Possible Cattle Mutilation Near Area 51 Nevada, September 5th, 2010

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September 6th, 2010, UFOnut.com website received the following sighting report:

“I found your name and this website by doing a Google search for “cattle mutilation experts”. I’m not much of a believer in these situations, however I must say that I encountered something this past Sunday (Sept 5, 2010) that I would like to have someone review for clarification.

On that date, I did a little road trip throughout parts of Nevada (I currently live in Las Vegas) that included traveling to the area around what is known as ‘Area 51’. As you may know, this area is ‘open range’ used by cattle ranchers. As I drove east on Hwy 375 towards Rachel, NV, I noticed a dead cow near the road. I pulled over (I had no intention of ever looking for “cattle mutilations”) and was shocked to see what looked like a cattle mutilation to my un-trained eyes. I took two quick photos and continued on my way. Now, I have no idea if this cow was dead from natural causes, predators, or others, but the longer I thought about it, the longer I thought I should seek out an expert for his/her review.”

Interview response from website visitor:

“See attached photos. Again, I had no idea what I was really looking at, but I’m assuming this may be the work of a predator or scavenger. I think maybe because I was near Area 51, my curiosity got the best of me.

I do not recall seeing any human or animal footprints around it, however there was what appeared to be a fresh set of tire tracks (about the size of a normal car) that had pulled off the road and made a circle around the remains. I’m assuming this would have been from another curiosity seeker such as myself. The remains themselves were only about 10-15 feet off to the north side of Hwy 375 (west of Rachel, NV).”

Just for my own curiosity, let me know if this does or does not match a typical “cattle mutilation” that causes your concern. If you wish to use these photos on your website (or in other matters) you have my permission, but I ask that you do not use my name or contact info. “

This website prides itself by releasing information to the public so they can discuss, debate and decide for themselves about its content. Take for instance this reported cow death. A picture or two not only can cause a lot of questions to be asked, but can answer a lot of questions too! Further interview with the eye witness also answered a couple of my curious questions.

At first glance this animal appears to have been dropped showing evidence of broken limbs with the body laying contorted on the dirt. One explanation could be it was struck “broad side” while crossing the highway by a large vehicle. But, if it was struck by a vehicle, launched into the air and landing stationary on the dirt, why are there no signs of impact marks or skidding on the dirt? If the animal survived the impact but died shortly there after, then there also should be animal struggling marks in the dirt. Remember, an animal weighing an excess of 500 pounds will leave deep gouging marks in the dirt as it struggles to survive. (This information gathered from previous rancher experience.)

The witness also reported he didn’t see any skid marks or blood markings on the pavement which would have been evidence the animal was hit. Now if you’ve ever seen the aftermath of an impact between a vehicle and a cow as I have, then not only would there be animal evidence on the pavement, but there would also be vehicle evidence too!

The witness did say he saw a dead cow laying off the highway earlier that day, but it didn’t appear unusual looking.  He’s not accustomed to stopping and looking at dead animals, but this cow so intrigued him by the way it was laying, he had to stop and get a closer look.

The witness stated, “The cow I had seen earlier that day was on it’s side with stiff legs, like what you would see normally for a dead animal. This ones position seemed more sprawled out on its stomach.”.

At another glance, we see a large gaping wound where the anal area used to be. Scavengers will start eating this part of the animal first because of the soft tissue, but their remaining evidence is not usually as large as the cavity pictured. There also appears to be signs of slight scavenger evidence nearby, but not as much blood pooling as you would expect if it was from a predator kill.

The witness said he only saw the large wound in the anal area and didn’t notice any other injuries or unusual markings on the animal. He also said there wasn’t much of a smell, so possibly he saw the animal within the first 24 hour period before extensive decomposition set in. Upon my visual inspection of both pictures I noticed the following:

The animal appears to be laying on its stomach, with possible massive skeletal damage.

The right front radius bone “forearm”, appears to be pulled from the elbow joint.

The right and left rear tarsus “hock”, seems to be broken allowing the rear legs to fold oddly outward.

