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For the past two and half years I’ve run field investigations on over a dozen animal mutilation cases here in Colorado. I now have enough data that I’m starting to see some similarities between them.


Complete center sections of the animal missing but only occurring in cases involving calves.

Oval incisions which removed hide at the ear and eye area.

Tongues cut completely out deep inside the mouth.

Oval incisions in the udder area.

Hide cut out at the rib cage area.

Lack of evidence showing animal struggle on top soil.

Lack of evidence showing predator attacks on the top soil and on the animal.

And now…. I might be on to something else. I’m working on a theory so interesting, that it could change the way I and others investigate not only mutilation cases, but UFO sightings as well.

Let me explain.

While prepping my lecture for the Midwest UFO Conference in August of this year, I was glancing over my cases looking at similarities and looking for similarities I might have missed. Then it hit me! Literally hit me. An earthquake! An earthquake in Colorado!

The New York Times:

DENVER — The largest natural earthquake in Colorado in more than a century struck Monday night in the state’s southeast corner, but there were no reports of damage or injuries. The quake, with a preliminary magnitude of 5.3, was centered about nine miles from the city of Trinidad and hit at 11:46 p.m.

Then within 15 hours!

Richmond Times Dispatch:

5.8-magnitude quake shakes central Virginia, East Coast

One of the most powerful earthquakes in Virginia history rippled from its epicenter in Louisa County throughout the eastern United States but injured few people and caused little major structural damage.

The 15-second tremor measured 5.8 on the Richter scale Tuesday at 1:51 p.m., prompting buildings to empty, cellphone service to go silent and two nuclear reactors near the center of the quake to shut down without damage.

While at work Tuesday August 23rd I had heard about the Virginia earthquake. Grabbing my IPhone I pulled up my “Quake Feed” app. This app shows current earthquakes within a week’s period, magnitude strength set by the user. I had my app set to show any earthquake occurring around the world with a magnitude of 5 or larger.

Reading the report on the Colorado earthquake on 08/22/2011, I saw that it occurred at the Sangre de Cristo Fault which travels in a north south direction. The coordinates were 37.0412, -104.4726782.

Then I read the report on the Virginia earthquake on 08/23/2011, and it occurred at the Central Virginia Seismic Zone which also travels a north south direction. It’s coordinates were 37.557787, -77.554492.

Two separate faults perpendicular to each other causing two separate earthquakes 1600 miles away from each other. Interesting.

Then I realized all my cattle mutilations cases in the San Luis Valley also fell within a 37 degree latitude! Now a pattern seems to be appearing.

This picture shows San Luis Valley mutes, Colorado and Virginia earthquake.

After consulting my partner in crime, my sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer MUFON’s State Director for Missouri, she told me about a cattle mutilation which was investigated by Ken Storch September 2008 in Norwood Missouri. Guess what?  37 degree latitude!

My sister then informed me about her 2011 sightings she’s been investigating in Missouri. Her reports ranged from lights in the sky, to triangular craft being seen, to alien abductions. All within the 37 degree latitude!

My San Luis Valley cattle mutilation investigations, both Colorado and Virginia earthquakes, Ken Storch’s 2008 Missouri cattle mutilation, Debbie’s Missouri investigations this year.

I started researching UFO sightings within the 37 Degree Latitude across the United States. I only recorded those sightings which included lights in the sky and triangular craft. I was wondering if a pattern would appear. Well this is what I found.

37 Degree Latitude, The Paranormal Freeway !

Paranormal/UFO investigators are always looking for a pattern to the events reported to us. If we can nail down at least one pattern out of all these events, then we might have a chance to predict where a sighting will occur in the future. But finding a pattern is very difficult.

If you look at a map of the United States, then start posting all the locations where sightings were reported, it would look like staring at the stars on moonless night. Reported sightings are everywhere, but even stars in the sky show patterns; so how about UFO sighting cases, animal mutilation cases, and even abduction cases. Can there be a pattern? I’ve always thought so and summarized, “there must be a method to all this madness”.

My Theory:

My preliminary research based on my investigations and sightings reported to various web sites, seem to show a linear pattern in related sightings. When researching the 37 degree latitude, not only did another cattle mutilation case show up in Missouri, but I was seeing a related pattern of reports which included lights in the sky and triangular craft sightings.

In my research I started to see a pattern also appearing within a 38 degree latitude. Then I went back to my notes and realized two of my other animal mutilation cases, one in Crested Butte and the other in Rush, both occurred within a 38 degree latitude. These two cases are 235 miles away from each other and occurred in a linear trajectory. Coincidence?

