this case but in the other case that i have seen it could be the el chupacabra i know i did not say it right ut i have seen them out on the eastern part of town (trinidad) but i have no doubt in my mind this case is a mutilization

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