The right rear tibia “leg”, appears to be broken.

The upper cervical vertebrae looks damaged.

Bird scavenging is seen on the hide on the upper back area.

The left eye appears to have been removed, probably due to bird scavenging.

The tongue appears to be seen.

Both ears are fully intact.

Obviously a large circular incision where the anal area used to be.

The tail appears to be aligning to the left side of the circular cut.

Blood mixed with secreting body fluid is seen pooling between the two rear legs.

Soil discoloration from blood and body fluids is seen behind the animal.

Slight scavenger evidence is seen just to the right side of the right rear leg.

Close examination of the dirt around the right hoof shows no signs of movement.

No signs of dirt movement around the right rear hoof or leg.

No signs of dirt movement around the head.

When asked how the witness perceived the dead animal, he said, “My personal perception is that, it all seemed a little too perfect I guess. Traveling near Area 51 for my own curiousity and then suddenly here is a mutilated cow so close to road for anyone to see? Sort of like telling ghost stories and then thinking you’ve seen a ghost. It could have been a hoax, maybe? I’m generally a skeptic, but the manner in which someone could do that and leave little in the way of tracks, splattered blood, etc. does seem puzzling.”

Obviously not every animal which appears mutilated is because of an unknown death. There could be a very logical explanation for this particular animal death, and it’s just not obvious to us based on the pictures we have. Issues with these type of cases include not being able to investigate them in person and run an on site analysis. Still, this case does appear to be somewhat unusual. The way the animal is laying, the lack of marks associated with it’s death, and the large incision in it’s anal area. The location near Area 51 is most intriguing and just a few feet away from Hwy 375 also knows as, “The Extraterrestrial Highway.”

Extraterrestrial Highway? The Nevada ET Highway runs about 98 miles from US-93 in the southeast to US-6 in the northwest. It passes through three large high desert valleys, Tikaboo Valley, Sand Spring Valley and Railroad Valley. The town of Rachel is the only civilian settlement along it’s long stretch, and Area 51 is the only “non civilian” or “non human?” settlement nearby. In April 1996, the highway was officially named the “Extraterrestrial Highway” because of the many UFO sightings seen while traveling on it. So, a cattle mutilation off that piece of “alien aided” road, is really not out of the question.

But what is the question? Is this a typical animal mutilated case due to an unknown animal death? Or are we missing the big picture which points to a very explainable, explanation.  Either way we need to at least check on these cases by stopping and doing a quick, “look see.” Then we need to make a note of it somewhere, like reporting it to this website or other sites which cover these phenomenons. We do know most animal mutilations occur un-noticed, and passing a dead cow or horse off the side of the road could be one of those, un-noticed mutilations.

UFOnut.com applaudes the witness who reported this sighting to us, and we encourage other readers to do the same, when occasions exist, and you have the stomach for it. As for this particular case, is it one of those strange animal mutilations we hear so much about? Well, the pictures sure point in that direction, but without doing an on-site investigation, this is similar to receiving a photo with a ghost image on it. Still, some pictures with ghosts appearing on them do turn out to be unexplainable after they are investigated. So one has to assume that some pictures with possible animal mutilations on them, could turn out to be unexplainable too!

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. Vicki says:

    Dear Chuck and UFO Nutties out there, I just finished reading the story from Nevada. Too bad this girl didn’t notify the authorities around there so they could document it and examine it. I am as you know a firm believer in these extrateristerials. But there were a couple of things about this story that just didn’t seem to fit for me. Firstly, there was no tag on the ear to identify which rancher it belonged to. This is an easy brand to see. Don’t know if you’ve been through that desert there but I’ve never seen large livestock out there in the desert as it is too costly to attempt to keep them alive in such conditions. I guess the animal could have been dropped there, maybe from a tornado??? Again, the tag would identify where it came from. All farmers mark their livestock. And by calling the authorities would have located the owner. Area 51 (from what I hear) is not operational like it used to be. There are now new “Areas”. Had I know this was happening, I would have driven through the desert to see for myself since I am not far. Too bad there is so much missing information here that makes this event inclusive. Perhaps next time someone stumbles across this, they will now know to call authorities so the proper testing could be done and documented. And the person who commented that “they” will be here in 2012 may be correct or perhaps “they” have always been here and never left????