Now what about the earthquakes I included?

Why did I add the two earthquakes to the map? First having two significant earthquakes happening in the US within 15 hours of each other is pretty interesting by itself. But what about their location both falling on the 37 degree latitude? Investigators have said Dulce NM has an underground military base. Some say alien presence is there as well. The base is near the 37 degree latitude. Taos NM, known for the famous, “Taos Hum”, (possibly due to underground drilling) isn’t far from the 37 degree latitude, neither is Aztec NM well-known for its 1948 flying saucer crash retrieval.

Could underground tunneling cause earthquakes? Plenty of research has been done covering the stories of underground bases near the Colorado New Mexico border. We do know earthquakes can be induced as a result when fluids are pumped out of or into the ground. Also digging mines or tunnels can disrupt the natural stress state of underground rock thus causing a shallow mantel earthquake.

Colorado earthquake depth, 2.5 miles.

Virginia earthquake depth, 3.7 miles.

Earthquakes occurring at a depth of less than 70 kilometers are classified as “shallow-focus” earthquakes. Both Colorado and Virginia earthquakes were extremely shallow occurring less than 6 kilometers. Could these two earthquakes which occurred within 15 hours of each other at such a shallow depth be related to each other in a way we’re not aware of?

What about the Virginia earthquake? More underground tunneling or drilling? If you listen to the web conspriacists, they’re speculating an underground nuclear test caused that earthquake.

Could the same individuals who do the tunneling also be responsible for the animal mutilations and the UFO sightings? I’m not sure, but just to be safe, I added the earthquakes to the map.

My “Linear Theory” is at its infant stage and I have a lot of research to do which may endorse it, or disprove it. My research will be looking for sighting similarities across the US which appear to be linear. Latitude is just a way I’m recording it, and at this time it seems to make the most sense to show commonalities.

By the way, looking back at the “Paranormal Freeway Map”, I added Area 51 in Nevada. Yep, 37 degree latitude…

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. jim frazier says:

    Note LONGITUJDE: Colorado has experienced two quakes: Aug and Again Sept 13.
    Both on 104 longitude. Devils Monument (site of Close Encounters of Thrid Kind) is on 104.

    Spielberg allowed a wrong longitude to be on screen in the movie.
    The screen numbers are for a location near Ault Colorado…doorway to the Pawnee Grasslands region.
    where about 5000 missles are hidden in underground bunkers

    These missiles are staffed by Air Force people from Warren AFB in Cheyenne. All live underground.
    That entire region is about 50-60miles north of DIA….
    Did Spielberg make an error….or was he attempting to convey a secret gateway to an underground system….

  2. Joe Fex says:

    Never underestimate the power of statistical analysis! I’m thrilled to no end to see such an approach in UFO research! If we are to continue any progressive research, we must consider a deeper more complex examination. NOTHING in the known universe is simple, tho it may seem so at first glance. The closer you look, more challenging & complex patterns emerge revealing new perspectives & clues.

    One of the great short-falls (And there are so many) of research is that the while the mainstream cries “Occum’s Razor” and gravitates towards simplicity, more advanced minds are always eager to embrace more complex problems and concepts to wrestle and hammer out new avenues of thought in the vast uncharted landscape of the new scientific definitions of the nature of “reality” in contrast to the old standard perceptions

    So much more to consider at this point than just things seen in the sky…

    One of the great disciplines of advanced thought is the realization and acceptance that the universe, “reality”, the consciousness experience, doesn’t have to make sense within the confines of our feeble sense of logic and order. BUT, it will never be comprehensible to us unless we embrace them above and beyond the borders of traditional thought. Even within the limits of traditional thought, standard methodology across the board dictates that whenever an element of data repeats itself in any pattern, even if it appears unrelated, it must be cross-referenced and examined with special care to details in search of a true relative pattern.

    Nice to see there’s still someone out there paying attention to the subtle details! All elements of psychology, sociology, physical environment (Pollution, earthquakes etc.), cosmic environment (Solar eruptions etc.) should be considered. UFO activity near fault lines, volcano and earthquake zones is fairly common so it only makes sense to have some kind of connection with phenomena of any parallel pattern. It’s there, we just have to dig it out of the data and follow wherever it leads to allow it to reveal itself.

    Good job Chuck! Only a true investigator would be so meticulous!

