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The Gathering of Healers was held July 9th and 10th in Hooper, Colorado at the UFO WatchTower.

The “UFO WatchTower” overlooks “The Great Sand Dunes” of Colorado and sits right in the middle of the paranormal San Luis Valley. Judy Messoline and Stan Becker moved to the San Luis Valley in June of 1995 and opened the WatchTower Memorial Day, 2000. Visitors around the world have visited the Tower since it’s opening and some have even experienced paranormal incidents including UFO and creature sightings. So of course this was the perfect place for the Gathering of Native American Healers to meet.

The Event was hosted by my very good friend, Priscilla Wolf.

Priscilla Three Spirit Wolf, an Apache orphan, was born and raised in Sanford, Colorado. Self taught artist, she was raised by her grandparents who specialized in the arts and music. Native American healers and story tellers, they taught Priscilla their culture once realizing she was a very special little girl. Priscilla currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico following her Grandparents tradition as a Native American storyteller, healer and Shaman. Priscilla has authored many books covering subjects from the spiritual to the paranormal, and is known all over the world. It’s an honor to be her friend.

Priscilla organized the Gathering of Healers by asking some of her very special friends to get together at the WatchTower and share their knowledge with others present. Priscilla kicked off the Gathering by sharing Native American Stories and wisdom, setting the mood for a very special weekend. The following is a brief on the speakers and what they shared.

Leon Joseph Littlebird

Leon told us the Native American story of the origin of music. Leon explained young Native American mothers sang to their babies learning the music from the Sacred Grandmother, (Mother Nature). Every noise they heard from the wind rustling through the trees, to the sound of water moving in the streams, created the basics for music we hear now.

The Native Americans used every part of the animals they killed for food and clothing to survive. The women would take the lining from the stomach, stretched it into two halves, dried it, filled it with corn, then sewed it together to make rattles for music. They used different types of rattles with different types of sound, to chronicle their lives through dance and music.

The Native American man was responsible for the drum in their culture. This is how it’s origin began.

The Standing People (trees) were sacred and smart. One day a young brave was talking with the Standing People, and one of them told the brave to pick up a stone and tap it on a fellow brother who had fallen. By tapping on the fellow brother, the young brave would hear the heart beat of the Grandfather Spirit (Earth). Thus the first drum was experienced.

One story of the creation of the Native American flute involved a Wood Pecker pecking holes on a branch of the Great Tree. A young brave was taking shelter at the tree during a thunderstorm and a bolt of lighting struck the tree and the limb the Woodpecker was pecking fell to his feet. Picking it up, the wind blew over the hollow limb with holes in it and he heard musical voices coming through it. He then mimicked this sound using the branch, to woo the woman of his dreams.

Khat Hanson

Khat is a Choctaw medicine woman and healer. Very well know within the Native American culture, Khat’s training as a medicine woman began at a very young age of three. Since the age of five, Khat has encountered various spirit beings with the ability to interact with them. Khat is also a retired archaeologist in which she shares her experience of strange artifacts she has collected. Khat spoke at the Gathering talking about the different races of aliens currently living with us on this planet.

The following are my notes from her lecture:

There are several beings, besides ourselves sharing this planet. The Ant People who we refer to as the Greys, have been on this planet before homosapiens entered this world. Native American legends refer to the Greys as the Ant people because through many generations they’ve seen them exit the ground resembling ants. The Ant People have many different ways of sharing their knowledge but basically use technology like implants. Khat stressed don’t be afraid when the Ant people try to share their knowledge with you, because this knowledge is of very ancient nature and not harmful.

Another species sharing this planet are the Blue People. The Blue People she calls, The Moon People, came to this planet many centuries ago. They are watchers which lived on this planet until man came to be and started to venture into their lands. The humans by nature, were cruel to the Moon People by stealing their lands which were already plentiful with food. The human race almost killed off the Blue People race forcing the survivors to live under the Earth to protect themselves. The Blue People have good hearts and still try to help the humans, history may have referred to them as Elves, Leprechauns or even Tommy Knockers. They are nature watchers and preservers of the Earth and are to be respected and not harmed.

The Giants, still visit this planet from time to time. Many artifacts from Death Valley California, tell a story of an extremely tall race of beings who used to live here. Some refer to them as Nordics or Tall Blonds. Travis Walton had an experience with these beings along with the Ant People back in 1975 near Snowflake, Arizona during his encounter. They are not to be feared and help humans from time to time, but their actual motives visiting this planet are unknown.