  2. Kathy Porter says:

    As disturbing as animal mutilations are documented cases of an even more frightening mutilation have been found – human mutilations. Mutilated remains of human bodies have been found with identical wounds to cattle. Mutilation of any sort caused by human or alien entities, is something that was once only in the minds of horror writers. Unfortunately more and more often what has been written, theorize and often rebuffed is becoming our new reality.

    I’m new to your site so perhaps you have commented on this subject in the past. In any case I find it hard to believe that mutilations of this sort continue to happen unnoticed by government entities.

  3. Vicki says:

    This time I will proofread my comment so I don’t sound so illiterate. Being from a farming community, most all livestock is marked identifying which rancher they belong to. Young livestock may not be tagged yet. Most all ranchers track their cattle everyday either by truck or horseback, counting head and checking fence. This animal is worth approx.a thousand dollars and more as it grows. This is why they are checked on everyday. On large ranches such in Colorado where they free range a lot, they might not be checked everyday but cattle are like a gang and always stick together wherever they go. Out in the desert, there are NO cattle ranches. This land can’t even grow weeds. You could barely raise some cornish hens to a healthy size to eat! It looks as bad as the desert in New Mexico going to Roswell. It’s exciting to see a couple of antelope because it’s so barren. Even the native animals are so much smaller and thin. And why wouldn’t someone give their name or call authorities unless they were “wanted” or something. Why would anyone be out there anyway? It’s really off the beaten path plus hotter than hell.I read about 3 newspapers a day, watch world news a couple times a day along with local news. There has not been human mutilations. And if there has been, this is a murder which is investigated by the police. So I ask for the blogger to produce these “articles” about human mutilations to inform everyone that this is happening and the documentation of the similar aspects of cattle or horse mutilations. So mutilations of any sort are NOT unnoticed by authorities.They are documented and recorded. Any sheriff station would have this public information. Unfortunately, no suspects have ever been arrested or tied to any of these mutilations and are still open cases such as in Colorado. I think there is more reason to fear the human kind than the alien kind. Because it is the human that murders or desecrate animals. And it is the human mind that thinks of horror movies and plots. Do you think “they” watched Saw IV???

  4. Kathy Porter says:

    Here are a couple of articles about human mutilations. There are other articles I could list but they have such graphic pictures I felt uncomfortable placing here. However, if you would like to see the photographic proof of mutilation – google ‘human alien mutilations’. I warn you it will be graphic, particularly the Brazilian case. You will be shocked by some of the pictures and the similarities to cattle mutilation.



    I would rather believe it is mans inhumanity to man, but like others I fear it is from unworldly sources.

  5. vicki says:

    I don’t think there is anything to fear. After examining the different websites and pictures (which are gruesome) I noticed the stories were twisted and all seem to revert back to one story. To me, this looks like a mob hit! i didn’t see any credible evidence to convince me otherwise. And these investigations were not done scientifically, basically hearsay from other information out there on the web. Mans inhumanity to man starts from the beginning of time. Remember the “Dark Ages”? Check out the website of a real beheading while the man is still alive. I didn’t sleep for a month! These higher intelligence beings more than likely have our DNA and every animal for that matter and know how we work. Cadavors are used in our society as medical teaching tools, to try out new medical equipment ie lasers, new weapons and even in crash tests. There is no proof that this was an alive person, not a cadavor or murder victim as humans have technology to make these wounds. (I am an RN) How many times have we heard on the news about mortuaries not buring bodies but storing them in garages. There was even a grave robber in Russia that took dead bodies and disected “parts” to sell on the black market (it gave a lot of people HIV)These beings have been zipping around earth for thousands of years. If they really wanted to invade us, they would have done so years ago. Especially since the human kind pollutes the air and water, creates wars, developes new weapons and nuclear bombs etc. You get the picture. If I were you, I’d worry more about driving through east LA, Al Quida, pedifiles, and all the other humans that inflict pain and murder that are here on this earth. The numbers are numerous. Human kind is obviously a chosen race and a protected race. If these beings could breathe our atmosphere, perhaps they would be walking around. But nothing like that is happening. So don’t believe everything you see on the web. This can be an incredible source of information but also a tool for any type of extremist. I believe this website is credible and based on scientific facts and investigations and reports. Anything less is not credible to me or I believe this mission. So relax and watch your favorite tv show, just remember to lock your doors (and don’t walk down any dark allys).

