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Since I’ve posted five cattle mutilation investigations on this website, I’ve had numerous emails suggesting the deaths were predator kills.  So, I thought I would show a couple of comparison pictures between what we consider actual cattle mutilation cases to known predator kill photographs I found on the Internet.


Miller Mutilation Case

The center section of this animal was completely removed with the rib cage showing signs of impact trauma with no signs of predator teeth markings.  What signifies this case as a cattle mutilation case besides the extreme damage done to the mid section, is the very unusual removal of the calves ears.  There have been no known cases I’ve been able to locate in which there is an association between known predator or scavenger damage to this type of carnage.


Garren Mutilation Case:

What signifies this case as a cattle mutilation is the fact this animal gave birth on a Friday night and was found early Saturday afternoon in this condition.  The udder was completely removed with no signs of blood or colostrum on the ground or on the hide.  The new born calf was found alive and completely unharmed about 45 yards away from it’s mother laying near the placenta. There were signs of scavenger damage in the anal area from Saturday night when I examined it Sunday morning.  The scavenger damage turned out to be a great comparison between an unknown damage and known damage.


Sanchez Mutilation Case:

Even though the first look at this case would make you think this was a mountain lion or a bear kill, what makes this a mutilation case is the fact its tongue had been cut out.  This image shows the mouth closed before I had to pry it open to check.  Also, this was the fourth calf  killed within a 3 week period for this rancher.  The rancher told me the third calf had half of its face removed so we tracked down its carcass but unfortunately the head was missing due to scavengers.  At least we think a scavenger took the head.


Aaron Cattle Mutilation:

What makes this case a cattle mutilation is besides the udder being clean cut removed, the left side of the face was cut out down to the bone.  When you read this case on this website you’ll find the blood markings on the ground to the left were the result of me flipping the animal over for a better look but even more fantastic is the EMF readings I picked up at this unusual damaged area.

The following pictures are images of known predator kills I found on the Internet. I use images like these along with eye witness reports for comparisons.  ( Disclaimer, some of these images are very disturbing! )


Known coyote kill. Notice the pulling of the carcass.  This is very typical to scavenger eating.


Image courtesy of ( ) Notice the amount of blood from a fresh kill.  Cattle mutilation cases show no signs of blood staining on the hide or on the ground near the dead animal.


Image courtesy of ( ). Notice the pulling of the skin and the blood staining on the ground.  Also typical claw markings on the hide.


Image courtesy of ( ).  Mountain lions take their prey down from the back.  You’ll find claw marks and bite marks on the animal depicting a typical mountain lion kill.


Image courtesy of ( ).  I hope we don’t have to worry about this predator, but here’s an example of a typical lion kill showing animal carnage.  Notice the face of the kill, most of the body is gone but the face is still intact.  Not like one of my mutilation cases where the face appeared cored out.


Human ritual mutilation I believe from Nigeria.  I use this picture to show how much blood is expelled from a cow due to antemortem cutting.


I did find one case about a wolf killing a young cow roughly 1.5 years of age out of Catron County, New Mexico.  The IFT investigated the cow carcass and easily noticed the wolf’s bite marks on the back side and the nose area.  Even though the actual wounds could not and did not cause the death, the IFT suggested the cow had died due to the stress of the chase.

Reports like this are what I research and use as a comparison analysis against potential cattle mutilation cases I investigate.  I also look for pictures of known animal kills and have seen many in my life which I also use for comparison. The best knowledge I receive about known and natural cattle deaths are directly from the ranchers themselves. It’s really insulting to the ranchers when I get comments from people who think they are more knowledgeable than the ranchers themselves because they may have seen an Animal Planet special or something on the Discovery Channel. Of Course these comments also insult all the law enforcement officials who have investigated these events since at least 1967 here in Colorado.

