Article to Media: 2016 Cattle Mutilations

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For the past 30 years I’ve been investigating different types of paranormal events, ranging from UFO sightings, Bigfoot sightings, ghost investigations, and entity sightings, but the most troubling of all my investigations, are Animal Mutilation deaths. Mostly cows here in the United States, an estimated 10,000 cattle have been killed due to unexplainable circumstances since 1967. Out of all the cases since 1967 that have been investigated by law enforcement agencies, no one has ever been caught, no human evidence has ever been associated with the killings, as a matter of fact, no evidence has been found determining who or what is responsible for the animal’s death! Since law enforcement agencies can’t determine how the animal died, which includes being killed by another animal, they generally classify these cases as Animal Cruelty cases assuming a human must be responsible for the act. The problem is, the lack of animal or human intervention evidence, so that’s where I come in, a UFO/Paranormal Field Investigator. These cases, in my opinion, are the largest Animal Cruelty Cold Cases if not in the US, but the World, and I’ve placed the task upon myself to try and find the evidence needed to solve these cases.

First, what determines an Animal Mutilation classification? Mostly the unexplained cause of death determined by the rancher themselves, the unusual surgical-like cuts found on the animal, and sometimes the strange balls of light seen flying in the area before or after the animal was found dead. Oh, and then there’s the occasional un-marked helicopters that are sometimes seen in the area after the mutilation has taken place. In 2016, we’ve had at least eight cases across the US that I’m aware of, so here are some examples:

July 13th, 2016 Northwest Colorado:
The rancher found an adult Black Angus female estimated four years old, weighing 1000 pounds, lying dead on her left side. The right side of her head was stripped of flesh from just beneath the eye down to the lower jaw bone. The tongue was cut out and no signs of bleeding-out were noticed. There were no signs of cause of death, and no signs the animal struggled to survive. It appeared the animal was just placed there.

September 1st, 2016, I was contacted by a rancher in Nevada who lost two animals in August.

Animal 1, August 25th:
A five year old female Beefmaster approximately 1100 pounds was found lying on her left side with severe cutting on her right facial side, missing tongue, and anal area cored out. There were no signs of cause of death, there was no blood pooling around the animal, and no signs the animal struggled to survive. It appeared the animal was placed at the location it was found.

Animal 2 August 31st:
A 16 month old Beefmaster Bull approximately 1000 pounds was found lying on his left side with similar damage compare to the previous mutilation. Severe precise cutting on the right facial side, tongue missing, but also perfect cookie cutter incisions in the scrotum area. No signs of either human or animal predator evidence was seen nearby both animal’s locations, but the week of August 25th, strange balls of light were seen 15 miles North of the ranch.

A group of four balls of light were spotted flying in a straight line formation traveling towards the East. One year prior in 2015 in the late fall, a large ball of light was seen by the rancher hovering over one of their fields. The sighting lasted 6 to 7 minutes when the single ball of light split into multiple balls of lights, and shot off in the night sky, towards the West.

September 28th, 2016 Wisonsin:
I was contacted by a rancher located in Wisconsin about a strange animal death on their property. The rancher found one of their cows, a four year old, 1100 pound female Holstein lying dead on her left side. Once again compared to the other previous noted rancher’s animals, this one had similar facial lacerations on the right side from just below the eye, clean-cut down to the lower jaw line. The tongue was missing and there was no signs of cause of death or large amounts of blood pooling nearby. This animal was facing towards the West and showed no signs of struggle and appeared to have been placed at that location. No scuff marks, no kicking, no signs of bullet holes, claw marks, nor even cow footprints leading up to the carcass at that location.

Within a couple of weeks, that same rancher lost four more animals, and the local veterinarian couldn’t find the cause of all their deaths! There more to this story too, but unfortunately I can’t discuss it publically. Let’s just say someone else was interested in these deaths.

Eight unusual animal that I know about occurring last year, and generally for everyone I find out about, I learn that wasn’t the first time it’s happened to that particular rancher, or in that particular area. Most of these events happen in groups of three or four and within 10 days of each other, but not generally at the same location or same state! I’ve had a mutilated case here in Colorado, then within three days later an animal mutilated case was reported coming out of Missouri! Unusual? What’s even more unusual, sometimes these mutilations happen on the same latitude, or more recently, The 37th Parallel.

What’s common with all these cases?

Besides the unusual cuts and lack of cause of death, most animals are found lying on their left side, and facing in an Eastern-Western direction. Why? I have some thoughts which I’ve learned over the years, some may think they’re crazy, but the most important thing is the animal deaths. Over the years cash rewards have been offered by many organizations and ranchers looking for the culprits, but with no results. So it’s up to me and others like me, to create public awareness about these cases in hopes of gathering new evidence which will eventually lead us to the who, what, and why. Until then, well it’s stays a mystery, a very horrific one.

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. David says:

    Hi Chuck.

    You continue to do your investigating work whenever you hear of a new cattle mutilation. You are hoping to solve the mystery, no doubt. However, would it be correct to say that you are no further forward now than you were when you first started investigating? The point is, is it worth continuing your research? I believe the alien intent is to continue to intrigue us, but they will not give the game away.

    About the only thing we can deduce is that the same agency(Alien) is responsible for all the mutilations, as each animal has the same or very similar wounds. As you have said, nobody has ever been prosecuted for these activities, and I’m pretty certain nobody ever will be.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this is entirely alien activity. Balls of light are observed and also black helicopters, which I believe are in fact alien creations.

    • Chuck Zukowski says:

      Would it be correct to say that you are no further forward now than you were when you first started investigating? You obviously haven’t read all my blogs on cattle mutilations. I almost learn something new with every good investigation I do. And I don’t believe Black Helicopters are alien creations, but a division within our government running their own investigations. I know this, because I’ve talked with them. We’re getting closer to finding the truth, without actually meeting the truth face to face, something that worries me from time to time. thanks for your comment

  2. Doctor Moebius says:

    If not the Greys doing genetic/ life form research/ engineering, or perhaps some other bizarre medical/ cloning/ biological science reason, is it Possible that these balls of light are bio-electrical-magnetic creatures, and they are simply feeding on these animals? Just curious if this angle has ever been explored. Obviously, the helis are covert SOCs, investigating. The evidence suggests the light spheres are responsible for the crop circles, so what is the connection to the cattle mutilations? Are the light orbs simply cloaked remotes? I’ve seen a physical, metallic orb, which I am sure is a remote sensor probe, although there could be a ‘race’ of miniature beings inside piloting them. The light spheres seem to act more like either AI tech of a pure energy nature, or a pure energy life form. Sure, some kind of physical remote in a plasma sphere is what we want to believe, but that never matters – only facts. And the facts are, these things behave like a group species, such as insects or birds, in their flight pattern and swarming behavior. Could these creatures have been responsible for the Detlov Pass incident I wonder?

    • Chuck Zukowski says:

      Interesting questions… the Detlov Pass incident is a scary one. They cut their way out of the tent to avoid what was in front, then ran like hell without proper clothing. That was pure fear.

    • David says:

      I don’t think the balls of light are feeding on the animals. The wounds do not indicate that, and why would the animals need to be carefully laid out on the ground?

      Regarding the Detlov Incident, there was a photo found in a camera, which belonged to the group, and it showed a Yeti type creature. The group showed familiar(to Chuck) mutilations.

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