  6. Kathy Porter says:

    I wouldn’t call the graphic pictures hearsay. Also a recent coast to coast interview (I cannot remember who was interviewed – sleep overtook me since it’s on so late) it is believed fear drove witness’s to burn bodies before an investigation could be done.

    Let’s put it this way – I believe this is something that needs to be investigated. There are facts out there that support alien mutilation whether it is cattle or human. Even if it is not alien related, the fact is it is happening and needs to be further investigated. I would rather push forward to find an explanation.

    Yes I am concerned about mans inhumanity to man, but I am also concerned with aliens inhumanity and their ability to trump anything that man has done to man with powers we have no defense against if they are in fact the perpetrators. It’s true Al quida, pedophiles and other humans inflict far more pain at the moment, but I would rather stand ready and not sitting with a cup of tea dismissing a possible intrusion against man. We don’t need to dwell and worry about things we are prepared for. I think the people of New Orleans would agree that preparation would have created a better out come after Katrina.

    I hope that if the government is covering up any alien caused harm – it’s because they are making plans and preparing a defense. At least I would like to think so.

  7. Rick Schlauch says:

    I believe it is unknowns taking the blood for experiments…..why whould this consistantly be happening in this area??? This makes no sense with no blood around.

  8. vicki says:

    Kathy, Your last post u sounded a little distraught. Why worry about something that we have no control over? I was watching the news and it was showing the San Andreas fault from a helicopter view. The fault is very visible and it is predicted by scientists that there will b a huge earthquake. But yet I see thousands of Californians going about their business, traveling on busy highways, surfing etc. When returning home from a trip from the coast, we went a new way, over a mountain top, down a steep road which was quite thrilling. When I got home, I googled San Andreas fault and realized that we had driven right over it and the road we were on was on top of it. I was horrified that my significant other would take such a dangerous route. What if an earthquake had happened the moment we were on it?? So what if I was sipping on…a drink and a earthquake happened? I knew it was going to happen, but could I have been more prepared? Stop worrying about what could happen. There R people working on these things. The guys who go on these investigations and keep us informed on this website and let us use their blog to talk about these things r working on it. If u and everyone else notices, the animals that everyone finds mutilated are grass grazers. All these type animals eat grass (and dirt and germs) yet grow and develop and don’t get sick from the germs plus the germs don’t get within their meat. It really is remarkable. Then we come along and eat the meat. It is my belief they need to examine these animals thoroughly perhaps to replicate these animals on their own planet or make a food source for humans if we should need it in the coming future. I don’t think “they” r the carnivores we r and humans probably wouldn’t taste good with all the fat we have and the hundreds of chemicals within our bodies and full of disease and bacteria. In theory, just as dirty as any other animal on this planet (except some of us take showers) So there r no facts out there that “they” are mutilating people or planning on invading or eating people. Don’t know if anyone out there saw “The Day The Earth Stood Still” but the Secretary of Defense (Kathy Bates) states “History has something to teach us about the first encounters between civilizations. As a rule, the less advanced civilizations is either exterminated or enslaved. I’m thinking of Pizarro and the Incans, Columbus and the Native Americans and the list goes on. Unfortunately in this case, the less advanced civilization is us.” What a profound statement for a movie. It makes u think 4 sure. But I don’t think we would win with all of our armies and bombs against such unknown technology. And how do we know that “they” aren’t here to protect us? Wouldn’t the “ones” flying around here b like our astromauts, the smartest, scientists and pilots?
    it has been prophesied that this world as we know it will end but a new one will begin. In Revelations it clearly states that one shall be taken and one left. But it is impossible to know or understand which is the better, being “taken” or left. And that is profecy so like the earthquake, this 2 shall happen…but when?? You can’t prepare for the unknown or compare it 2 a manmade dam. Meanwhile just focus on being the finest human specimen u could possibly b and just live your life. If you’re so concerned, do your own investigating or join an established club. Right now it’s anyones guess what or when…???