Typical cattle mutilation cases seem to show the animal was cut, carved, and drained of blood at a different location from where the animal is found.  No traces of a traumatic killing are seen, no traces of bite or claw marks, no traces of predator evidence and no trace of the mutilated animal struggling to survive.  Struggling to survive is very important and most skeptics and debunkers dance around this very important lack of evidence.  Think about walking up to an automobile which has been in a crash and finding no evidence of metal or glass fragments on the pavement including tire markings of the vehicle in question or the vehicle which caused the collision.  Well, that’s what we investigators have to deal with- the perfect crime.  So, presume that who or what has been doing these acts, has been doing it at will, since at least 1967 here in Colorado.  If it is a predator, then it’s a predator that ranchers and law enforcement officials are completely un-aware of and have no known way of combating it.

I hope the cattle mutilation readers of my website will understand the reality of these situations and remember these cases are actual criminal acts in this country.  Also, the perpetrator is very dangerous with no known motive and leaving no obvious evidence to help law enforcement work the case.  I know the “unknown perpetrator” is leaving evidence and it is obviously evidence we are not accustomed to seeing.  We need to be very aggressive and creative using new techniques and stratagies while working these cases.  My hopes are that the readers of this website will also be able to shed some insight into cracking these cases.  And yes, I do laugh at the occasional smart ass remarks but as a whole, the comments coming to me are very intelligent and well thought out, so thank you and keep up the good work.

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  1. Mrs. B says:

    New videos posted on You Tube about frequent unexplained lights in Hessdalen, Norway, observed since the ’80s.

    Amazing story of a rural farming valley of 100 residents and spectacular visual sightings. Unlike the US, Norway takes these things seriously and the Univ. of Oslo set up research stations recording data such as radar, electromagnetic noise, visual (still and video), climate, etc. The SETI Program in Bologna, Italy got interested and put up their own equipment including VLF (very low frequency) receivers. Data is collected daily and uploaded to servers in Bologna for analysis. They’ve got tons of radar & electromagnetic data backing up the visual data. A true and thorough scientific investigation.

    The clip above is part 2. At 7:00 it talks about marshy sod being cut by an unknown method and sod sections moved more than a dozen feet away. The sections weigh at least 2 tons, the cuts are precise and angular, there are no traces of motorized vehicles, lift marks, tracks, etc. and the sites take hours to access on foot. Tree roots are cut with razorblade precision. No tool currently available can make such cuts.

    No one in Hessdalen, Norway has apparently suffered financial loss from the phenomena. You make an important point, Chuck, that the San Luis mutilations are criminal and dangerous with more mutilations likely and no way to stop them. What do you recommend? How can your readers assist? I’m afraid it’s up to people like you to lay out what needs to be done. A valley-wide system of beam-interrupt night vision surveillance cameras? Radar? Both? Maybe you and interested ranchers or forest service folks could select sites for cameras and have readers Adopt-a-Camera, i.e., financially support a camera and its infrastructure. Within a short time there would be ample information to solve this.

    Or perhaps you can contact the Italian SETI group, who seem more scientific-minded than the US one.

    Or the Society for Scientific Exploration who has annual meetings in Boulder. Their mission statement:

    “The primary goal of the international Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) is to provide a professional forum for presentations, criticism, and debate concerning topics which are for various reasons ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science. A secondary goal is to promote improved understanding of those factors that unnecessarily limit the scope of scientific inquiry, such as sociological constraints, restrictive world views, hidden theoretical assumptions, and the temptation to convert prevailing theory into prevailing dogma.”

    Unrelenting cattle mutilations of mysterious origin surely fit in there. Money needs to flow towards this project.

  2. Bernadette says:

    Chuck, I am so thankful that you provided visual comparisons from predatorings kill to the mutilations. It is very difficult to explain to people that have not seen the animal first hand.

  3. steven says:

    I see what u mean. Very strange

  4. Apri says:

    I search for answers why my chiken and goat die with mysterious than I don’t gat anything

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