    “The universe doesn’t give a damn about our beliefs and we must contend with the facts at hand whether we like them or not!” -I. T. Sanderson

  3. Vicki says:

    Hi Chuck, Glad those wheels are still turning in your mind, thinking. Me too! My last post response I made I have to apoligize for bad spelling and grammer. It was late and dark. Never heard anything else from the peanut gallery, even with a personal email. I wonder if that person was even for real. Psycotic maybe? Anyway, glad you decided to look into the latitude of 37 degrees. I must note that I live at 35.5. What was interesting was looking up what other places are on the 37th latitude. On the other side of the world is basically where human civilization began to include Greece. And all that “mythology” from there. But there certainaly isn’t the cattle production on that side of the ocean. But this does not explain the mutilations there in Wyoming and other places. But it does make one think. I was searching through the internet looking for anything that might trigger some sort of information. I did see your name mentioned in I had independently came to the same conclusion that to potentially avert any further mutilations, at least record them. This would require camcorders going 24/7 in those places that have had repeated cases. Solar rechargers for cameras are not too pricey. I was disappointed that there has not been any lab results posted from the last mutilation. But other necropsies have been done and are all consistent in their findings. I think it is of utmost importance the next time, the necropsy must be performed in the field. Something important to look for would be tracking as if from a bullet. A bullet will leave a tunnel where it goes called a track which quickly collapses as the bullet continues…and sometimes tumbles. I wonder if a lazer would leave this type tracking although it is fairly well documented that a lazer has been used in past mutilations. It would be interesting to see if dogs or cats or other animals will go around the carcass. No one mentions that. I watched a video online of a sheriff deputy in Wyoming (obviously not from your old department) talk about how it is personal mission to catch whatever it is that is causing the mutilations there. Let everyone know that there are rewards there in Colorado to anyone who can bring forth information who (or what) caused the Colorado mutilations. And next time, after a necropsy in the field, I want you to get a bulldozer, load up that heiffer in the back of a pickup, and deliver it to the departments front door! Meanwhile, I am focusing on those balls of red/orange glowing blobs that have been spotted throughout the country (MUFON), what their purpose could be and if it could be something natural (or un-natural). An energy collector or something? I have tried to bend the ear of engineers who might offer up some fabulous thought or idea. I’ll let you know what I find out. Thanks again for your continued investigative efforts (and your sis too!) and as always, keep us posted.

  4. Freada says:

    Fascinating statistical analysis, for sure. Statistics can be tricky, however, depending on who compiles them and toward what end. A really smart statistician can prove most anything is related to most anything else; kind of like 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon. Say, if one found enough red bean eaters who also have not contracted breast cancer, someone would be touting red beans as a cure, and making a killing with rice on the side. You’re putting interesting items on your parallels. I hope this turns into something that can be proved or disproved.

  5. Dianne says:

    Thank God there are people like you that will take the time to think “Outside the box.” Preada’s comment about statistics annoys me. I know that you have an engineering degree and do not take any information without looking at it logically. Anyone can play with the numbers, but I am amazed at your theory. This is a pattern that deems research. There may be an astronomical and lunar angle to this, too. There are no coincidences….and the more I am involved in technology and its advances, the more I open my mind to ideas such as yours. I encourage you and if you need any help on the Far West coast there are many of us willing to abide. Good luck.