  9. Kathy Porter says:

    Thank for your concern Vicki, but no I’m not distraught in the least. I live in California so I have the “big one” hanging over my head at all times. But I’m not in the least bit worried. Why – because I’m prepared. That was my entire point. Be prepared. The Feds, the states, the counties, cities and each individual citizen needs to be prepared for just about anything these days. That’s what I do and then I’m worry free – I prepare and let fate handle the rest. I believe I will always be in the right place at the right time for whatever life brings me.

    Governments should be more forthright and let the public know if they are concerned about possible alien intrusion so we, as individuals can make decisions for our families. I believe knowledge is the power that saves.

    So no I don’t stay up and fret about alien mutilation, or the next earthquake, but I believe the governments of the world should be prepared for any eventuality – even alien.

  10. vicki says:

    I guess my last post didn’t go through but am glad that these things don’t overcome your day to day living. Our government doesn’t talk about these things because it would change us. We would think different and maybe behave differently. This would be a change in our religious beliefs, how we donate money or invest it, how we shop and a lot of other activities. Some people would go absolutely CRAZY with this information. So I think that’s probably why they don’t. I asked this same question to Chuck. But this country is more likely to b invaded by another country than alien beings. But how could our military prepare for unknown technology?? And a collaboration of world governments? Do u think humans could come together to fight an outside force? I hope so, just like in the movies. Can’t wait until “Visitor” is back on tv, but hope it doesn’t give everyone misconceptions, or r they???

  11. Brandon says:

    I once hit a cow on this highway. I was in a company fan and had good amount of weight in the back I hit the cow in the middle of the night and I never saw it. At first I had no idea what I had hit I was affraid that I had hit a car without there headlights on. I soon relized it was a cow after I had dragged it about 50 ft. I hit this cow going 75 mph and it was killed on impact. When I got out to see the cow, all of its legs where broken and its brains where comign out of its nose and there where marks where at had been dragged from the car. I had to go back to sign with an officer that night. when I got there I pulled my camera out and took pictures of the van. Then went to the cow to take pictures, my camera wouldnt let me saying my battery was dead. But when I went back to the van my camera had full battery power. So I went back to the cow and tried to take a picture and again my battery died. Again went back to the van and my camera had full power. Weird things happen when you hit a cow on that highway!!

  12. Michele says:

    My boyfriend & I ate at The Little Ale’I’Inn last week, then drove on a dirt road to one of the gates of Area 51, about 5 miles prior to the gate, we found a dead cow on side of the road, having heard of mutilated cows, etc, especially due to the area we were in, we jumped out of our vehicle to have a look. The road is hard to drive beyond 15-20 mph, so I don’t see how the cow could have been struck hard enough by a vehicle to have done the damage we saw. It was a few feet away from the road, facing the road, it’s rear legs fully detached from it, one keg was missing. No blood anywhere, it’s eye was missing, face partially exposed clean to the bone. It’s cavity was completely empty, there was a slight stench, I do believe it had been there for a bit time, it wasn’t freshly dead. It’s hip was broken clean through, as if dropped, as this witness claimed in his/her experience. No animal bite marks on the exposed ribs, etc ..

    • Michele says:

      Also, one of the detached legs was laying next to it, with no evidence of predator bites. In my opinion, it could not have been hit and killed by a vehicle, because how would it get a few feet to the side of the road with only it’s front legs & have it’s detached limb placed right next to it.

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