The Snake People are the aliens we refer to as Reptilians. They are very evil and also arrived on this planet before the Great Spirit created man. They refer to this planet as their own and still don’t appreciate the human intervention. The Snake people live underground and there are still many stories today of people seeing reptilian creatures come out of holes from the ground. Originally the Snake People use to venture out in the open and steal the men and woman to use as slaves and even for food. The Ant People thought this was wrong and created a treaty with the Snake People making it unjust to use the humans in this manner. But through the centuries it appears the Snake People have violated the treaty from time to time, and still do today.

Note: Each and every day in the United States, an estimated twenty-five hundred individuals are reported missing to law enforcement agencies. These statistics include adults, teenagers and even children combined. According to law enforcement agencies, most of these missing persons are missing without a trace, not related to abductions or kidnaps. Makes you wonder about the Snake People.

Michael Schuessler author of the acclaimed book, “The Holy G-rail”

“The Holy G-rail” stands for, G-spot, R (relating), A (anatomy), I (intro), and L (lovemaking).

Michael Schuessler is an author, photographer, painter, and student of the Qabalah living in Colorado. His many artistic works represent the sensuality, passion, and movement of all forms. Michael’s paintings, photography, and writing, mirror his belief that our beauty is an expression channeled from the Creator.

Now you may ask, why would Michael be speaking at a Healer’s Gathering? Well simple,with an estimated 6,948,597,264 people on this planet with the ratio of men to women close to equal, there’s a lot of healing needed in relationships. And this was the topic of Michael’s lecture as a sex healer.

Relationship healing focuses on patience, communication, desire and relationship. It’s very easy for couples to misinterpret how a relationship is working if there is a lack of communication between them. Sometimes couples escape the communication issues through sex which may be ok sometimes, but it never really helps build their relationship. It’s important to look at yourself, respect yourself and do the same for your partner. It’s always important to never try to change your partner because it could destroy the foundation of the relationship.

Michael also said the relationship of sex between couples can be difficult to talk about, but it’s more important to understand that it can also be very sacred. For more information on the Healing of Sex, look for “The Holy-G-rail” at your local book store.

Sister Renea Smith speaking on Chakra Color Therapy

Sister Smith spoke about how important colors are to your physical well being. She also said we all are of color, light, sound, and energy. We can heal ourselves through colors and she talked about some of the attributes of specific colors.

Color Therapy is a type of holistic healing which uses colors to affect mood, emotions and health. Colors can be used many different ways of healing by focusing them on specific parts of your body. Colored lights, wearing different colors, or focusing on specific colors through thought, are many techniques to Color Therapy. Here is a sample of colors and what they represent.

Red: (The leg area) Represents security, health, and healing.

Orange: (The pelvic area) Joy, love, and emotional body.

Yellow: (The stomach area) Mental body, stimulating to the mind, personal power, and wisdom.

Green: (The chest area) Psychic, awareness, and feeling.

Blue: (The throat area) Truth

Renea Smith also talked about how the Archangels correspond to the Chakras of light. The idea behind that is the angels can be contacted through meditation and through the connections of each of the body Chakras. They can help heal or grant requests but sometimes a simple message may be received from the archangels.

Here is a list of the Archangels and the color Chakras associated with them.

The ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL is the love angel and corresponds to the color red.

The ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL corresponds to the color violet and orange.

The ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL corresponds to the color yellow.

The ARCHANGEL MICHAEL corresponds to the color blue.

The ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL corresponds to the color green.

The ARCHANGEL URIEL corresponds to the colors purple and gold,which focuses on foresight, and intuition.

Note: My apologies if I didn’t hit the Chakra concept right on mark, this concept is definitely a learning experience.

The finale of the Gathering of Healers was walking the path of a Medicine Wheel in which Priscilla Wolf organized. This photo shows Priscilla preparing Judy Messoline to walk within the Medicine Wheel using the cleansing smoke from sage while Leon accompanies the journeys through traditional Native American flute music.

The Medicine Wheel is made up of Four Paths known as the Four Winds or the Four Directions. The first direction in the wheel is south known as the path of the serpent or the direction of power and energy. The second direction is the West, the path of the Jaguar or death of the old and transformation. The third direction is North or the direction of magic, and the last direction is east. This direction is where it all begins, or the direction of density.

Overall the “Gathering of Healers Event was a complete success. There was a lot of information there to be digested and unfortunately I was only able to touch on very little of it for this blog. Thanks to Priscilla Wolf for arranging a great speaker line-up this year and many thanks to Judy Messoline and Stan Becker with the UFO WatchTower for hosting the event in the San Luis Valley. Until next time “K’e, Wo’okeyeh”, “Dohiyi”, “Achukma”, “Nanomonset tse”, “Sipala “,….. peace.

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    Thank you very much for keeping the stories and statements that I made/told straight and true. You are a very sincere investigator. I enjoyed meeting you,.
    Khat Hansen

  2. thanks chuck enjoy our time with you all, and my last event, all had a good time.

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