  6. Vicki says:

    it seems that all of us right now are looking towards the sky and hearing about all the things going on in space. I have been following more scientific and survival websites here lately and wonder if the sky is about to fall. Could it be tied with all of the ufo ships bouncing about the world? Could they be around to save this world? After seeing the red orange glowing thing in the sky and whether it disapated or just disappeared, I frequently think about what it could be that was in our atsmophere. I saw many reports in MUFON people describing the same thing. I previously spoke of the ruminants (has 4 parts to the stomach) which is the animal usually mutilated. Also our cattle are huge milk producers and to most all other animals, can be eaten in its entirety. But it also produces a huge amount of methane gas that is in our atmosphere. I found a website that gave a posibility that aliens breathe methane but find that a little hard to believe but suppose it is possible. I thought about the methane being more of a biproduct when in fact “those in the sky” have digestive tracts of our cattle. If “they” are reproducing them, then there would be a lot of methane. But Randy in his engineering intelect states to me his theory is methane would be used as a fuel. Highly combustable by our standards but not impossible to utilize to a higher level with a little bit more knowledge. My phd chemist friend couldn’t offer up any thoughts to the glowing ball and is nothing that he knows of in our world. Any thoughts out there? I feel pretty confident in speculating that aliens cannot breathe our atmosphere or else they would be down here. Everyone spots them in the sky but not on the earth or else we would be seeing them at Starbucks or even Walmart picking up some souviner tshirts or something. Us as a whole has not even determined if they have bones to sustain them in our gravity or what they need to eat or if our scorching sun could fry them? Can they catch the flu? Most everything I found online seemed pretty shallow to me. So why are “they” zipping around the earth? On vacation and just doing earth tours? Earth must look like the Las Vegas of our galaxy. What about mining, taking the resourses they need to sustain them and really don’t need us or any connection? Maybe “they” are scientists that are monitoring the earth for it’s survival?Maybe they are the intergalactic police who patrol our space to protect us? Maybe they are just “us” from the future coming back to fix things?? Can anyone shoot some ideas out there? We all know “they” are here and there is no sense trying to deny it any longer. Especially to one another. The governments will never be honest with “the people” so no one can look to them for answers.I just can’t help continue to wonder WTH “they” want??? Have the doomsday rescuers arrived?? Are “WE” as a species worthy to rescue?? I’m just looking everywhere for some answers and don’t know where to turn to anymore. None are collective. Oh, and just to let you that the volcanic crater Ubehebe is at 37 degrees. A couple towns, Santa Cruz, Gilroy and Madera. Don’t know if that gives you any other ideas but you probably already figured that out. And as always, keep looking toward the sky!!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    We can actually map this with various kinds of mapping software… If we had all available data for sightings, types of sightings, and types of phenomena, we could enter it into a thematic mapping database, and come up with patterns across the US (and world) and also tie them into earthquake/IRIS information (e.g. shallow earthquakes, volcanic activity) – while correlation of some events is not causation, we could still compare the correlates, and look for connections- or lack thereof. I’m not sure if 37 degrees latitude is any more ‘special’ than anywhere else – but a good way to get a better idea that it is or isn’t is to take a look across the board.

  8. Sam says:

    “Then I went back to my notes and realized two of my other animal mutilation cases, one in Crested Butte and the other in Rush, both occurred within a 38 degree latitude. These two cases are 235 miles away from each other and occurred in a linear trajectory. Coincidence?”

    Any two points will have a linear trajectory between them, I’m a bit confused as to the significance you are inferring.

    Also, did you mean to say parallel:

    “…it occurred at the Sangre de Cristo Fault which travels in a north south direction…”
    “…it occurred at the Central Virginia Seismic Zone which also travels a north south direction…”
    “…Two separate faults perpendicular to each other causing two separate earthquakes 1600 miles away from each other. Interesting…”

    Keep doing what your doing, I just want to help add credibility in any way I can!

  9. E - Eva says:

    Glad to hear someone is still thinking outside the box. I always wonder why people spend their time looking up at the sky. Are we really naive enough to think these crafts fly thousands of miles to pick up a cow/ person/etc and immediately leave ? Really ? There are hundreds of videos showing crafts disappearing into lakes and oceans why not hidden in the mountains too ? Technology is a wonderful thing.
    Perhaps… just perhaps.. the purpose behind the cattle mutilations is much simpler than you think? Maybe, human consumption of beef prevents telepathic communication… someone should investigate how many abductees, who communicate with them, don’t eat beef and the chemical reaction that is caused by the consumption of it. Just a thought…

    • I thought MUFON had lost their credibility, being bought out by whom precisely we do not know, all we know is big money changed hands, who they say bought them out cannot be trusted to be true.

  10. Raf Valle says:

    Chuck: Chaco canyon, home for the Anasazy culture also is near the 37 degree latitude, perhaps is not coincidence, since their advance knowledge and use of astronomy in such of magnificent place.

  11. Becky Harlow says:

    I just watched the program “Unexplained Files” and I just wanted to commit. I am 57 years old. I live in Virginia. When I was around 18 years old I was traveling down 460 towards Blue Ridge from Roanoke and There was a craft hovering over a convenience store. I almost wrecked. I slowed down and turned around. I drove under it and I swear it looked like what it looks like when you see a ship on the star trek or star wars going across. It was huge and triangle shaped just like those people were describing. It was just setting there not moving. I did a uturn and sped home. I was scared to death. I locked all the doors and did’t tell anyone for a long time. I thought they would think I was crazy. But when I saw that show here about 40 years later and they described these triangle shaped air crafts I had to look up the 37th parallel and realized that it ran through Virginia. It was freaky. I just had to comment that I was not hallucinating and some one out there saw the same air craft I did. Thank you.

  12. Michael Miro says:

    Noticed Gobekli Tepe is located at 37.2170° N also.

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